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If you’ve ever been to the wrong kind of online traffic school, you know it isn’t always fast, easy, or fun. The fact of the matter is that traffic school can be slow, hard, and miserable. That’s why Fast Easy Fun Online Traffic School was created. So do we recommend you sign up for the Fast Easy Fun Online Traffic School? We’ll help you make that decision in this article.

Finding a Fast Online Traffic School

To begin with, you can’t speed through traffic school like you were doing when you were pulled over! Traffic school typically takes a set amount of time, and that amount of time is specified by the court and set in stone. There’s nothing you can do to lower the minimum amount of time you’re required to spend in traffic school. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure you don’t have to spend more time than the court absolutely requires. In addition, if you live in certain states such as the state of California, you can always sign up for an online traffic school that doesn’t require course timers such as this one. However, not all states allow this type of freedom.

Passing The Tests

Fast Easy Fun Online Traffic School operates much like most other online traffic schools. First, you’ll want to make sure you pass the test at the end of the course. Most states require online traffic schools to test their students to ensure that they absorbed the material. With Fast Easy Cheap Online Traffic School, you’ll go through 6 different sections with a quiz after each section, followed by a “final exam” at the end. They don’t want students to leave the online school running on their laptop while they reread the Harry Potter series, so this means you’ll have to take a test, and pass the test at the end of the course. This is especially important because some states, like California, only allow you to take the test a limited number of times. California permits you to take the test from your online traffic school exactly twice. If you fail, you’ve flunked out of traffic school.

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To be sure you’re able to pass the test at the end of the course, you should pick a traffic school that doesn’t bore you to tears. That way, you’ll pay attention. There are several approaches to this. One is to pick a traffic school that is funny. If the traffic school is funny, your chances of staying awake through a humorous traffic school course are much better than through a traffic school that’s so boring you’d prefer reading a dictionary.

Fast Easy Fun Online Traffic School is an online traffic school that offers online traffic school courses that are performed by comedians. The classes aren’t only funny–they’re also informative. Studies by Florida’s government showed that courses using humor significantly reduced traffic fatalities as well as the number of future violations its graduates received. Many mobile compatible lessons are also offered, and it saves your progress as you take the course. This means you can study for just a little while, and your progress won’t be lost. Of course, the ultimate benefit to MyImprov.com’s approach is that the information contained in its courses are easy to remember. This, in turn, makes it far easier to pass the test at the end of the course, speeding up your efforts to finish traffic school.


For Those Who Want A More Serious Approach To Online Traffic School

Some people don’t really want to take a funny traffic school. Instead, they’d like a straightforward course that does the job of teaching them traffic school competently. For these people, iDriveSafely.com is a great option. People complete its courses quickly because it provides quality information. Its courses are prepared by experts, and are a combination of simple text lessons, animated videos, and an optional audio read along section. iDriveSafely’s courses exceed state requirements by providing you with an interesting and engaging learning experience. Though iDriveSafely may not be as funny as its rival MyImprov.com, its course is very engaging. Reviewers describe the course as “serious but respectful,” “humorous,” “convenient,” “quick and cheap,” and “insightful.” For those that want an online traffic school that takes its job seriously, iDriveSafely.com fits the bill.

For some people, the fastest way to get through traffic school is to pick a school that offers cellphone and tablet apps. If you take the bus to work or school each day, you could simply watch part of the online traffic school as you travel. This means you’ll make it through traffic school without taking any extra time out of your day. Though this method takes just as many total minutes as any other, it won’t feel like traffic school took any extra time at all, and your traffic school experience will conclude with almost no extra effort.

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A Word About Costs

It’s tempting to try and find the cheapest possible traffic school. That’s probably not the wisest strategy, since you’ll be spending many hours interacting with your online traffic school. While Fast Easy Fun Online Traffic School may not be the cheapest course around, it doesn’t make sense to waste your time on an inferior traffic school. Many states require you to spend more than an entire day’s worth of your time taking traffic school, so you’ll want to spend a few more dollars on a high quality course. Most traffic schools cost between $10 and $30, with only a few costing more than $20. Since the cost between a superior and an inferior traffic course is probably only $10, it makes sense to spend a bit more money so that your time is well spent.

Is Your Online Traffic School Accredited?

Not every online traffic school is accredited in every state. Fast Easy Fun Online Traffic School is accredited in most states, but be sure you are able to take their course for ticket dismissal purposes before signing up. If you’d like to be sure your traffic school is really authorized to issue a certificate of completion, go to your state’s DMV website and check its list of authorized DMV traffic schools. If the school is accredited, it should be listed. Note that it’s possible for a school to lose its accredited status and fail to update its web page, so you’ll want to be sure you take the step of checking the your state’s DMV before you pay anything.


If the online traffic school you took didn’t measure up to your expectations, be sure to file a complaint. Many state DMV bureaus maintain a database of complaints, and will investigate online traffic schools that they believe offer only substandard service. This will help to ensure that other people can find a fast, easy, and fun traffic school.

Final Thoughts On Fast Easy Fun Online Traffic School

While this is a legitimate online traffic school that can be used for ticket dismissal purposes in most states, we are not impressed with their overall course quality. As an alternative, you may want to consider this online traffic school instead.

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