Cop Makes Routine Traffic Stop - What Happens Next Is Unbelievable!

Seriously, has anything like this ever happened to you? I sometimes have to wonder if these types of traffic stops are even real or not. I guess I just seem to get the cops who are in a bad mood. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m not quite as friendly at traffic stops as I think I am. You might be asking yourself, “how many times does this guy did pull over?” To my reply, stop asking questions.

Tis The Season – To Hate Cops!

Unfortunately, the cool thing to do right now seems to be hating cops. This is nothing new, but lately, the media seems to be getting in on it and likes to paint one enforcement officers with a horrible brush. That’s why it’s nice to see a video on YouTube showing the good things that police officers do, even during these routine traffic stops. It is especially nice to see this sort of thing during the holiday season as it makes us feel all warm and cuddly inside. Can’t we just enjoy that every now and then?

These cops decided it was time to do a little bit of bonding with the community that they serve and protect. There is never been a better time to show the people they protect that cops are everyday people who just want to help out. Most cops do not enjoy writing traffic tickets, but I think we can all agree that without traffic laws there would be even more idiots on the road than there are now (and there are a LOT of them). So what a surprise when someone gets pulled over and they are presented with free Christmas presents for their kids. That is cool.

This Could Happen To You!

Now, I’m not talking about the free gifts. What I’m talking about is getting pulled over. But only could it happen to you but it probably already has or will shortly. Let’s face it, everybody breaks a traffic law from time to time. Actually, in reality, most people break traffic laws every time they go driving.

I know you don’t welcome the sound of a siren and the flashing lights of a police car. You will rack your brain with questions of why you are being asked to pull over. Heck, you may even think of worst-case scenarios, and before you know it, an officer is already tapping your window. Not unless you are involved in a crime or engage in criminal activities, there’s no need to go overboard and overreact. A minor traffic violation happens to everyone.

So how do you handle a traffic stop even if the officer is not going to present you with free presents? Glad you asked! All you might not be able to get a free present during a traffic stop, you can greatly increase your chances of being let off the hook if you follow these simple tips…

How To Weasel Your Way Out Of A Traffic Ticket

Pull To The RIGHT! For some reason, many people seem to have a lot of trouble with this. If a police officer is conducting a traffic stop on you, for the love of God please pull to the right side of the road. If you pull to the left shoulder or worse yet, pull into the median of the road, you are decreasing your chances of receiving a warning simply because you are being an annoyance to the officer and other people driving on the roadways. As they taught him driver’s ed, if a police car has its lights activated behind you and it appears the officer is pulling you over, you should begin to slow down, signal to the officer that you are pulling to the right, and pull over in a safe place. There is no need to slam on your brakes or move over in record time. Just do it safely and pulled to the RIGHT.

Don’t Dig Around Your Vehicle As soon as you are being pulled over, the officer is going to be observing what you are doing in your vehicle. Now is not the time signal reaching for your license, registration, insurance, or Glock 45. Put your car in park and place your hands on the steering wheel. When the officer approaches and requests information from you it is best to let the officer know what your intentions are going to be. If you need to go into your glove box to retrieve your registration and insurance, for example, what the officer knows that you will need to enter your glove box.

Resist the Urge to Give Excuses. Seriously, just don’t! It is tempting to give an alibi and justify why you don’t deserve to be pulled over and be given a ticket. Caught red-handed or not, a driver must take full responsibility for his actions. Traffic police know when your lying or not, so don’t even think about coming up with lame pretexts to dodge that traffic ticket. Trust me, they know all the traffic excuse there is. Drivers lie to cops most of the time, and it is such a relief when you take up responsibility and own up to your actions. And police officers appreciate that. So, fess up, and who knows, you may receive a lesser violation.

Be Nice! In a perfect world, cops would not write tickets based on how friendly you are during a traffic stop. You have to remember though, cops are human beings and are affected when they are treated poorly. Even if you did nothing wrong and the cop insists that you did, the side of the road is not the time or place to argue. You do not need to admit to fault but be friendly to the officer and fight the ticket in court. Being rude or aggressive will not help you get out of a traffic ticket at all. Being nice and friendly, however, can yield you a warning instead of getting a ticket. So always err on the side of being friendly.

Face It. As I’ve said, getting a ticket happens to everyone. Sometimes, being pulled over is inevitable. Let the officer know that you are not arguing and fighting the ticket. Chances are you deserve to have one. If asked about what you did, freely admit that you got overexcited and made an error overspeeding by hitting the accelerator. Arguing with an officer will lead you nowhere. So stay calm, accept the warning or ticket, thank the officer and let him know you’ll be more careful.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it. If a cop is going to write you a ticket, chances are they have already made that decision before you have been pulled over. If you do these things though, your chances of being let go with a warning are much better. Just remember, police officers are people too and most of them are out there trying to do good for the community they are serving. There will always be some bad cops out there and we will never be able to eliminate those people but the vast majority of police officers are very good people who are doing a very important job that most of us would not want to do. So the next time you get pulled over keep this in mind and maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to get a present from a police officer as seen in this video.

…But probably not.