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310 Traffic School, located online at 310TrafficSchool.net, is one of the premier online traffic schools in California. Serving all of the state’s many counties, the company has been in business for over a decade. During this time, they’ve had nothing but happy customers. So what’s so great about 310 Traffic School? And are there any negatives you might want to look out for? We answer both of these questions and more in our in-depth review of 310 Traffic School below.

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Is 310TrafficSchool.net A Legit Online Traffic School?


Any online traffic school needs to meet several requirements to be considered legitimate. It must be registered with the DMV, have a straightforward website and a solid customer track record, and be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (if applicable). Fortunately, 310 Traffic School meets all these requirements and more. For starters, the company is licensed with the DMV (registration number #0300) for use statewide. This means that 310 Traffic School is available in any and all California counties. In addition, the school is known as one of the best in the state with hundreds of happy customers each and every year. Finally, they maintain a solid A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

310TrafficSchool.net Customer Support Overview


Customer support is important to the folks behind 310 Traffic School. They staff their phones from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Contact a representative on their phone line and you’ll be greeted promptly and professionally by a friendly and knowledgeable individual eager to answer your questions. 310 Traffic School also offers live chat support via their website during business hours (once again, these are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday). An online contact form on their website is yet another way to contact the company. Finally, 310 Traffic School provides an extensive FAQ database on their website. It’s worth searching for the answer to your question here before giving the company’s customer support department a call. Chances are you’ll quickly find the information you’re looking for.

How 310TrafficSchool.net Works

There isn’t anything complicated about using 310 Traffic School. Everything from their website to the registration process to the coursework is simple and straightforward. Essentially, there are three chief steps to using 310 Traffic School to remove a traffic violation from your driving record. The first is signup. You must enter accurate personal and ticket information. Before you’re approved, you must answer a personal verification question that helps 310 Traffic School ensure that it’s actually you (the person with the traffic ticket) taking the course. Taking the course follows signup. This step of the 310 Traffic School process is the biggest and takes the most time. The coursework is designed to match the 8-hour classroom course required by the DMV. With that said, the coursework is broken up into several intuitive sections for easier digestion. Finally, when you’re done reviewing each chapter of the coursework, you’re required to take a final exam. Approved by the DMV, the final exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions. A grade of 70 percent or better is required to pass the exam. Fortunately, 310 Traffic School gives you two attempts to do this. Even more fortunate is the fact that the entire final exam is open book (you get to use the coursework you just reviewed). Simply put, there is no reason not to pass the final exam.

How Long Does the 310TrafficSchool.net Course Take?

As we mentioned above, the 310 Traffic School course is designed to meet DMV classroom course time requirements of 8 hours. With that said, however, everyone is allowed to complete the online course at their own pace. Indeed, that’s one of the chief benefits of online traffic school to begin with. 310 Traffic School doesn’t use course timers so you can plow through the coursework in as little or as much time as you need.

What We Like About 310TrafficSchool.net

310 Traffic School has a lot going for it. What we like best is its simple and easy set up. The point of an online traffic school is to help you pass the final exam and give you a refresher course in driving and traffic laws. 310 does just that without throwing anything extra into the mix.

What We Dislike About 310TrafficSchool.net

Customer support is one area that 310 Traffic School needs to work on. Sure, they offer a solid support line, but it’s not on par with that offered by the top companies in the industry. If 310 Traffic School upped their live phone support to 24/7, it’s safe to say we’d rank them as one of the absolute best online traffic schools in California.

In Summary

310 Traffic School is a solid choice through and through. Their course is simple, straightforward, and easy. Their customer service is average and gets the job done. On top of that all, the service is competitively priced.

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