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Coast 2 Coast Traffic School has made a valiant attempt to be a one-stop defensive driving/traffic school for California DMV. It offers a best-price guarantee, free and unlimited quiz retakes, and verifies that a citation has been dismissed after certification of completion is submitted. The school offers strong incentives out of the gate, but can hold its own against other online traffic schools?

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Is Coast 2 Coast Traffic School Legitimate?


Coast 2 Coast Traffic School operates under a California-DMV-issued license (#E1824). It has been in business since September of 2014 and is owned and operated by Internet Education Programs. The same company owns several other well-established traffic schools, suggesting that Coast 2 Coast Traffic School is legitimate and well-managed. It has no current or prior administrative actions against it. The contact address is: COAST2COASTTRAFFICSCHOOL.COM 3440 WILSHIRE BLVD 221 LOS ANGELES CA 90010 Tel: (877)337-8077

Customer Support

Like most online traffic schools, Coast 2 Coast Traffic School offers limited telephone support during normal working hours Monday through Friday. The school offers email support as well as a message service on weekends, but there is no guarantee that emails or messages will be addressed during non-business hours. Support is average.

Mobile Friendliness

Coast 2 Coast Traffic School does not specifically support mobile browsers, which means there is no dedicated mobile site or app that can be downloaded. While larger devices, such as tablets, can probably be used to easily access the school, smaller devices will be difficult to use. Mobile support is average.

How It Works


Registration takes place online and requires only a driver’s license and a citation/case# or court letter. Once registration is complete, users are free to access the course at any time and from any browser that will accommodate it. There is no minimum amount of time that must be spent on any given chapter, but all quizzes must be passed before the final exam can be taken. Quizzes can be taken an unlimited number of times, but the exam must be passed in two attempts or less. The exam has its pass rate set at 70%. If an exam is failed twice, users must retake the course. One of the best options that Coast 2 Coast Traffic School offers is a verification, called CertVerify, that follows up with the court sot ensure that a certification of completion is received. Though this service costs an additional $10, it allows users to ensure that the courts dismiss tickets so that additional fines do not accrue. The site also offers overnight delivery of certificates for people who have put of completing the course until the last minute.


The starting costs of Coast 2 Coast Traffic School is just $16.95, which makes it one of the cheapest online traffic schools around. If a cheaper price is found elsewhere, Coast 2 Coast will not only match the price, but beat it. Users, in some cases, have paid less than eight dollars for Coast 2 Coast Traffic School.

What We Like

The price is great and the lowest-price guarantee is even better. The CertVerify service is a welcome addition that other traffic schools would be wise to implement. The course is easy to access and offers a straightforward curriculum.

What We Don’t Like

The lack of mobile support is disappointing given that mobile devices now outnumber desktops and laptops combined when it comes to what people use to access the internet. Better customer support would be welcome as well. The curriculum is standard, without any attempts at humor or themes to make it easier to retain. Courses are, however, offered in Spanish. Overall, there isn’t much to complain about.


Coast 2 Coast Traffic School is an affordable, well-built, innovative platform that offers users several services that can’t be found at other online traffic schools. The CertVerify service, which costs just ten additional dollars, is probably the most compelling reason to use Coast 2 Coast Traffic School. Having documentation that the court received a certification of completion is a great way for users to protect themselves against future fines or bureaucratic red tape that results when users do everything right and courts misplace documents. Overall, Coast 2 Coast Traffic School receives an average rating. It will need to add mobile support or better customer service (preferably both) to get to the top of the rankings.

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