It's Easy Traffic School
Maybe you really were running late for your sister’s wedding, and since you had the rings, you couldn’t very well show up halfway through the ceremony and risk the ring bearer walking down the aisle with an empty pillow. But the officer didn’t care. You should’ve left earlier, she said. You should’ve planned for heavy traffic, she pointed out. And then she handed you a speeding ticket and suddenly, you were faced with a point on your license and a healthy increase in your car insurance premiums.

Top-Rated Online Traffic Schools

So you did what any self-respecting traffic violator would do: You decided to attend traffic school to mask the ticket and stave off the point. And now you’re finding out that – what?? – traffic school in is now available online in California! And you’re ecstatic! The worst part about the ticket was the prospect of spending a lovely Saturday afternoon cooped up with a bunch of other traffic violators in a depressing civic classroom while all of your friends were free to frolic. Now, you can take traffic school whenevs. You just have to choose which of the hundreds of online traffic schools is right for you. It’s Easy Traffic School is one of scores of options.

Is It’s Easy Traffic School Legit?

It’s Easy Traffic School has been in business since 1998, according to their website, but they got their online traffic school provider license from the DMV in November of 2012. They’re licensed in every county in California, and this makes them totes legit.

Features of It’s Easy Traffic School

It’s Easy Traffic School will set you back $17.95, which is a couple of bucks lower than what seems like the industry average of $19.95. The price of the program includes the course, the final test, and the electronic submission of your completion certificate to the presiding court and the DMV. You don’t have to pay up front for your course. It’s Easy Traffic School lets you start the course and give it a good test drive, and they’ll prompt you for payment at some point during the program. This is nice if you’re still reeling from the fines and fees you incurred as a result of your ticket or if you want to try it before you buy it. It’s Easy Traffic School also offers a price match guarantee. If you find a better price offered by a traffic school that’s licensed in the county where you got your ticket, It’s Easy Traffic School will match the price. You just have to email them with the pertinent info to secure a refund of the difference. The course isn’t timed unless your court requires it, which is nice. Some traffic schools still use timers, which the DMV stopped requiring some time ago. If a course is timed, it means that you have to spend a certain number of minutes, usually 40, on each chapter before you can move on. This can make an 11-chapter traffic course excruciatingly long. Like many, many traffic schools, It’s Easy Traffic School boasts a 99.9 percent pass rate. That doesn’t really mean anything, though, since the exam is open-book and hello, you’re on the Internet anyway, and there’s this little thing called Google. The vast majority of people are going to pass. This course is available for you to take on all of your mobile devices, making it convenient if you were hoping to take it poolside on your phone (those will be some interesting tan lines.) If you need help, you’ll have to call or email It’s Easy Traffic School between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. So if your course is due on Monday, you should start it early enough in the week that you can reach support if you need it.

How it Works

Once you register for the course, you can start taking it right away. The course consists of 11 chapters that are packed with graphics and videos. After each chapter, you’ll have to pass a short quiz to move on to the next. After the last chapter, you’ll take the final exam, which has 25 multiple choice questions. You get two shots to pass the exam, but as we mentioned, it would be sorta hard to fail it, since you have access to virtually all of the information in the world right there in front of you. Once you pass the exam, which we’re confident you’ll do on your first try, It’s Easy Traffic School will electronically submit your completion certificate to the DMV and court within three days. If you waited until the last possible second to finish the course and need the certificate sent the same day or the following day, It’s Easy Traffic School will do it, but you’ll have to pay for it, and that will probably set you back anywhere from $15 to $25 above the cost of the course.

What We Like About It’s Easy Traffic School

What’s not to like? You get a price match guarantee, you don’t have to pay up front, the course isn’t timed, and it’s available on all of your devices.

Rating for It’s Easy Traffic School

It’s Easy Traffic School has all of the bells and whistles that serve to entice you to take their course instead of the hundreds of others available online. They really want your business, and that’s nice. If It’s Easy Traffic School was one of the small handful of traffic schools that offer immediate transmission of your completion certificate at no extra cost, we’d give them five stars. But four stars is a still a really good rating!

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