Newport Driving School Review

Newport Driving School is by and large one of the absolute best online traffic schools in California. Located in Newport Beach, the company has been serving Orange County and beyond for over 18 years. If you’re looking to remove a traffic violation from your driving record, Newport Driving School is one option you should seriously look into. Below we review Newport Driving School in more detail. We discuss their customer support as well as the top things we like and dislike about their service. It’s important to note that no single online traffic school is best for everyone. You must assess your own personal needs and preferences to choose the best one for you personally.

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Is A Legit Online Traffic School?


The short and sweet answer is, yes, Newport Driving School is as legitimate as they come. There is no need to feel concern when you select this school. For starters, Newport Driving School has been registered with the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles for nearly two decades. They’re licensed not only in Orange County but also in every other California county. Newport Driving School’s DMV registration number is E1996. One of the aspects we most love about Newport Driving School is their inclusion of an extensive “About Us” section on their website. If you’ve read many of the other online traffic school reviews on our website, then you know this isn’t exactly par for the course. It’s a rare exception to find an online traffic school that is totally transparent about their company background and history. Customer Support Overview


The customer support offered by Newport Driving School is hit or miss. While they do provide a number of different ways to get in touch with customer service representatives, these methods aren’t exactly reliable. What we mean by this is that it’s often somewhat difficult to actually connect with a live representative. Your best option is to call one of the company’s customer support lines between their business hours of 8am and 5pm PST Monday to Friday. Call outside of these hours and leave a message, however, and it isn’t guaranteed you’ll receive a prompt response. Your best bet is to schedule your call within the company’s business hours if you need to connect with a live representative. Another aspect of Newport Driving School’s customer service that we do like is their Spanish language support line. Because of California’s large Spanish speaking population, this is beyond essential. They’re one of only a handful of online traffic schools to offer this thoughtful feature.

How Works

Newport Driving School works much like any other online traffic school in California. It consists of three simple and straightforward steps. These include registration, completing the coursework, and passing the final exam. Let’s talk about registration first. Like every other aspect of their business, Newport Driving School has made registration as easy as possible. You simply enter your personal and ticket information followed by a valid payment method. Once all of these are verified, you’ll be given immediate access to the associated coursework. Like all online traffic school courses, the coursework provided by Newport Driving School is boring. There is no getting around it. It’s very dry and slow, even though the company attempts to break up the monotony with pictures, animations, and videos. The coursework is divided into several chapters. Each chapter is followed by a short quiz. You must pass each quiz to move on to the next section. When all the chapters and quizzes have been completed, you’re allowed to take the final exam. You are given two attempts to pass the final exam. A 70 percent pass grade is required. The final exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions, each of which has been pre-approved by the DMV. As soon as you pass the final exam, a certificate of completion is sent to both the DMV and the court that issued your ticket.

How Long Does the Course Take?

Newport Driving School is very quick to complete. No, it’s not the fastest around, but it gets the job done right. It doesn’t cut any corners. You should expect to spend between 4 and 10 hours on the coursework. 8 hours is average. It’s also important to note that you’re allowed to complete the coursework in multiple sittings. Your progress is saved automatically.

What We Like About

The things we like about Newport Driving School are simple. We like their reliability, ease of use, and pricing. In fact, Newport Driving School is one of the most reputable online traffic schools in the state. They have an extensive history as a company, serving hundreds of happy customers each year.

What We Don’t Like About

The negatives to Newport Driving School aren’t really negatives at all. Instead, they’re problems with the online traffic school industry as a whole, rather than Newport Driving School in particular. What we mean is just how boring the coursework is. Unfortunately, this is just the nature of online traffic schools. They have to be like this to meet DMV requirements.

In Summary

Newport Driving School is one of our top choices for online driving schools, especially for those living in Orange County. They’re simple, reliable, and cost effective. Do you really need anything beyond that?

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