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*** I GOT BUSTED TRAFFIC SCHOOL IS OUT OF BUSINESS *** How’s that traffic ticket working out for you? Are you dreading having to take a traffic violator course to keep the points at bay and therefore your insurance costs down? Well, you’ll be happy to know that the Internet has all the answers to your traffic school woes: Take your traffic course online, and you can do it in your own sweet time. No classrooms, no parking woes, no giving up eight hours of sunshine on a Saturday. You have plenty of online traffic school course providers to choose from, including I Got Busted Traffic School. So if you got busted, bust out your laptop and mosey through the course at your own sweet pace.

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Is I Got Busted Traffic School Legit?

I Got Busted Traffic School opened its virtual doors in June of 2014, making them one of the newer traffic schools. They’re fully licensed by the California DMV to provide traffic violator instruction in all counties in the state. This makes them one hundred percent legit.

Features of I Got Busted Traffic School


I Got Busted Traffic School offers their course for $16.95, which is on the lower side of the traffic school tuition spectrum. This price includes the coursework, the final test, and the electronic submission of your completion certificate to the DMV and the court presiding over your case. I Got Busted Traffic School offers a sweet low-price guarantee. If you find another legit traffic school that’s licensed in the county where you got your ticket and has a lower price, I Got Busted Traffic School will match that price down to $7.95. Contact I Got Busted Traffic School by phone or email with the competitor’s info, and you could save another nine bucks! You can only get the price match before you register and pay, though. Once you pay for the course, you won’t find any hidden fees later on. But if you waited until the last possible minute to complete your course and need your certificate sent along to the DMV and court post-haste, you can pay a little (okay, a lot) extra for expedited submission, to the tune of $15 for 2-day delivery and $25 for next day delivery. And if you’re too dang busy (or lazy) to contact the courthouse to verify that they’ve received your completion certificate, you can pay I Got Busted Traffic School another $10 to contact the court to verify that they’ve got it in hand and notify you that you’re good to go. I Got Busted Traffic School’s website is fully secured through GoDaddy, so you don’t have to worry about your sensitive information finding its way into the wrong hands. You can take the course without worrying about pesky timers making you stay on each lesson for a specified time, which means you really can complete the course as quickly as you’d like. Customer support is available by phone or email Monday through Friday during regular business hours, which they don’t actually specify on their site. At any rate, they prefer contact via email so that they can pull up your info without putting you on hold. I Got Busted Traffic School doesn’t say whether you can take the course on your mobile devices, which probably means that you can only take it on your desktop or laptop computer.

How it Works


To register, you’ll need your driver’s license number, the ticket or docket number, the court location, and your required complete-by date. Once you register and pay, you can start the course right away. The site will automatically save your progress so that you don’t have to try and figure out where you left off if you come and go a lot or if you lose your Internet connection mid-chapter. The course itself consists of 11 chapters, each of which ends in a 5-question quiz that’ll help you prepare for the final exam. The final is comprised of 25 multiple choice questions, and you’ll have to get 70 percent right to pass. You can take the final twice, but if you fail both times, you’ll have to pay for and take the course again. But the chances of failing are very slim, since it’s an open book test and you can look back through the chapters for the answers. As soon as you pass the course, your completion certificate will be sent along to the DMV and courthouse, and they’ll usually receive it within 3 days.

What We Like About I Got Busted Traffic School

We like the low price and the low-price guarantee, and we like that you don’t have to be a slave to course timers, meaning you can complete each chapter as quickly as you like. Some other online traffic school courses make you stay on a chapter for 40 minutes or more, which can be a drag if you just wanna get it over with but have to keep going off and finding something productive to do while the clock runs down.

What We Don’t Like About I Got Busted Traffic School

We don’t like the fact that you can’t take the course with you on your tablet or phone, and we kinda wish the customer support hours were posted on the website.

Rating for I Got Busted Traffic School

I Got Busted Traffic School has a few perks, like the low price guarantee and the lack of timers. But they don’t offer some of the perks other online traffic schools in California provide, such as a mobile-friendly course and the opportunity to take the course again for free if you somehow manage to fail the open-book test. I Got Busted Traffic School is a perfectly average traffic school provider in California, and as such, we’re giving them a solid 3 out of 5 stars. *** I GOT BUSTED TRAFFIC SCHOOL IS OUT OF BUSINESS ***

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