Romantic Comedy Traffic School

Romantic Comedy Traffic School holds a DMV-issued license (#0344) for the state of California. It is a subsidiary of Leoark LLC, the same company that owns Expert Traffic School, something that is evident when you view the websites for each traffic school. The school as no current or prior administrative actions against it and has been in business since 12/12/2013. Leoark LLC has been in the traffic school industry for more than a decade.

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The contact address is: WWW.ROMANTICCOMEDYTRAFFICSCHOOL.COM 6399 WILSHIRE BL STE 206A LOS ANGELES CA 90048 Tel: (800)506-1722

Customer Support


Romantic Comedy Traffic School and Expert Traffic School share the same phone- and email-based customer service and support platforms. That means that service is available between 8am and 9pm, seven days per week. The extensive support hours are something not seen with many other traffic schools and one of the hallmarks that gives Leoark-owned schools a leg up on the competition.

Mobile Friendliness

Unlike many online traffic schools, Romantic Comedy Traffic School works well on most mobile devices. The site claims to offer some of the best mobile access of any California driving course. Having the mobile option makes it easy for users to sign in from any device at any time.

How It Works

Romantic Comedy Traffic School offers the same basic curriculum that all traffic schools offer, but in a unique package. Users will be immersed in a funny story about romance as they learn about the rules of the road and DMV-approved topics. The goal is to make the material easier to consume and less monotonous. The exam can be taken twice. If a user fails on the second attempt, the user will have reregister for the course and pay again. This is in contrast to most online traffic schools that offer either unlimited retakes or free re-enrollment after failure. The exams are open-book. Certificates are processed on the same day that an exam is successfully completed. All successful certificates are automatically forwarded to the DMV. Users are given a completion receipt for their own records.


Payment is through credit card and costs $25.99 for the internet-only option. For users who want a booklet (the test is still taken online), the cost increases to $37.99

How Long Does the Course Take?

Romantic Comedy Traffic School meets the minimum 340-minute requirement as set forth by the DMV. There are no timers on the site, however, so users are free to complete the course in whatever timeframe they choose so long as they do so before their court-ordered due date. Though users must at least look at all material, there is no requirement for how long they must view the material. After clicking through all learning modules, users can take the final exam. The course can be completed in a single sitting, if desired.

What We Like

Romantic Comedy Traffic School has great technical support. It also offers full mobile-device support, which is a major plus. The curriculum is entertaining and thus good for users who really want to learn the material.

What We Don’t Like

The cost of Romantic Comedy Traffic School is very high compared to other, similar services. While the site offers mobile support and extended tech support, users will have to weigh the value of these services against the increased cost. Most courses offer free re-enrollment to users who fail the exam more than twice. Romantic Comedy Traffic School does not make this same offer despite being substantially more expensive. Romantic Comedy Traffic School is almost identical to Expert Traffic School. Even the language on the websites is nearly identical. It would be nice if both the website and the curriculum differed more substantially. One has to wonder why Leoark LLC is operating two websites when one could provide users with all of the same services.


Romantic Comedy Traffic School receives high marks for its customer service and mobile-friendly curriculum. It receives below-average marks for price and originality. Overall, this is an average website. For users who need a mobile option, the premium may be worth paying. For users who don’t need the mobile option, other sites offer similar material for a lower price. Without an option to re-enroll for free after two failed exams, Romantic Comedy Traffic School fails to offer a basic feature that many of its competitors provide.

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