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Easy Lane Online Traffic School is a California DMV licensed traffic school with a strong focus on mobile-devices. For individuals with busy schedules who are looking to satisfy a traffic school requirement, Easy Lane Traffic School may provide the kind of flexibility and mobility that makes life easier. For others, the relatively boring curriculum may make other traffic schools more appealing.

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Is Easy Lane Online Traffic School Legitimate?


Easy Lane Online Traffic School holds a valid California license (#E0533), which was issued on 21 May 2014. The school has no current or prior administration actions. It is licensed only for online course work and has never provided classroom-based options. The fact that it has so recently been licensed is a positive in some respects, but a drawback in others. Either way, Easy Lane Traffic School is a legitimate business. Easy Lane Traffic School is held as part of a larger limited liability company called Nobrainertrafficschool LLC. Nobrainertrafficschool is the parent company for several other traffic schools including Same Day Online Traffic School, Comedy Makes It Easy Traffic School, and Pass or Free Online Traffic School. All companies are run by Steven Low and together have an estimated yearly revenue of $140,000. The contact address is: WWW.EASYLANETRAFFICSCHOOL.COM 1333 HAYS STREET SUITE 138 SAN LEANDRO CA 94577 Tel: (888)268-2154

Customer Support


Identify verification, system failures, and regular server issues are all problems faced by online traffic schools. To expect 100% flawless automated service is unrealistic. What is important, however, is to have reliable, efficient, and available customer service that helps users with their problems. Though Easy Lane Traffic School has regular office hours, it also offers email and telephone support on evenings, weekends, and court holidays. There is a good chance that if something does go wrong, users will be able to have the problem addressed quickly, regardless of the time of day. Easy Lane Traffic School has taken a number of steps to make identify verification easier. Verification is far simpler and more reliable than it is on most other sites. Users will have less reason to take advantage of the site’s outstanding customer support because so much attention has been given to making verification seamless.

Mobile Friendliness

Many online traffic schools seem to be behind the eight ball when it comes to mobile optimization. Many do well on desktops and laptops, but become almost unusable when viewed on phones or tablets. Easy Lane Traffic School is one of the exceptions to this rule. The curriculum can be accessed from any device, at any time, with users being able to pick up right where they left off on their previous device.

How It Works

Registering is easy and requires identification and a court docket number. Once the course is completed, certification is sent directly to the court/DMV. It may take up to 2.5 weeks for the process to be completed, with most of the wait time a function of backlogged courts. Users are given two chances to pass their exam with a score of 70% or higher. If they fail the second time around, users can re-enroll at no additional charge. Essentially, users can continue to try until they pass the exam (or their court-ordered deadline has passed) without paying an additional fee. No one should have to take the test more than once, however, because it is open-book.


The cost of Easy Lane Traffic School is $29.95, which is a bit higher than some competitors. The premium is a result of the mobile-friendliness of the website, something that most competitors don’t and can’t offer, and its outstanding customer support options. Users can pay by credit card or PayPal.

How Long Does the Course Take?

While the course is designed to take an average of about 8 hours, the actual pace is dependent entirely upon the student. It is possible to simply take the test and pass or users can spend extra time going over material. There are no timers on Easy Lane Traffic School, so students are not required to be active for any defined length of time.

What We Like

Customer service at Easy Lane Traffic School is among the best in the industry, providing full 7-day support. The website has been designed with mobile users in mind, which is a major plus. Many of the identity verification problems that plague other sites have been addressed, making for a more seamless experience. The school offers free re-enrollment to any student who does not pass the exam after two attempts.

What We Don’t Like

There is little to complain about at Easy Lane Traffic School. The cost is a bit higher than other online schools, but the services offered are also more extensive. The curriculum is relatively straightforward, without much creative design. Then again, a straightforward curriculum may be seen as an advantage by some.


Easy Lane Traffic School is a customer-centric traffic school that focuses on easy access, mobile devices, and good customer service. It may not be the most entertaining or affordable option, but it is one of the most convenient and customer-oriented options. For people who desire a mobile-friendly online traffic school, it is hard to beat Easy Lane Traffic School.

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