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Although everyone has their weird little quirks, most people really, really don’t want to attend traffic school. But a traffic violation means a point on your license, and a point on your license means higher insurance rates, and higher insurance rates mean less money for the fun things in life. And everyone likes fun things, so traffic school is generally regarded as a lesser of two evils. But it doesn’t have to be that bad. Online traffic school keeps you out of the stuffy classroom and in your favorite environment as you absorb information that will hopefully lead to a better driving record in the future. is one of many online traffic schools you can choose from, and we’re about to see if this traffic school is worthy of its name.

Top-Rated Online Traffic Schools

Is Legit? is licensed by the DMV for all California counties and courts, and they’re accredited with the Better Business Bureau, which gives them an A+ rating. They’ve been in business since 1998. So, yes, these folks are as legit as they come.

Features of


The various possible features of online traffic schools vary slightly, but seems to have most of them covered. They claim to have one of the highest pass rates of any traffic school, at a whopping 99.9 percent, but to be honest, almost all online traffic schools boast the same rate on account of the final exam for traffic school is a mere 25 questions, you only need to get 70 percent right, and it’s open book. You would probably have to try harder to fail the test than to pass it. Their website is SSL encrypted to ensure top security of your personal information, and they only collect the information required by the DMV and that which they need in order to get you set up. They promise to never sell or share your information for other purposes. Like all online traffic schools, transmits your certificate of completion to the DMV and sends you a copy by email. The course is compatible with any mobile device, which is always nice for those long subway rides home from work or for taking the course while you’re driving on a boring stretch of road. (Kidding!) The course isn’t timed unless your court requires it. This is always nice, since when the course is timed, you have to spend the allotted time on one chapter before you can move to the next, which means you end up surfing the web while you’re waiting for the timer to run out, and by the time it does, you’ve lost your momentum.

Guarantees has a low price guarantee, which means that if you find a lower price offered by any competing online traffic school, they’ll match it. If you’ve already paid for the course, they’ll refund the difference. If you haven’t, you’ll need to call or email them, and they’ll set you up to pay the lower price. They also guarantee that you’ll pass the course. Many other online traffic schools make you pay for the course again if you don’t pass the final test after the second attempt, which is all that’s allowed by the DMV. If you fail both attempts at the test, you can retake this course for free, as long as you choose the standard course package, which is five bucks more than the basic package. They offer a satisfaction guarantee but don’t offer any details. They only tell you that their overall user rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars and that you won’t be disappointed. If you are? Well, maybe they’ll refund your course, or maybe they’ll send you a bouquet of flowers. Listen, it’s traffic school. It erases your point. It’s not that hard. You can do it online. What more can you ask for?

How it Works


Once you register for the course, you can start right away. As you progress through the lessons, your work is automatically saved so that you can come and go as you please without losing your place, and that’s always nice. Each of the eleven chapters features a short quiz at the end to help you prepare for the test, which is multiple choice and contains 25 questions. Once you pass the test with at least a 70 percent, the completion certificate is automatically sent to the DMV. How quickly depends on which package you choose.

Customer Service

You can get customer support via email, phone, or live chat. Phone and live chat support are limited to the hours of 8 to 5, Monday through Friday, so if your course is due on Monday don’t start it Friday night, just in case something goes awry and you need help.

Packages, unlike most online traffic schools, offers four different packages, which range from $17.95 for the basic to $34.95 for the premium. Upgrading the package means additional benefits, but really, the basic package is perfectly sufficient and includes the course, 2-day filing with the DMV, and a completion certificate. If you need expedited processing of the certificate because you waited until the last second, you’ll have to choose the Deluxe package at $29.95 for next-day filing or the Premium package for instantaneous filing. But if you’re good on time, don’t bother with the bells and whistles, which are largely unnecessary and an obvious attempt to squeeze more money out of you.

What We Like About is legit, and they have some nice guarantees. You can take this course on all of your mobile devices, and your work is automatically saved at every step, so you never have to worry about losing your place or losing work you’ve already completed. There are no timers unless required by the court, and they’ll send your completion certificate directly to the DMV and court within two days (with the basic package.)

What We Don’t Like About

The number of packages they offer is a little obnoxious, and it seems like they’re charging you for a lot of bells and whistles you probably don’t need, like unlimited course attempts (you’ll pass, don’t worry), verification that the DMV got the transmission (seriously, save your money and make the dang call yourself if you’re worried), an “instant printable completion verification document” for your insurance carrier or employer (you get a completion certificate by email with the basic package), and a proof of purchase (you’re not paying with cash, right? So why do you need proof that you purchased the course when you’ll get a bank or credit card statement as well as the completion certificate, which means that obviously you’ve taken the course, which means that obviously, you’ve paid for the course, duh.) So that’s kind of annoying and just ever so slightly deceitful.

Rating for

Obviously a trusted and well-established online traffic school, earns four stars, with one docked for trying to make the expensive upgrades seem worth the extra money.

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