*** NOTE: ALL IN ONE TRAFFIC SCHOOL IS OUT OF BUSINESS *** Finding the All in One Traffic School can be quite difficult because the school has changed its name. Though registered under the name “All in One Traffic School,” the web address is actually http://trafficschoolofca.com and the school itself is branded as the US Traffic Academy. Given this oddity, the school may be suspect to some users, but there is an explanation.

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Is All in One Traffic SchoolLegitimate?

All in One Traffic School is owned by Leoark LLC, the same company that operates Expert Traffic School and owns US Traffic Academy. Though the phone numbers and license numbers for all of these schools differ, the mailing address is identical. All in One Traffic School’s website simply redirects to the US Traffic Academy, which is found at http://trafficschoolofca.com. Note that Leoark has been operating traffic schools in California for over a decade. The license number for All in One Traffic School is #E0648. The school has been operating since 21 November 2014. The license number for US Traffic Academy is E0176 and it has been operating since 18 November 2014. There are no pending or past administrative actions against either school.


The contact address is: ALL IN ONE TRAFFIC SCHOOL 6399 WILSHIRE BLVD STE 206V LOS ANGELES CA 90048 Tel: (800)314-3257

Customer Support

Customer support for all Leoark LLC schools operates seven days a week between 8am and 9pm. It is among the most extensive customer support options of any online traffic school. Having such extensive support means that users who attempt to access the course on nights or weekends will have somewhere to turn if problems arise.

Mobile Friendliness

Leoark schools are optimized for use with mobile devices, a recent change the company has adopted across all of its websites. Users will have no difficulty viewing content on their tablets or smartphones.

How It Works


Registration is online, but customer service representatives can take over for users who are having difficulty. Personal Identity Validation questions (e.g. name your last two addresses) are used to confirm user identity. Once registered, users can progress through the material at their own pace. There are no timers, but users are required, at the end of each chapter, to complete a 3-question quiz and answer an additional Personal Identity Validation question. Users must correctly answer all three quiz questions and the Personal Identity Validation question in order to progress. Users are given two attempts to pass the final exam. After two failures, users are required to re-take the course. There is no refund to those who fail.


Payment is via credit card or debit card. The internet only course is $25.99. Users who want a home-study booklet will pay $37.99.

How Long Does the Course Take?

Users can skip ahead with All in One Traffic School by simply taking the quizzes and then the final exam. The course could take less than an hour for some or the maximum 340 minutes for others.

What We Like

All Leoark schools offer outstanding customer service, mobile-friendly websites, and over a decade of experience in traffic school courses. The company is highly professional and offers a great product for which it charges a premium over competitors.

What We Don’t Like

The price for All in One Traffic School is high, but there are a lot of nice features (e.g. mobile-friendly websites) that help to justify that price. Still, with such a high price it would be nice to see a refund or free re-take policy for users who fail the final exam twice. The biggest problem with All in One Traffic School is that the website redirects to US Traffic Academy. It isn’t clear why Leoark has chosen this odd setup, but it may have something to do with a similarly named All In One Traffic School that operates in the state of Florida. The confusing nature of this relationship may lead some users to question the school’s legitimacy.


The curriculum is good, mobile device support is great, and All in One Traffic School offers outstanding customer service. The only real problems are the price and the fact that All in One Traffic School doesn’t exist as a stand-alone entity, but rather is enfolded into Leoark’s US Traffic Academy, a situation that can be confusing to many users. The confusion and high price earn All in One Traffic School an average rating. There are other Leoark schools that earn above-average ratings because they aren’t confusing to customers. If the school provided a money-back guarantee to those who fail the exam, All in One Traffic School would receive an above-average rating. *** NOTE: ALL IN ONE TRAFFIC SCHOOL IS OUT OF BUSINESS ***

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