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Click Thru Traffic School located at is a certified online traffic school in the state of California. We are currently reviewing ALL of the online traffic schools certified in California and next on our list is the Click Thru Traffic School review. So, let’s determine if this is an online traffic school you should actually go with.


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Is Cluck Thru Traffic School Legit?

For starters, yes. Click Thru Traffic School is a certified online traffic school in the state of California with certification #E0248. Please note Click Thru Traffic School is only certified as an online traffic school and they do not offer classroom based courses.

With that said, we have some very serious concerns about this online traffic school.

Perhaps our biggest concern about Click Thru Traffic School is their EXPIRED SSL Certificate, which is just unbelievable. Don’t know what an SSL Certificate is? In short, it is a very basic security measure to help make sure your personal information stays private. As of this review, the SSL Certificate at Click Thru Traffic School expired 644 days ago (click here to see if it is still expired). How can an online traffic school with an expired SSL Certificate still be certified in the state of California? It beats us, but we very strongly recommend you stay clear of this place, if only for this reason. What’s worse? They lie about it. This is stated on the FAQ section of their website:

“The Click Thru Traffic School is bonded and insured and protects you when you pay through Click Thru Traffic School.COM, so that you never have to worry about credit card safety. Due to the sensitive nature of credit card transactions, Click Thru Traffic School uses a secure site for your credit card information that has the highest level of Secure Sockets Layer encryption.”

Excuse us? But no you don’t. Your security is EXPIRED! With the amount of personal information you’ll need to share with any online traffic school, it’s that big of a deal. Stay away!

In addition, this online traffic school is not owned by any corporation we can find, nor is it listed by the Better Business Bureau. Instead, the domain is registered to someone by the name of Steve Lowe out of Alameda, Alabama, even though the site lists a business address of 1333 Hays Street, Suite 111, San Leandro, Ca 94577. This address appears to be a small and discrete office building as seen here.

So, is Click Thru Traffic School legit? Yes, according to the state of California it is. But we think you have far better options available.


Click Thru Traffic School Customer Service Overview

Many people don’t realize how important it is to find an online traffic school with excellent 24/7/365 customer support. As you go through your online traffic school, you’ll need to verify lots of personal information, verify your traffic ticket info, and use an identity verifications system that is required of all online traffic schools in California. Needless to say, there are a LOT of things that can go wrong. If your identity isn’t verified properly, you will need to contact customer support. Unfortunately, Click Thru Traffic School only offers customer support via phone and email during business hours from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday. They also state on their website that “We also provide e-mail and telephone support during the evenings, weekends and on court holidays” but the exact hours are unclear. So, unless you plan to take this online traffic school between Monday and Friday from 8am to 4pm, we highly recommend going with someone else. There are plenty of online traffic schools that provide 24/7/365 customer support via phone, live chat, and email.

How Does The Click Thru Traffic School Work?

Since this online traffic school has chosen to let their SSL Certificate expire more than 2 years ago, we did not feel comfortable entering our payment information to try this course for ourselves. Therefor, we can’t really give an objective explanation of what this online traffic school is like. However, most online traffic schools in California work about the same. There will be 6 to 10 sections with some quizzes throughout the course, followed by a “final exam” at the end which you will have 2 chances to pass. This online traffic school claims if you don’t pass, you don’t have to pay. All they really state about the course is “the course is in a simple format and the final quiz is open book.”

Depending on how quickly you can read and complete the exam, you should expect this online traffic school to take anywhere form 3 to 8 hours.

Cost Of Click Thru Online Traffic School

As of this review, the cost of Click Thru Traffic School is $29.99, which is actually more expensive that most other online traffic schools in California. For a cheaper price, you can find an online traffic school who actually takes their website security seriously, is a BBB accredited company, runs a legit office with staffed customer service reps 24/7/365, and has an interactive course. We’re not sure what constitutes the increased price of Click Thru Traffic School.

What We Like About Click Thru Traffic School

Even though we’re not very impressed with, there are still a few things we like. For starters, you can begin taking the course for free. You can also get your money back if you do not pass the course. Also, you are able to start and stop the course whenever you’d like, which is a standard feature but still nice to see.

What We Don’t Like About Click Thru Traffic School

Overall, we are extremely unimpressed by this online traffic school. While they are certified in the state of California, this online traffic school is not very transparent. The lack of 24/7 customer service is pretty disappointing, but that doesn’t come close the the issues we see in site security such as expired SSL certificates. That fact alone makes this a poor choice for your online traffic school and we strongly recommend checking out one of our recommended online traffic schools instead.

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