Improv Traffic School Discounts Coupons & Codes (California, Texas, & More!)

Last Updated: September 01, 2023

*discount codes updated every month! 

Save $12

Improv’s California Traffic School

Get Improv Traffic School’s California course for only $24.95 instead of the usual $36.95. Just click this link to save $12!

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Improv’s Florida Traffic School

Get’s Improv’s Florida traffic school course for only $21.95. Formerly $44. That’s $22.05 of savings. Click the link now!

$5 OFF

Improv’s Indiana Defensive Driving Course Online

Get $5 off Improv’s Indiana defensive driving course online all-in-one-package! It now only costs you $39.95 from $44.95.

  $28      OFF  

Improv’s New York Defensive Driving Course

Flash deal! Get your New York defensive driving course for just $27.95 rather than the original price of $55.95. Yes, this deal price already includes the $8 NY DMV fee. Don’t miss it!

    $14      OFF  

Improv’s Texas Defensive Driving Course Online

Get $14 off Improv Traffic School’s Texas online defensive driving course by clicking this link! You now only have to pay $25.95 instead of $39.95


Improv’s Traffic School and Defensive Driving Courses for ALL States

Get BIG discounts for all states that Improv Traffic School serves.

About Improv Traffic School


Improv Traffic School is one of the most popular online defensive driving course providers in the country - and for good reason. 

They have been around for decades and have helped thousands of students learn the rules of the road. So it’s safe to say that these guys know exactly what they’re doing.

Throughout the years, they have even maintained an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau. That’s no small feat!

But what makes them stand out is the way they teach. 

Its courses are the perfect mix of comedy and education. So you don’t have to worry about zonking off in the middle of a 30-minute lesson about traffic rules. 

Even the most boring topics can quickly become enjoyable thanks to Improv’s humor. 

If you are wondering why they are called “Improv” Traffic School, that’s because this school was founded by comedians. The same people who run the nationwide chain: Improve Comedy Club. 

So, not only are their courses good, but they are also packed with a lot of funny, yet relevant jokes. 

They even give discounts to their students if they want to watch stand-up shows in any of their comedy clubs.

But that’s not all they have to offer their students. 

Let’s take a closer look at Improv Traffic School…

What We Like (And Don’t Like) About Improv Traffic School

One of the top reasons we like Improve Traffic School is because of the quality of education. Many students rave about how much fun they had during their time as students in this school.

You can see what I mean by checking my inside look at Improv Traffic School below:

Another upside of working with Improv Traffic School is their 100% money-back guarantee.

So if for some reason you are unsatisfied, you can get your money back. 

Their customer service is also the best among many online traffic schools. You don’t even have to wait for office hours to get in touch with a representative. 

They work around the clock to ensure each student gets answers to their concerns ASAP.

That said, Improv Traffic School does have a few downsides. 

For one thing, some of their jokes can be a bit cheesy. A little too “dad joke-ey”. 

While most of us would probably let that slide, some people are not fond of cheesy, dad jokes. 

If that’s you, then this course might not be the best choice. 

Another downside is that it is a traffic school. 

Let’s be honest, traffic schools are boring. While Improve Traffic School may be the least boring course provider, you will still have to learn about not-so-fun stuff during your studies.

But for the most part, they are an excellent choice if you want a more “pleasant” online traffic school experience. 

Improv Traffic School Course Options

Improv Traffic School offers different courses for drivers from all walks of life — and these courses are readily available for anyone who needs them.

They offer Traffic School courses for those who might need a bit of help knocking points off their licenses. 

Of course, there are Defensive Driving and Insurance Discount courses to help students become the ideal clients for auto insurance providers.

They even have Driver’s Ed for those who need to earn their driver’s license.

And if you ask us, Improv’s driver’s ed is great for any teenager. 

I mean, the lessons are filled with witty jokes, fun videos, and knowledgeable instructors. You can rest assured that your teen will end every lesson with a better grasp of the importance of safe driving.

If you need to knock off a few points on your own license, then Improv Traffic School is also a great choice. 

However, the lessons might not matter so much — since you’re probably just going to scan through it anyway. 

In Conclusion: Is Improv Traffic School The Best Online Traffic School?

There’s really no such thing as the best online traffic school. 

It all depends on the person and the services you can take advantage of in that school.

That said, Improve Traffic School is surely up there with the top online traffic schools. 

They make their lessons enjoyable, yet packed with important information to help both new and experienced drivers keep their licenses spick and span. 

Their customer service is amazing, too.

Students are able to try out their lessons with no strings attached.

Their courses are incredibly affordable for all the services they offer. 

What more can you ask for?

It is easy to see why Improv Traffic School is among the best traffic schools around. 

And if you find it’s the school for you, then don’t miss out on Improv Traffic School’s great discounts!