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If you’re here looking for various online driving course reviews, we have various reviews of drivers ed classes & traffic schools that are available online.

“Forewarned is forearmed,” as the saying goes, which just means that having good information ahead of time makes your chances of a successful online driving school experience that much higher. 

Qualified reviews are incredibly important, because, like the ones we have here, it means that people know what makes a good or a bad driving course. They have gone through the motions, evaluated the course on what it offers, and compared that with both standard and exceptional practices in the industry to arrive at a given score for the different online driver’s ed classes. 

Basically, when you read a review at a place like right here, at, you’re getting the very best, professional evaluation of whether a school will teach you what you need at a price that makes sense. Having said that, while we recommend that you come here for your professional evaluation of a driving school, we are not going to say that we should be your only source of information.

It’s always better to get a range of different opinions, especially if you know of friends—or even other reviewers—whose sensibilities are a good match for yours. If you prefer videos more than reading, and one online course is praised by someone you trust as having more video content, you should consider that in addition to our own professional evaluation. But probably the biggest reason you may want to consult as many reviews as you can is for currency. And by that, we mean things with a driving school can change. What was once a poor school may have cleaned up its act, or the reverse can be true, and a school that once had a decent reputation might have slipped backward in quality. Here is a list of some of the higher-rated online driving courses…

Things Change

There can be a lot of different reasons why the state of different driver’s ed classes online may change. Different management, for example, can always mean a shift in the quality of a driving school. New bosses may come in, wanting to clean up a school’s reputation, and gradually the quality goes up.

On the other hand, sometimes a successful school can drop in standing as new owners see the good reputation a school has and then try to cut corners in the budget or instruction to make even more money, ultimately losing more money in the end as students spread the word and the school gets fewer people signing on. Even for us, it’s not always easy to keep track of the progress of every single online driving school and make sure that the grade we assigned to them at one point in time is still relevant. With so many new schools cropping up, it’s easy even for us to forget that things can change with a school we’ve reviewed, but it can—and does—happen.

The Sad Case Of Driver Ed To Go

We actually reviewed this school back in 2014, and at that time, one of the best things about it was—and still is—the lower price for lessons. If the value was a big priority, Driver Ed To Go delivered, and when we took the course and evaluated it, we realized they had a pretty decent quality of education. Nothing outstanding, but considering what they were asking for fees, the value proposition was good. So in 2014, we gave a three out of five-star rating. We weren’t about to recommend it as the best school, but the quality of the education and price meant that there was something worthwhile here.

Two years later, however, it’s a different story. Whatever the cause (and that’s something we’ll probably never know), something happened at Driver Ed To Go that caused a slip in their previous acceptable quality of online education. Even the Better Business Bureau dropped their rating of the school to an “F,” and we received numerous updates from new students about poor customer service, no refunds, unmanned chat channels, and a host of other problems, including hostile and even condescending communication with management. Today, the school now has a two out of five-star rating from us. 

After looking at the new evidence at hand, we concluded that we needed to revise our original grade. Now, rather than being a decent, low-priced learning alternative, the school is definitely more of a “sign up at your own risk” affair, and we can’t heartily recommend it. But it was only through a combination of looking at the school and getting notice from new, concerned students that we found out about the changes in what was once a pretty decent online learning alternative.

However, we can’t close the deal on Driver Ed To Go just yet! They still have a lot of chances to improve their services. From what we can see on their website and customer reviews, they are slowly trying to bounce back with more innovative learning tools and refined customer support.

Aceable Is Rising To The Top

Just like in the case of Driver Ed To Go, other online driving courses underwent a total overhaul of their reputation. Thankfully, some driver’s ed courses got sparkling reviews through the years. One example is Aceable.

Aceable was founded only in 2012. A few years ago, not a lot of drivers knew about Aceable, so it was difficult to gauge if it was worth taking a shot with the start-up. With the constant development of solutions to growing customer needs, Aceable has slowly risen to the top with its innovative and modern learning tools and curriculum. More and more clients started trusting Aceable.

One of the most notable achievements they’ve had in the past years is their dedicated mobile app. We love seeing the reviews of the Aceable Driver’s Ed App on the App Store and Google Play. It gives us a legitimate and up-to-date taste of user experience –– and we can see that Aceable students are really loving their services! 

In recent years, they’ve developed interactive videos, graphics animations, simulations, audio, and easy-to-understand learning tools on their dedicated Aceable mobile app. Just recently, the private equity HGCC trusted Aceable with $50 million in investments, so we can only expect their services to improve in the next few months.

They also have stellar reviews for their reliable customer service and special short and fast curriculum.

Your Voice Matters Too

This is one of the reasons why Traffic School Critic loves the Internet and the people who come to us not just for advice but to give us advice. We’re not the all-seeing Eye of Sauron, so we don’t know about every single latest development in every single online driving school. 

But when other people get new information and pass it along to us, that makes it a lot easier for us to make another professional evaluation of a school to see whether they deserve the score we originally assigned or have earned a better rating a lower one. For all we know, Driver Ed To Go may one day change their current, lower quality approach, and we might just revise our score again. 

But in the meantime, it’s thanks to a combination of our work with schools and the information we get from students all over the country that we can stay on top of things with the different courses available. If you see a change in a school that’s not reflected in our reviews, let us know. Other people can benefit from this information just as much as you did, and we can pass that word along once we’ve taken a look for ourselves.

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