Most Wanted Traffic School is the web address for Most Wanted Traffic School, an online-only traffic school offering basic services to new drivers and those looking to reduce insurance, take points off of their license, or meet court-ordered traffic school requirements.

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Is Most Wanted Traffic School Legitimate?


Most Wanted Traffic School holds a valid California traffic school license (#E1943), which was issued on 26 June 2012. The school has no current or prior administration actions. It is licensed only for online course work and has never provided classroom-based options. Despite its good standing with the California DMV, Most Wanted Traffic School is not registered with the Better Business Bureau. Its parent company, INTERNET EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM, is not registered either. This isn’t a huge problem, but it does detract some from the transparency of the school. The contact address is: MOSTWANTEDTRAFFICSCHOOLCOM 3440 WILSHIRE BLVD 224 LOS ANGELES CA 90010 Tel: (888)749-2310

Customer Support


One of the most important aspects of any online traffic school is good customer support. The technical nature of these businesses and the time constraints that most customers find themselves under make it necessary that problems with the school’s services be addressed quickly and efficiently. Most Wanted Traffic School offers email and phone support, but neither is a 24/7 service. The phone support is strictly during working hours (8am – 5 pm Pacific Time) and is only available Monday through Friday. Users can leave messages regarding their support issues, but a problem that starts on Friday won’t be addressed until Monday at the earliest. The biggest problems with online traffic schools is identity verification, a requirement of the state of California. If a user’s identity cannot be verified, the user’s account will be suspended until customer service can unlock it. Obviously, this means individuals will be calling during working hours if they have this problem with Most Wanted Traffic School, which is a nuisance.

Mobile Friendliness

Like many online traffic schools, Most Wanted Traffic School is designed for use on a larger screen and with input from a full keyboard and mouse. That means that accessing this course on a tablet or smartphone (e.g. while on transit to work) isn’t going to be easy. For the most part, users will have to sit themselves in front of a desktop or laptop computer in order to get the most utility from the course, particularly during exams.

How It Works

Registering for Most Wanted Traffic School is automated and online. Provided users do not have identity verification issues, the process should take a matter of minutes. After that, users are free to peruse the material at their own pace and log in whenever they want. The website automatically saves progress and is relatively easy to navigate. One of the nice things about Most Wanted Traffic School is that they guarantee success. Once a course is paid for, users can have no limit on how many times they can take an exam. That means that users can continue to take an exam until they achieve a passing score. Once a pass is achieved, the website automatically submits a certificate of completion to the DMV as well as the court.


Payment is through credit card or PayPal. Most courses cost just $16.95, though there is an organized booklet course for first time license seekers that costs $50.00.

How Long Does the Course Take?

Courses on Most Wanted Traffic School are not timed, which means users are not constrained in moving forward with easy material or in dwelling on more problematic content. As long as a course is completed before the court-ordered due date, a passing grade is all that is needed. Courses are designed to take eight hours (not including study time), but many people finish much faster than that.

What We Like

Most Wanted Traffic School offers a best price guarantee. If a competitor offers a course for a lower price, Most Wanted Traffic School guarantees that they will beat that price in order to earn a customer’s business. This means that the site’s prices are among the lowest in the industry. Other positive features include the “pass or we pay guarantee,” lack of course timers, and unlimited pass attempts. For $16.95, users are basically guaranteed a pass and thus to meet the requirements of the DMA/courts.

What We Don’t Like

Customer service could be better, but then again that might raise the price of the courses. It would also be nice to see a mobile-optimized curriculum so that on-the-go users could access courses from anywhere. The curriculum is a very bare-bones offering, which could be problematic for users looking to spend a great deal of time learning rather than simply skimming content in order to complete the exam.


Most Wanted Traffic School deserves a slight below-average rating. The school is clear about what it offers, which is a cheap, fast, basic process for reducing points of driver’s licenses, reducing insurance costs, and meeting DMV/Court requirements. For people interested in a no-frills option that gets the job done, Most Wanted Traffic School is a decent choice. With that said, this online traffic school does not offer the level of customer support, mobile friendliness, and online reputation we would normally like to see.

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