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Seriously though, what is it with online traffic schools and corny names? It seems like just about every online traffic school these days uses their name as some sort of a gimmick, Comedians Teach You Online included. Sure, a name doesn’t mean much as long as the service behind it is great, but it’s a bit hard to put your trust in a company with a silly name. Asides from that rant, Comedians Teach You Online is a pretty decent online traffic school. Is it the best around? Not by a long shot. But it does indeed get the job done. It’s cheap, easy to use, and convenient. Sound interesting? Then keep on reading our in-depth review of the traffic school below. We break down the ins and outs of Comedians Teach You Online to help you decide whether or not it’s the right online traffic school for you.

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Is A Legit Online Traffic School?


There are a lot of online traffic schools out there with lackluster reputations. While some of them simply offer a poor product, others are straight up scams. And, not surprisingly, many of these low quality online traffic schools do a pretty good job at covering up their shady backgrounds with paid reviews, exaggerated claims, and great looking websites. So how can you tell if Comedians Teach You Online is a legit online traffic school? It’s easy. All you have to do is check to make sure they’re registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. In this case, they are. Their DMV license number of E1938 allows them to operate in every one of the state’s counties. Customer Support Overview

Good customer service is essential to any online traffic school. We mean, the entire service takes place online, so it makes perfect sense that you’d need to be able to contact them at a moment’s notice if a problem arises. Luckily, Comedians Teach You Online thinks the same way. They provide live phone support from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday. They also provide live phone support from 7am to 12pm on Saturdays. Though they claim to offer 7 days support, their phone lines are not staffed on Sundays. Don’t feel like talking on the phone? Then send your questions to Comedians Teach You Online by email. The company tends to answer all emails within one business day. However, they are generally far faster than this, answering the bulk of emails in an hour or two.

How Works

It’s important to understand how an online traffic school works before selecting it. This might seem obvious but far too many people pay for their course without really understanding what they’re getting into. Luckily, Comedians Teach You Online is simple and straightforward. It starts with a brief registration process that takes only a few minutes at most. Once your identity has been verified, you’ll be asked to enter your personal payment information. At this point, you’re given access to the traffic school course. Feel free to log in and out as you please. Your progress is saved automatically. You can also complete the course at your own pace, even taking multiple days if desired. You’ll immediately notice that the course is divided up into 10 chapters. Each of these is filled with pictures and images. As the company’s name implies, there are also plenty of jokes and witticisms sprinkled throughout. Finish with the coursework and it’s time to take the final exam. It consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. Each of these has been approved by the DMV. As long as you answer 70 percent or more of the questions right, you’ll pass the course. Your completion certificate is automatically processed upon passing and gets sent to the DMV and the court.

How Long Does the Course Take?

The course offered by Comedians Teach You Online takes roughly 8 hours to complete. It’s important to note, however, that the company doesn’t make you use a course timer. This means you can finish in as little as 1 hour if you put your mind to it.

What We Like About

We like the course offered by Comedians Teach You Online. That’s always a good sign! In addition to its low cost, it’s actually kind of entertaining. While no traffic course can really be fun, this one is close. What We Don’t Like About We already mentioned how we don’t like the name. But that’s a minor issue that’s easy to get pass. Another thing that bummed us out was the false advertising on the company’s main webpage. It states that they offer 7 days support while the actual contact page only lists live phone support hours for Monday to Saturday.

In Summary

You won’t be disappointed if you end up selecting Comedians Teach You Online. They’re a pretty solid service through and through.

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