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Got yerself a little traffic ticket, did you? Well, now that you know what happens when you disregard the speed limit or consider stop signs to be mere yield signs unless someone’s approaching. But at least you don’t have to spend a lovely Saturday in a sad little classroom learning about laws and stuff that you already know about, for the most part, but simply choose, on occasion, not to follow. Online traffic school is the answer to many a prayer, and Beverly Driving & Traffic School is one of hundreds of providers for online traffic school in California.

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Is Beverly Driving & Traffic School Legit?

Beverly Driving & Traffic School has been in business since 1996, providing classroom and on-road driving instruction to teenagers, the elderly, and anyone else who needs to learn to drive or brush up on their skills. So it’s fitting that as of 2008, Beverly Driving & Traffic School also offers an online traffic violator course. The course is fully compliant with DMV requirements, of course, and it’s fully licensed statewide for use in all California counties. Beverly Driving & Traffic School is totes legit.

Features of Beverly Driving & Traffic School


Now, if Beverly Driving & Traffic School was an online-only provider of traffic school, as it seems the majority of traffic school providers are, I would rant about how precious little information is available on their website in regards to their version of traffic violator school. But it’s kind of obvious that they’ve got other, more pressing driver training to be getting on with, and the online traffic school feels kinda like an afterthought, slapped up there because hey, they’re a driving school, but it’s hardly a hard sell. Heck, it’s barely a soft sell. The course costs $17.00, which is on the middle to lower end of the traffic school price spectrum. The price includes the course, the test, and the electronic submission of your completion certificate to the DMV and to The Man who presides over the court in the county where you got the ticket. The course is described as easy-to-read, entertaining, informative, and full of colorful graphics, videos, cartoons, and jokes. That’s right, folks, this is a comedy course, and it’s guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor maybe be a little more entertaining than courses that take a serious tone. You dang kids think something’s funny back there? Traffic violations are nothing to laugh about! Customer support is just a phone call or email away, although they’re only available to answer your calls or respond to your email between the very limited hours of 9 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday.

How it Works

Since there’s no information about how Beverly Driving & Traffic School runs its traffic violator program, or any of the others, for that matter, we’ll make an educated guess and say that after you register and pay your 17 clams, you can start taking the course right away. The course is probably divided into chapters, and after each chapter, you’ll probably have to take a quiz, and you’ll most likely have unlimited opportunities to pass it. Once you’re done with the coursework, it’s guaranteed that there will be a test, and the test will be the standard DMV-issued, 25-question, multiple choice exam that everyone gives. You’ll have to pass that exam with a score of 70 percent or better. The DMV mandates that you get just two attempts to pass the test, which shouldn’t be that difficult, since it’s open-book and you can refer to your notes and look back through the chapters to locate the answers. After you pass the test, Beverly Driving & Traffic School will transmit your completion certificate to the DMV, as is required by said DMV, within 3 business days.

What We Like About Beverly Driving & Traffic School

Beverly Driving & Traffic School is obviously a reputable traffic school.

What We Don’t Like About Beverly Driving & Traffic School

Beverly Driving & Traffic School doesn’t really care whether you take their course or not. If you do, great. If not, fine. They’re busy teaching mad driving skillz to flesh and blood students, anyway.

Rating for Beverly Driving & Traffic School

Beverly Driving & Traffic School gets two stars. But not because they’re a sub-par driving school, not at all. They get two stars simply because if you’re going to take a traffic violator course, you should take it from a school that at least provides you with some remedial information about the course. Like, are there timers? Is there a way to have your certificate transmission expedited since you waited until the last minute and it has to be in tomorrow? Can you take the course on your phone or tablet? Nobody knows!

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