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Based on our rating, it’s probably easy to predict that iDriveSafely is one of our favorite online traffic schools. It’s also our favorite drivers ed program for both teens and adults. This school has been our top pick for 2 years running and we don’t see any end in sight. There simply is no other course that competes with the quality, reputation, and pricing that they offer. With that said, we’ll try to keep this iDriveSafely review as unbiased as we can.


iDriveSafely State Certifications


  • Red = Online Traffic School & Online Drivers Education
  • Green = Online Traffic School Only
  • Orange = Online Drivers Education Only
  • Blue = Not Certified


Things We Like

Company History: iDriveSafely has been around for a long time. Their first online driving course was offered way back in 1998. This was the first time online traffic schools were allowed for ticket dismissal purposes and iDriveSafely was on top of it right away. So they definitely pass the test of time.

Company Reputation: They’ve got a fantastic reputation. With more than 100,000 Facebook fans, they’ve been able to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for more than a decade. Type in “Online Traffic School” in Google and they are likely to be one of the first websites listed, so Google and the major search engines trust them, too. If reputation is what you’re concerned with, they are as solid as it gets. It’s important to note that the company just got a new CEO in 2013 (see the press release) so we will keep an eye on any major changes, good or bad.

No Payment Info To Start: They allow you to try out most of their courses for free, without offering up any payment info. Many other courses have a money back guarantee, but you still have to fork over your credit card number before you can try the course. iDriveSafely really is “risk free” because the only think you are spending to start the course is your time. No need to get refunded if you don’t like it, just don’t pay in the first place!

Things We Don’t Like

Boring: If you’re signing up for a ticket dismissal course, it’s going to be boring. The traffic school program is much different from their drivers ed course. While the drivers ed course is filled with animations, videos, and interactive games, the traffic school is mostly just text and images. They do throw in some video and animation here and there, but for the most part, it’s not the most enjoyable way to spend your time. Some jurisdictions qualify for theirstreaming video course which is a bit easier to handle in the boredom department.

Course Countdown Timers: Most courts require that an online traffic school is timed so that you spend the same amount of time on the online course as you would be required to complete in a classroom. The problem is, sometimes you get done with a page and you have to wait longer, even though you’ve already read everything. This gets a bit frustrating.

Identity Verification System: The final thing that really bugs us is the “identity verification system” they use. All courses are required to use a system to verify your identity and their methods change depending on local state and city requirements. Sometimes it’s done through voice recognition, sometimes they ask “secret questions” and some courts even require the use of a webcam while you take the course. This all depends on where exactly you got your ticket


If you use our iDriveSafely coupon link, just pick your state and check out your pricing info. iDriveSafely usually offers their pricing at the state mandated minimum. This is pretty impressive considering the higher quality they offer compared to other courses.

The Bottom Line

Here’s our advice – This is the best course you can possibly sign up for. Yeah, that’s a pretty strong statement, but take a look at our other reviews. We don’t say that about any other course. You can register for this course for free without having to enter any payment info. Go sign up right quick as it only takes 30 seconds. Do the first chapter and if you don’t like it, come back here and pick one of our other recommended courses. We doubt you’ll be back, though.

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