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Not to be confused with Traffic School Online, Traffic School Online USA is an online traffic school that offers courses across the United States, including California. The school has several features that set it apart from other online schools. The question is, do those features add value or are they just gimmicks?

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Is Traffic School Online USALegitimate?

Traffic School Online USA was licensed (#E0207) to provide online traffic courses in the state of California on 23 August 2013. The school has no prior or current administrative actions against it. The principle operator is George Kaganovich. There is no Better Business Bureau entry for Traffic School Online USA.


The contact address is: WWW.TRAFFICSCHOOLONLINEUSA.COM 3100 AIRWAY AVE 122C COSTA MESA CA 92626 Tel: (800)372-8618

Customer Support

Traffic School Online USA offers customer service by phone or email. All questions are addressed between the hours of 8am and 4pm, Monday through Friday. There are no evening or weekend hours. Users who require technical support during non-business hours will find Traffic School Online USA’s service to be frustratingly limited. The course uses “Personal Identity Validation” questions to ensure that the correct person is taking the course. In general, identify validation with this technique is fast and efficient. If it does fail, the limitations of the customer service hours become apparent.

Mobile Friendliness

Traffic School Online USA curriculum can be accessed from any internet-connected computer. While it is possible to connect on a mobile device, Traffic School Online USA is not optimized for mobile devices. The site can be particularly difficult to view on a smartphone.

How It Works

Traffic School Online USA offers a comedy-based curriculum designed to make learning about traffic rules a bit more fun than it might otherwise be. Users can choose between a online-only course and a booklet course, which provides a paper copy of the curriculum even though the final exam is taken online. One unique option that Traffic School Online USA offers is a hard copy of your certificate of completion. Besides the electronic version of the certificate of completion that Traffic School Online USA emails to the court, the school will mail users a hard copy for their records.


Payment is through credit card or debit card. The internet-only course costs $19.99. There is a $36.99 fee for the booklet course. The school offers a “lowest price” guarantee, so it is possible to get the course for less than $19.99. There is no refund or option to retake the course for users who fail the final exam twice.

How Long Does the Course Take?

There are no timers, so users are free to proceed through the course at their own pace. The classroom equivalent takes 340 minutes (not including the final exam). Most users complete the online course much faster. It is possible to complete the course in a single sitting.

What We Like

The course is affordable, but it isn’t the least expensive on the internet. That said, Traffic School Online USA offers a “lowest price” guarantee, so users could potentially get it for less money by demonstrating that other courses cost less. It is likely to be the most affordable online traffic school for users who are willing to argue the point. The comedy-based curriculum helps to make material more interesting and thus engaging. Users are more likely to succeed in a course they find interesting. Of course, many online schools offer a comedy-based curriculum.

What We Don’t Like

Traffic School Online USA has a lot of drawbacks. The price is high, it offers very limited customer service, and there is no direct support for mobile devices. The school offers a hard copy certification of completion, which is more of a gimmick than an asset given that actual proof of completion is emailed directly to the court/DMV.


Traffic School Online USA receives a below average rating because it is an average school at a slightly above-average price. Adding mobile support, extending customer service hours, or decreasing the price are all moves that could boost the school’s rating. There is nothing particularly wrong with Traffic School Online USA, other than a starting price that is just a few dollars higher than the competition. For users who are willing to go the extra step, the course can be had for a lower cost. The hassle is hardly worth the savings, however, when there are other traffic schools that offer a lower price without the need to haggle.

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