What Are TSC Certified Online Driving Schools?

TSC Certified Online Driving Schools are online drivers ed programs and online traffic school courses that meet our strict standards. We go above and beyond what the states require for a school to become certified. Whether you’re looking for an easy school, a cheap one, or a course you can take seriously, one of our TSC Certified Schools will fit your needs.


Requirements For TSC Certification

Less than 5% of all online traffic schools meet our standards! These are the very basic requirements we have for any school to be considered for certification. All of our current certified schools exceed the requirements, but these are the minimums that we require.

A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

Every TSC Certified Driving School must have and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. If their rating drops, they are no longer TSC Certified. Once a school is below an A+ rating, we will not consider them for reinstatement until we receive a full report about why the rating was dropped. At that time, we will determine if their certification can be reinstated.

Superior Customer Service

All TSC Certified Driving Schools must provide superior customer service. Personal one-on-one customer service is required 24/7/365 through phone, chat, and email. If all 3 of these options are not provided, a school is not able to become TSC Certified.

At Least 500,000 Customers

We require any school to have a recorded history of at least 500,000 customers before they will be considered for certification. Currently, all of our TSC Certified Driving Schools exceed this number by a long shot. They all have more than 1-million customers with the highest being 4-million (iDriveSafely).

Minimum 5 Year Business History

All TSC Certified Driving Schools must have at least a 5 year operating history. No school with less than a 5 year history will be considered for certification. Currently, all of our TSC Certified Driving Schools have been in business for a minimum of 10 years.

State Certified

In order to even be considered, proof of state certification must be presented. The school must also be very clear about which states they are certified in and which states they aren’t. All of our current TSC Certified Online Driving Schools verify that a new student is in one of their approved operating areas.

Free To Try Or Proven Money Back Guarantee

Any TSC Certified Online Traffic School must allow you to try their course for free before you are required to enter any payment information. At a minimum, the first 10% of the course must be free and a refund must be allowed at any point during the course until the final exam is taken.

For a TSC Certified Online Drivers Ed Course, they must provide a money back guarantee for at least 30 days or until course completion, whichever comes first.


While courses are NOT required to meet any specific pricing requirements, we do take this into account when deciding if a school should be TSC Certified or not. Any course that charges more than the state required minimum is required to provide added value equal to or greater than the cost difference. In our list of courses, we will always provide you with a course that guarantees to be the lowest price. It’s up to you to decide if paying extra is worth it or not.

Subjective Standards

Not everything is black and white, so we leave our reviewers some wiggle room to form their own opinions about the course. Even if a course meets all of our standards, we can still turn them down for certification for any reason. Some courses are just really clunky, boring, or don’t provide a good experience. We only allow the highest quality schools to become TSC Certified.

Submit A School

If you are the owner of an online traffic school or drivers ed program and you feel the course should receive TSC Certification, please contact us.