Take Online Drivers Ed Courses And Be Way Less Bored

One of the most exciting parts of being a teenager is finally getting your driver’s license. One of the least exciting parts is taking the driver’s ed course. We do it every day in high school, get so bored with the content or how slow the class is moving that we zone out, and before you know it, that daydream about our crush is the only information we retained from the whole class. While history and English are significant, if you space out on a chapter of Catcher in the Rye, it will probably not result in a car accident in the future. The most I have ever learned is from teachers or material that kept me interested the whole time.

I need variety in how I process and learn information. I can only listen to a teacher talk for so long. I need pictures, videos with audio and fun stuff to keep me interested and remember anything they say. You may be like this too. Fortunately, unlike our parents and grandparents who need to sit for 6 hours in a boring classroom to get their license, technology and the internet affords us a convenient and fun way to complete driver’s ed. With online driver’s ed, we can now receive instructions through a web program from the comfort of our homes. 

After looking at plenty of online driver’s ed schools, we have highlighted some of our favorite parts of the courses. Not only do we recommend taking driver’s ed online because you can do it at home, but you can also work around other school and extracurricular schedules without getting bored. Here’s why.


Books are old. Updating the classroom curriculum costs a lot more money and supplies. Most of the online driver’s ed programs we have reviewed have new, interesting ways of teaching us the road rules. Not to mention they can utilize the technology it takes to provide a service like this. Most of these programs go out of their way to include new fancy 3D modeling and examples that make sense to you and not just your grandparents.

Aside from taking the boredom out of your learning experience, up-to-date driver’s education materials are critical in teaching you the latest road and vehicle safety rules. This is to ensure that you’ll become a safe and disciplined driver. An outdated curriculum is a dangerous recipe for traffic disasters since the information you learned may no longer be relevant and applicable. 


These companies are well aware we have short attention spans, so most of the top-rated programs on our site have added some entertaining sections. IDriveSafely and DriversEd.com have many videos and interactive games incorporated into the learning process, so you go from reading to something fun in most sections. Improv Traffic School prides itself on being entertaining while teaching you how to drive. Structured by comedians who live in Hollywood, the programs are actually funny.

Simulating and engaging materials are the most effective way to absorb, digest, and retain vital traffic and road safety information. Fun and entertaining online driver’s ed take the stress and pressure by making the whole study experience pleasant and less daunting.

We love games; that’s what we wanted all of our classes in school to have. Luckily for you, that’s a popular way to test the knowledge you just obtained in the course. Many of these courses include games, puzzles, and interactive quizzes that make it far more interesting to test yourself. We are all for this type of learning if it keeps us engaged. Providing you with the information is no way to ensure you will have learned enough to pass your driving tests, have fun, and stay involved.

It’s Your Space

Your own comfortable learning space is reason enough to go with online driver’s ed. Nobody wants to sit in a stuffy classroom full of strangers to learn traffic laws and safe driving techniques.

And snacks. If you are responsible enough to be learning how to drive a car, you know how to eat while you are learning. When you take driver’s ed online, you can do it in your own space, wear whatever you want, go to the bathroom whenever you need to, and enjoy snacks or drinks while learning.

As an adult, figuring out the environment you work best is key to your success. I don’t think forcing a particular learning environment on students is helpful, but sometimes there are constraints. If you take your driver’s ed online, you can set up exactly how you are comfortable and learn best. Get yourself away from the distractions, play the music you want to listen to that helps you focus, make sure all your basic needs are met so you can focus solely on what you are learning, dress however you want to. It’s your learning space.

When you need more time to go over and review the course, an online driver’s ed is an easy way to do it. Personally, there were times when I needed to go back and read some of the course chapters. An excellent online driver’s ed has a system that lets you go back to previous chapters. Depending on your pace and the available time you have, you can also stop and pause the course and come back whenever you need to.

Your Kind Of Instructor

I am sure you have become aware, but not everyone learns the same way. With the online driver’s ed course, there aren’t distractions from other people in the class or an instructor you don’t like. The varied mediums that the class is presented helps guarantee that there is something for every learning type. Everyone has a couple of teaching styles that just don’t work for them. I had a teacher in high school that I swore wasn’t saying words. I got nothing from that class, but other people thought I was crazy. Plus, most classroom driving instructors simply present the topic without employing ways to make it more interesting and easy to understand.

With online courses, that won’t be an issue. You are learning the way you want to, in your own space, without having an instructor you don’t like or will bump heads with.

All in all, online courses have been around longer than you might think (since the late 90s) and have come up with some exciting and innovative ways to keep you engaged while learning. We know it’s effective because all we do is judge these courses for you. One significant point here is that you won’t be the first new driver to take their course online. Millions have already done it. It is certified and successful, and we have created reviews for you to get background on which program you would like best; taking it in a classroom will never be this good.

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