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Boring classrooms are no longer a necessity when it comes to Driver Safety 4 Less. It’s hard to believe that many people still attend traditional classroom traffic school courses when much more convenient online options are so readily available. We’re here to tell you that online traffic school is the way to go, whether that means Driver Safety 4 Less or another great California company. Those that qualify to use Driver Safety 4 Less will be met with a company that has the customer’s best interests in mind. Every aspect of the company’s service is designed for the highest levels of ease of use and speed. Driver Safety 4 Less knows that no one wants to be taking a traffic violators course, despite their many benefits, so they’ve made their course as simple and straightforward as possible. Below we take a look at Driver Safety 4 Less in more detail. We break down its ins and outs, its pros and cons. We place particular emphasis on how the service actually works. Our overall goal of our comprehensive review is to give you the tools you need to select the absolute best online traffic school for your personal needs and preferences.

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Is A Legit Online Traffic School?

Yes, Driver Safety 4 Less is just about as legitimate an online traffic school as you’ll find in California. They’ve been registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles since their inception nearly a dozen years ago. They currently sport a DMV license number of E0180. This licensing certifies them to provide their services to those in all of California’s counties. Customer Support Overview

Because Driver Safety 4 Less is based entirely online, it’s essential they provide great customer support. Fortunately, they pull through in this regard. Though it’s not the best in the industry, the level of customer support they do provide gets the job done. You can contact a live representative by phone at Driver Safety 4 Less during normal business hours. These are from 8am to 4pm PST Monday to Friday. You can also contact support representatives by email. All of the individuals working for Driver Safety 4 Less are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. They’ll be able to answer your question quickly without a hitch.

How Works

Erasing a traffic ticket from your driving record is easy with Driver Safety 4 Less. The entire process, from start to finish, consists of only three steps. These are sign up, the course, and the final exam. We break down the ins and outs of each step in more detail below. Signing up with the service comes first. Driver Safety 4 Less provides a safe and secure registration form for you to do this. Enter your personal and ticket information and you’re already well on your way to passing this online traffic school. Dive right into the coursework as soon as you’re finished with sign up. Broken up into 10 different sections, the Driver Safety 4 Less course is littered with pictures, videos, and colorful animations to ease some of the boredom and aid in the review process. One thing in particular that we love about Driver Safety 4 Less is that it saves your progress automatically. This allows you to log in and log out of the service as you need. It also allows you to complete the coursework over a period of days or even weeks if desired. There is no need to slog through the entire thing in a single sitting. Once the coursework is complete, it’s time to move on to the final step: the final exam. It consists of 25 questions. Each of these is multiple choice in nature. Answer at least 70 percent of these right to pass.

How Long Does the Course Take?

Plan to spend around 8 hours on the Driver Safety 4 Less course. Because no course timers are used, you’re allowed to finish it more quickly or more slowly depending on your individual needs.

What We Like About

Driver Safety 4 Less comes with an extensive set of benefits. At the top of the list, however, is its overall convenience. The course is simple and straightforward. You can complete it at your own pace over multiple sessions. Does it really get much better than that?

What We Don’t Like About

There aren’t a whole lot of negatives when it comes to Driver Safety 4 Less. Perhaps the biggest is the website’s poor design. The entire look of the website is outdated, making it difficult to find the information you’re looking for.

In Summary

So what are our final thoughts on Driver Safety 4 Less? All in all, it’s a great online traffic school at the outstandingly low price of $17.95. Yet there are a few areas the company could work on (web design and customer support) to make an already good service even better.

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