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California driving is notoriously difficult. Even the most careful and cautious drivers are bound to make a mistake before long. And it’s likely that you’ll be given a traffic ticket when you do. Fortunately, there are numerous traffic violator schools available in California – many of them completely online. Taking a course from one of these schools helps you erase the offense from your driving record, while keeping your insurance rates down in the process. Below we review Casa Traffic School. A solid online traffic school, it’s worth a look by anyone hoping to use a traffic violator school to erase a driving infraction from their record.

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Is A Legit Online Traffic School?

Casa Traffic School is indeed a legitimate online traffic school. They are registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles for use statewide. That means you can use them in any county, even if your home county and the county the ticket occurred in are different. The company’s DMV registration number is E0635. Customer Support Overview


Great customer support is an integral support of any online traffic school worth its salt. Because the entire course takes place entirely online, it’s essential that there is an easy way to contact company representatives with questions or concerns. Casa Traffic School comes through with average customer support. Though it’s outstanding when you do reach a representative (they’re friendly, knowledgeable, and professional), it can be difficult to do this. The reason is that their phone lines are only staffed from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Call outside of these times and you’ll have to wait until the next business day for a response.

How Works


Casa Traffic School works like the majority of online traffic schools in California. After a brief registration process, you’re able to immediately dive in to the online coursework. This coursework can be taken on any device that can access the Internet, even smartphones and tablets. The best thing about any online traffic school is that they allow you to complete the coursework at your own pace. You can take as little or as long as you need on each section. You may also log in and log out of the service, completing the coursework in separate sittings if you prefer. It’s important to remember that each section of the Casa Traffic School coursework is followed by a short quiz. Made up of 3 questions, they are designed to ensure you are actually reviewing the material and not just skimming through. Each short end-of-section quiz also contains a personal identity question to verify that you’re the one actually taking the course. When you finish with each section of the coursework, you’ll be presented with a final exam. The final exam consists of 25 DMV-approved multiple-choice questions. You must answer at least 70 percent of these questions correctly to pass the final exam. If you don’t pass the final exam on the first attempt, you’re allowed to take the exact same final exam one more time. If you fail again, you have two more tries on a final exam with new questions. Failing yet again means that you must retake the entire traffic violator course. Luckily, very few people fail the final exam on the first try. In fact, over 99% of people that take the Casa Traffic School course pass.

How Long Does the Course Take?

The nice thing about online traffic school is that you can take as little or as long as you need to complete the coursework and associated quizzes. You’re also allowed to log in and out and complete the coursework in multiple sittings over the span of several days. With that said, the course material provided by Casa Traffic School is designed for around 8 hours of study.

What We Like About

We like Casa Traffic School for all the reasons we like most California online traffic schools. Chief among these is it’s hassle free. It’s really a very easy course that you can complete at your own pace, starting and stopping as you see fit. The cherry on top is that the Internet course is only $25.99.

What We Don’t Like About

There isn’t much to dislike about Casa Traffic School. At the same time, however, there is nothing that truly sets it apart from the crowd. It’s a standard online traffic school with all of the normal features that get the job done. It’s about as good a choice as any other.

In Summary

Casa Traffic School is a decent choice when it comes to online traffic violator schools. It has everything you need to successfully remove a driving violation from your record, all for an affordable price tag. Yet, as we mentioned above, there isn’t anything about it that makes it truly special.

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