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Selecting the right online traffic school is an easy choice when you go with Easy Choice Traffic School. Located online at EasyChoiceTrafficSchool.com, it’s one of the better-known online traffic schools in California. Below is our in-depth review of Easy Choice Traffic School. We look closely at the good and the bad of this particular online traffic school. Is it really the best choice for you? Or is there an alternative that’s better? Though the answer will be different for everyone, our review will help you make a sound decision for yourself.

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Is EasyChoiceTrafficSchool.com A Legit Online Traffic School?


The short and simple answer is, yes, Easy Choice Traffic School is as legitimate and certified as online traffic schools in California come. With that said, it’s important to note that the company is only allowed to operate within California. However, it’s allowed to operate in all of the state’s 58 counties. The legitimacy of Easy Choice Traffic School is backed up by its certification with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Their DMV license number is E0536. It’s important to check the DMV licensing of every online traffic school that you look into.

EasyChoiceTrafficSchool.com Customer Support Overview


One of the most important factors to consider about any online traffic school is their customer support. All too many companies in the industry fail to provide adequate support. In fact, this is one of the main complaints that customers make. So how does Easy Choice Traffic School stack up? For starters, they provide live phone support during their business hours of 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Since they are located in California, these times are PST. The Easy Choice Traffic School website goes on to state that they offer extended phone support in the evenings, on weekends, and on holidays. Unfortunately, they don’t go into this in much detail, so it’s hard to verify exactly how reliable their extended hours customer support actually is.

How Does EasyChoiceTrafficSchool.com Works

Like all other online traffic schools, the biggest benefit of Easy Choice Traffic School is just how easy it is to use. Unlike traditional classroom courses, you’re not required to attend the school in person. You can complete the entire course, including the final exam, from the comfort of your own home on any device with an Internet connection. There are 10 separate sections that make up the Easy Choice Traffic School course. The bulk of each chapter is made up of reading material. A variety of pictures, videos, animations, and interactive exercises are sprinkled throughout each chapter. It’s also important to note that each chapter is followed by a short 5-question quiz. Each quiz is designed to ensure you actually review the proceeding chapter. You must pass each quiz before moving on to the next chapter of coursework. Finished with the coursework? Then it’s time for the final exam. Compiled of 25 DMV-approved multiple-choice questions, the final exam can seem intimidating. But believe us – it’s not. The exam is open book so you can track down the answers to each question from the coursework you just reviewed. You are also given two free attempts. You must score at least 70 percent or better to pass the final exam. Easy Choice Traffic School provides same-day certificate processing. This means that your certificate of completion is processed as soon as you pass the exam. A copy is sent to the DMV and the court. At this point, you’re finished with the course and already well on your way to removing a driving violation from your permanent record!

How Long Does the EasyChoiceTrafficSchool.com Course Take?

It doesn’t take long to complete Easy Choice Traffic School. Like all other online traffic schools in California, the coursework is designed to equal 8 hours of classroom study. However, no course timers are required. That means you can take as little or as long as you need completing the coursework.

What We Like About EasyChoiceTrafficSchool.com

We are pleased with how straightforward Easy Choice Traffic School is about every aspect of their business. They don’t try to hide or sugarcoat anything. Their website clearly lists the service they provide and that’s that. We also like the quality customer service that Easy Choice Traffic School offers. Though the actual hours provided are a bit unclear on their website, you’ll forget about that as soon as you call and speak with a friendly, professional representative.

What We Don’t Like About EasyChoiceTrafficSchool.com

Easy Choice Traffic School definitely needs an upgrade. Both their website and actual course would do well with a makeover. They work perfectly well but they do so looking like they’re more at home in the early 2000s than the modern day.

In Summary

Easy Choice Traffic School is a legitimate and certified online traffic school in California. The courses that it offers run for only $29.95. However, we think they’re a bit below average as far as other online traffic schools in California go. Easy Choice Traffic School is not a bad online traffic school by any means. They’re just not our first choice.

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