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***NOTE: CENCAL DRIVING SCHOOL IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS *** Central California Traffic School is part of a larger school called the Central California Driving School, which offers driver’s education, driver training, and traffic school. The school has been in business since 1994, but does that pedigree provide what is necessary to quality as an outstanding online traffic school?

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Is Central California Traffic School Legitimate?

Central California Traffic School is licensed to provide both classroom- and internet-based traffic courses. Its DMV license number is E0160. It also known as the Central California Driving and Traffic School and as CCDS. Though the traffic school opened in 1999, the Central California Driving School has been in operation since 1994. It receives a 4.9 out of 5 stars from eight reviews on Google and 3 out of 5 stars from two reviews on Yelp.


The contact address is: CENTRAL CALIFORNIA TRAFFIC SCHOOL 758 E BULLARD AVE STE 103 FRESNO CA 93710 Tel: (559)432-8792

Customer Support

The school is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm and Saturday from 8am to 2pm. Though not the most extensive customer service hours of any online traffic, it does at least offer Saturday service. This is a huge plus for users who want to complete their course on a weekend and run into technical trouble.

Mobile Friendliness

The school is not mobile friendly. In fact, it isn’t even clear that you can take the traffic course online when you first view the website. What is even more confusing is the fact that the school operates at least two websites, one of which appears to have been designed in the late 1990s and never touched again.

How It Works


Finding the website for the online traffic school is not easy. The main websites for CCDS is www.getdriversed.com. The course works like most others and allows users to finish at their own pace.


Payment is via credit card, debit card, or PayPal. The internet-only course is $19.00. Users will have to call if they wish to take a classroom course as prices are not listed. Overall, however, the school is very affordable. The 50th person to attend the online course each month receives a full refund (i.e. the course is free). The winner’s name is posted on the website at the end of each month. Winners are given 30 days to claim their refund.

How Long Does the Course Take?

The course is self-paced. The classroom course takes two weekend days, but the online course can be completed quickly, perhaps even in one sitting. Users can demo the course before deciding to take it.

What We Like


The school has strong reputation and over 20 years of experience in driving education. It is an outstanding option for individuals who want a classroom experience, but in an internet setting. The price is good, though not great. Customer support is more extensive than most sites, offering some Saturday hours. The option to demo the course before buying is nice. Users can potentially get the course for free and the option to use PayPal is welcome.

What We Don’t Like

CCDS operates two websites and neither is under the name “Central California Traffic School.” What is worse is that finding the actual online version of the course is difficult. The school provides no clear support for mobile devices. The websites are dated and cluttered.


CCDS is one of the oldest driver’s training schools in the state of California and the oldest in the central valley. Its online offering is relatively new, but is based on its well-respected classroom curriculum. The biggest problem with the site is its format, which makes it difficult to navigate and difficult to find. Overall, the online version of the CCDS traffic school gets just an average rating for lacking mobile support and for being somewhat unpleasant to use. CCDS itself gets an above-average review for its extensive course offerings and time-tested curriculum. ***NOTE: CENCAL DRIVING SCHOOL IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS ***

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