IDriveSafely Traffic School Discounts (California, Texas, New York, and More!)

Last Updated: September 01, 2023

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IDriveSafely's California Online Traffic School 

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IDriveSafely's Texas Defensive Driving Course

From $39.95 to just $25. Click here to save $14.95 on your Texas defensive driving course! 

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IDriveSafely's New York Defensive Driving Course

One of the biggest savings! Get IDriveSafely's defensive driving for New York for only $24.95, instead of the regular $48.95!


IDriveSafely's Georgia Ticket Dismissal Program

Got a ticket in Georgia? Well, you can take IDriveSafely's ticket dismissal course for only $24.95 instead of the regular $30 here!

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IDriveSafely's Virginia Driver Improvement Course

IDriveSafely's Virginia Driver Improvement Course is made for people looking to take points off their record, or to get insurance discounts. Get $10 off by clicking here!


IDriveSafely's Traffic School and Defensive Driving Courses

Click here to find discounts for all 50 states! 

About IDriveSafely

IDriveSafely is one of the most popular online traffic school providers out there. 

They are approved by the Better Business Bureau, and have been helping their students dismiss their traffic tickets since 1998. 

Despite there being HUNDREDS of online traffic schools out there, IDS is still going strong as one of the very bests. 

This is for many reasons, which I'll discuss in...

What We Like (And Don't Like) About IDriveSafely

My favorite thing about IDrivesafely is how well-made their platform is

You can take an inside look at IDS in my video below: 

You can see in the video how beautiful their platform is. 

Now, the only REAL problem I had with IDS is the fact that they have a course-timer in California

In California, course timers are required. 

So it puzzles me why they would have one. 

However, if you're living in a state like Texas - where course timers are required - this isn't going to be a problem for you at all. 

Their courses are easy to study thanks to the fact that they don't use WALLS of text. 

They also have a lot of graphics, they have videos, and they even have games! 

IDriveSafely is truly a modern learning platform. Gone are the days when your only option was to study a very old, outdated website with an endlessly-long-wall-of-text. 

Another thing I like about IDriveSafely is their customer service

IDriveSafely has a pretty big team. 

And so... let me put it this way...

Their customer service isn't awful like some of the other online traffic schools out there! 

IDriveSafely Course Options

IDriveSafely has courses in all 50 states. 

So wherever you are, you can grab one of these super modern courses. 

Of course, they have Traffic School courses - perfect for getting rid of that pesky ticket you just got. 

This is what we here in Traffic School Critics mostly focus on when we talk about IDriveSafely.

However, they do have a lot more!

IDriveSafely also has insurance discount courses, if you're one of those people who wants to cut costs on your car insurance. 

And they even have Driver's Ed as well!

In fact, let me give you a small hint. 

I actually prefer IDriveSafely when it comes to driver's ed rather than when it comes to traffic school. 

Yes, their traffic school is also good. 

But it's just that nature of traffic school doesn't really fit IDS's platform - you're not really there to study so much, you're usually just there to blast through the course as quickly and cheaply as possible. 

That's why it's a bit wasteful, to have such a beautiful, well-designed course that people aren't even going to study so much. 

Of course, since they are quite cheap anyway (and you can use our discount codes above!), then it's okay. 

But IDS feels like it should be studied more, which is why I like that they're also providing online Driver's Ed courses too! 

In Conclusion: Is IDriveSafely the Best Online Traffic School in the World?

I'm not going to say it's the BEST in the world. 

But it's certainly up there with the bests. 

It's cheap.

It's very well designed.

They have great customer service.

And they get the job DONE.

What more could you ask for?

It's no wonder that they are one of the most trusted names when it comes to online traffic school and online driver's ed. 

But if you want more options, check out our discounts page for more!