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*** NOTE: U TURN TRAFFIC SCHOOL IS NO LONGER IN OPERATION *** If you receive a traffic violation in California, you’re in luck. The state allows residents to take an online traffic school course to erase such a violation from their driving record. Although no one really wants to take a remedial driving course, it sure is better than having a negative mark on your permanent record. So what is the absolute best online traffic school in California? The answer is not as straightforward as it might seem. Simply put, there are dozens upon dozens of online traffic schools in the state. Below we’ve reviewed the ins and outs of U Turn Traffic School to help you decide whether this particular option is best for you.

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Is UTurnTrafficSchools.com A Legit Online Traffic School?


Rest assured, U Turn Traffic School is as legitimate as the bulk of other traffic schools in California. What exactly do we mean by this? Well, for starters the school is registered with the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles for use statewide. They boast a DMV license number of E0736. Beyond their registration with the DMV, however, there is very little information available to ensure the reputability and reliability of U Turn Traffic School. Their website doesn’t contain any information about the company and a quick Google Search doesn’t yield anything additional. Of course, this lack of transparency makes it somewhat difficult to choose this service over others that make it easy to find valuable information about their companies on their websites.

UTurnTrafficSchools.com Customer Support Overview


The customer support offered by U Turn Traffic School is nothing to write home about. Sure, they offer it, but it’s often difficult to connect with a live representative, especially on the phone. On top of this, they don’t even list their customer service hours on their website (although they do list their phone number). U Turn Traffic School is the rare online traffic school where it might be better to send them an email related to your customer service question or concern. We’ve found this receives a much prompter, and more thorough, response in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

How UTurnTrafficSchools.com Works


Fortunately, U Turn Traffic School has simplicity going for it. They don’t attempt to do anything fancy with their online traffic school. Instead, they stick to the same straightforward approach used by other companies in the industry. When using U Turn Traffic School, the first step is signup. It takes only a few minutes and consists of you entering your personal and ticket information. The information is quickly verified and then you are given access to the course material. Like most online traffic schools, the course material provided by U Turn Traffic School is broken up into a handful of sections. These sections are filled with images, photos, and videos to aid in the learning process. They also serve to make the course material slightly more exciting. Each section is followed by a short quiz. You must pass each quiz before you’re allowed to move on to the following section. After you finish all of the course material, you’ll be presented with a DMV-approved final exam. The final exam offered by U Turn Traffic School is completely approved by the DMV. It contains 25 questions that are multiple choice in nature. You’re required to answer at least 70 percent of these correctly to pass the final exam. When you pass the final exam, you’re automatically rewarded with a certification of completion. A copy of this certificate is sent to both the DMV and the court.

How Long Does the UTurnTrafficSchools.com Course Take?

Everyone will finish U Turn Traffic School in a different amount of time. Though the course is designed to take around 8 hours to complete, you’re able to complete it at your own pace. In fact, this is the number one benefit of taking an online traffic school over a traditional driving school in the first place: you’re allowed to complete the work at your own pace, in multiple sittings.

What We Like About UTurnTrafficSchools.com

There are a handful of things we really like about U Turn Traffic School. For starters, their service is easy to use and straightforward. There is no learning curve. And we love the fact that they offer a booklet course as an alternative for those that don’t want to take the course online. Best of all, both courses, though especially the online course, are very cheap compared to most of the competition.

What We Don’t Like About UTurnTrafficSchools.com

There are a few negatives to the U Turn Traffic School experience. First and foremost is their relatively poor customer service. In an industry based almost entirely online, it’s all but essential to have solid customer phone support to point customers in the right direction. We’d also really like to see U Turn Traffic School incorporate an “About Us” page into their website. Knowing just a bit more about the company would do loads to create trust and reduce their slightly scammy vibe.

In Summary

U Turn Traffic School is just a so-so online traffic school. We really can’t say much more than that. Yeah, they get the job done, but there are so many better options available in California. *** NOTE: U TURN TRAFFIC SCHOOL IS NO LONGER IN OPERATION ***

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