Cheap Easy Fast Online Traffic School Review

Selecting the best online traffic school isn’t as easy as it seems. The big reason for this is the sheer number of options out there. And while choice is nice, there is no denying that, in this case at least, it makes narrowing things down to a single online traffic school tough. That’s where our review of Cheap Easy Fast Traffic School comes into the picture. Now, we’re not saying this online traffic school is for you – but it might be. The thing to keep in mind is that everyone’s needs and preferences are different. The right school for you might not be the right school for the next person. Luckily, that’s exactly why we’ve tried every online traffic school in California: so we can bring you the best insider advice on each of them. With that said, keep on reading below to find out what Cheap Easy Fast Traffic School is all about. You might just find that it’s the right choice for you.

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Is A Legit Online Traffic School?

Cheap Easy Fast Traffic School is just as legitimate as California’s many other online traffic schools. The best way to verify this legitimacy, at least initially, is to check their status with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Luckily for Cheap Easy Fast, they check out. They sport a DMV license number of E0145, allowing them to operate in all of the state’s many counties. Customer Support Overview


Outstanding customer support is the mark of a top-notch online traffic school. It shows that they place their customers first and foremost. It’s readily apparent that Cheap Easy Fast Traffic School shares this idea. They offer both phone and email support. You can contact a live representative on the phone between the hours of 8am and 7pm PST Monday to Friday. They also offer extended support on the weekends from 9am to 4pm PST on Saturday and 10am to 2pm PST on Sunday. Not very many online traffic schools offer phone support on the weekends, let alone on Sundays. This makes Cheap Easy Fast Traffic School immediately stick out from the competition.

How Works


Sure, the benefits of attending an online traffic school are numerous, but no one really wants to do so. Cheap Easy Fast Traffic School knows this and takes it to heart. And it’s exactly because of this that they’ve designed their course to be as quick and easy as possible. The first step to Cheap Easy Fast is registration. A number of fields ask for your personal and ticket information. Once you’ve entered it, the company runs a background check on it to make sure it meets the requirements for their service. As soon as its verified, you’re given your personal login information so you can get started on the coursework right away. The coursework offered by Cheap Easy Fast Traffic School is very straightforward. There are no bells and whistles to it. It’s just the barebones information sprinkled with a variety of colorful pictures, videos, and animations. You’ll notice that the coursework is divided up into chapters. Each chapter discusses a different area of remedial driving or road safety. You’ll also notice that a short quiz follows each chapter. The point of these quizzes is to ensure you’re not skimming over the course without retaining any of the information. Finish with the coursework and move on to the final exam. DMV-approved, the final exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. A score of 70 percent or better is required to pass. The minute you pass, your completion certificate is sent to both the DMV and the court.

How Long Does the Course Take?

The course offered by Cheap Easy Fast Traffic School takes roughly 8 hours to complete. It’s important to note, however, that course timers aren’t used. This means you can complete the material at a faster or slower rate if you want to.

What We Like About

The things we like about Cheap Easy Fast Traffic School are relatively straightforward. We like the service because it’s cheap, easy, and fast. The excellent customer support that they provide is another huge plus.

What We Don’t Like About

There really isn’t much to dislike about Cheap Easy Fast Traffic School. If we had to be nitpicky and select one thing, we’d say that their website needs a makeover. It looks outdated. Of course, this is just a minor issue and not something that should prevent you from using this service.

In Summary

At the end of the day, Cheap Easy Fast Traffic School is one of the better online traffic schools that we’ve used in California. We’re especially impressed with their top-notch customer service. At the same time, their low price and outstanding course material doesn’t hurt either.

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