Advice And Tips On Getting Out Of A Speeding Ticket

When it comes to getting traffic tickets, we as drivers fall under two categories: The lucky ones, and the unlucky ones. 

The lucky ones, of course, have been pulled over more times than they can count and have still never had a ticket issued to them, and I don’t think I have to tell you what happens to the unlucky ones (but if you aren’t sure, here’s a hint – we get a ticket no matter what). 

While most of us think that all cops out there are just out to get us and don’t care whether it hurts our record (and wallet) or not, there are actually some cops out there who are pretty cool, and were kind enough to give us a little advice on how to get out of a speeding ticket. Because they do care, they’re just doing their jobs, and who can really blame them for that? 

Before we get into this list, it’s helpful to note that this isn’t fool-proof, and we are in no way guaranteeing that this will work…it’s just helpful advice from the ones who know it best – the ones issuing the tickets.

Don’t Bribe Or Flirt

While there are some dirty cops out there, a lot of them feel rather offended by those who attempt to get out of a speeding ticket by bribery or flirtation. They feel that this action insults their integrity, and let’s face it – nobody likes to be insulted. Insulting an officer – whether you meant to or not – is an automatic way to get a ticket, not get out of one, so steering clear of attempts to compromise their integrity is your best bet.

Be Respectful

In other words, don’t be a jerk. Most of the time, their minds are made up before they even make the first contact with us, and being rude to them is pretty much going to guarantee us a ticket. Every now and then there’ll be a scenario in which they can tell if someone is having a particularly bad day, and they know that getting a ticket is just the icing on the cake, so they’ll let us off with a warning. Seriously, it’s really easy to go from not getting a ticket to absolutely getting a ticket if you’ve got the wrong attitude, so the best thing you can do is just be as respectful as possible. After all – they’re only doing their job.

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This one seems a little silly, but really it just solidifies just how human these law-enforcers are. This officer says that the best thing you can do when you pass an officer and realize you’re speeding is to wave at them. Half the time they’ll either think they know you and wave back, or they’ll think you’re acknowledging that you’re speeding and signaling to them that you’re slowing down. True, they’ll probably track you anyway to make sure, but if they notice a change in your speed afterward, it’s likely that you’ll reduce your likelihood of getting pulled over, or getting a ticket if they do decide to pull you over.


Cops are people too, and leveling with them in a pleasant conversation is more likely to humanize you in their eyes, and reduce your chances of getting a ticket by allowing the officer to see from your perspective. If they have a heart (and really, most of them do, that’s why they’re in this line of work), this is likely to make it harder for them to give you a ticket, and they’ll be more likely to just let you go with a warning. Make small talk with them, be as non-threatening as possible, and respect the fact that they pulled you over is your fault, not theirs.

In addition to this helpful advice from our good friends The Officers, they also had a lot of really helpful tips for making the interaction with them as stress-free as possible, and most of them involve making them feel comfortable and safe. Really, when you think about it, their job is a dangerous one, and the ones working traffic have one of the hardest jobs of all because they never know what they’re going to have to deal with when they pull someone over. Because of this, we’ve decided to compile a list of all the advice officers have to give on how to act or what to do when you get pulled over:

  • Keep your hands on the steering wheel or visible at all times during the encounter. This shows care and concern for the officer’s safety and lets them know you’re not going to try anything.
  • Try not to stare at them in your side or rearview mirror. It seems extremely shady and is more likely to put the officer on the defensive.
  • Know where your license, registration, and proof of insurance are so you’re not stuck fumbling for it when they ask for it. This shows the officer’s responsibility and courtesy for both your time and theirs and will make the encounter that much smoother. Side note: Don’t reach for it before they get to the vehicle. This should be obvious, but they don’t automatically know that that is what you’re reaching for.
  • If your wallet is in your pocket or a closed compartment in your vehicle, ask permission to remove your ID from its holding spot. Again, this shows concern for the officer’s safety. For example: “My wallet is in my center console, is it okay if I get it out to get you my driver’s license?”
  • Take responsibility for your own actions, and don’t make up excuses as to why you were speeding. Chances are they’ve heard them all before, and they want the encounter to be over just as much as you do. Be honest, be respectful, and don’t feed them crap.

How to Dismiss a Traffic Ticket

If after following every piece of advice above, you still couldn’t avoid getting issued a ticket, do not fret. There are a few things you can do. 

For one, you can consider going to the court and hoping things happen in your favor, perhaps, the officer not showing up? The judge will usually dismiss your ticket if the officer is a no-show, and you’ll be free to go. However, I wouldn’t suggest you rely purely on luck. 

The most common and effective way to dismiss a traffic ticket is by going to a  traffic school. By taking a traffic school course, you admit to your mistake, but get to keep your driving record clean. By doing this, not only can you dismiss your ticket, but you also can qualify for lower insurance rates. 

Traffic school varies from state to state and from court to court, but essentially, they avoid points on your record when you complete a driver improvement course. Make sure to contact your local authorities first to find out if the court will allow you to dismiss your ticket via traffic school. 

Below are some of the best online traffic schools in the US.

Note: Make sure these online traffic schools are approved in your state. If not, make sure to ask your court handler if you can take it. 

Improv Traffic School

No one will choose to go to a traffic school if they had a choice. But what if I told you there’s one that actually makes the whole experience fun?

Improv Traffic School derives its name from the world-famous comedy club that started it. Professional comedians and driving safety experts came up with a clever idea to combine education and entertainment, making traffic school courses hilarious and lighthearted. Improv’s coursework is filled with jokes, memes, and funny videos that will easily make you laugh while you learn. Of course, it will also teach you everything you need to know about driving rules, techniques, and more.  


Many online traffic schools have existed for decades, and while that may make them reputable, some of their content may be outdated. 

Aceable is relatively new in the business, but it has much to offer. When it was founded, it received millions of dollars in investment, which enabled Aceable to create courses using only cutting-edge technology. Aceable’s traffic school programs are considered the most advanced and most modern in the industry. 


If availability and affordability are your top considerations, we highly recommend GoToTrafficSchool. It is available in more states than most of its competitors, and it offers the lowest price guarantee when it comes to its courses. It is also one of the oldest and most trusted online traffic schools in the US, with over four million users served.