Best Driving Schools in Winston-Salem, NC

Calling everyone in Winston-Salem that’s looking for quality education. 

Since driver’s ed is required, you might as well go with the best driving schools out there. 

This will not only teach you everything you need to know, but it will also help you ace the North Carolina permit test. 

And that’s exactly what you want out of your driver’s ed. 

This is why, today, we’re listing the best driving schools in Winston-Salem, NC. We’ll review both online and in-person schools, so you can pick the perfect match for YOU. 

So let’s begin the review!

The Best Online Driving Schools in Winston-Salem, NC

These are the best online driving schools in Winston-Salem, NC:

Let’s see what each school offers. 


Best Driving Schools in Winston-Salem, NC DriversEd

DriversEd is an accredited and reputable online driving school with over 20 years of experience. So you can trust that it is an established and trusted school. 

The school’s goal is to give you quality driver’s education in the most entertaining way possible. In your lessons, you can expect interactive learning such as 3D simulations, games, and quizzes. 

With this, you’ll be able to retain valuable information to be the best and safest driver, as well as ace the permit test. 

Speaking of the permit test, you also get FREE practice tests. This will prepare you for the license exam. 

And, of course, since it’s an online school, you can learn at your own pace, anywhere, anytime. 

Finally, DriversEd is approved in North Carolina. This means that it will be able to satisfy state requirements.


Best Driving Schools in Winston-Salem, NC DriverEdToGo

Another popular online driving school is DriverEdToGo. 

What makes this school stand out is its payment offers. 

For one, it is SUPER affordable. And despite that, DriverEdToGo still gives regularly discounts. So you can get it for even cheaper. 

Besides that, you can also choose to pay later. This will let you go through the whole course for FREE. You only pay once 30 days have passed or you need to take the final course exam. 

Want more features?

Then you can pay for upgrades. Some of the best upgrades are the read-along feature, same-day processing of your certificate, lots of practice tests and exam prep, and lots more. 

However, it’s important to note that DriverEdToGo is not yet approved in the state. If you want it to satisfy state requirements, you have to ask for special permission from your high school or the DMV. 


OnlineDrivers Ed

Next up we have OnlineDriversEd. The name itself tells you exactly what it offers. 

Sure, OnlineDriversEd may not be as well known as DrivrsEd or DriverEdToGo, but in terms of quality, it sits fairly toe-to-toe with the ones on top. 

And yes, that includes providing an interactive course that will keep you engaged. You get a certificate when you finish, too. 

It’s just a simple course — but it teaches you everything you need to know about driving in North Carolina. And to some, that is more than enough already.

Just note that, like DriverEdToGo, it isn’t approved in North Carolina. If you want this to satisfy state requirements, then you need to get permission from your local high school or the DMV. 

If not, then you can still use it for supplementary learning. 

The Best In-Person Driving Schools in Winston-Salem, NC

As you probably noticed, online driver’s ed is not so popular in North Carolina just yet. I mean, there are very few approved schools. 

So if you don’t want to go through the hassle of asking permission and all that, why not go to a traditional driving school right in the city of Winston-Salem. 

If so, then here are the best in-person schools in Winston-Salem, NC.

Carolina Driving School

Address: 534 Walkertown Guthrie Road, Winston Salem, NC 27101

Mobile: (336) 515-0584

Landline: (336) 722-0584

What’s great about Carolina Driving School is they adjust as much as possible to your schedule. You have the option to attend Saturday classes or even any day on breaks, Christmas, or other holidays.

Courses can also be sliced into segments. For example, if you wish to only take a behind-the-wheel course, CDS has a solo program for that. 

Greenbriar Driving Academy

Address: 1605 Westbrook Plaza Drive, Suite 403, Winston Salem, NC 27103

Landline: (336) 830-4468

Greenbriar offers comprehensive courses for driver’s ed takers. For teen driver’s ed, they have a package with the complete 30 hours of classroom sessions and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training.

The best part is they personalize teachings per student with their one-on-one program, making sure no one gets left behind. 

Wiles Driving

Address: 204 Thurston Street, Winston Salem, NC 27103

Landline: (33) 768-2020

Wiles Driving was founded by Randy Wiles, a highly credible and reputable instructor in North Carolina. The school is formed by a team of equally capable instructors who make sure each of their students gets a personalized learning experience. 

They do run on a tight schedule, as they are almost always booked, so enroll early if you plan on taking your course here. 


Before we go, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about driver’s ed in North Carolina. 

Is driver’s ed required in North Carolina?

Yes, everyone below 18 years old getting their instruction permit is required to complete driver’s ed. 

Can you take driver’ ed at 14 in North Carolina?

Yes. As soon as you hit 14 and a half years old, you are eligible to start your driver’s education. However, it is only when you turn 15 years old that you can get a learner’s permit. 

Can I take driver’s ed online in North Carolina?

Yes, there are a few online driving schools approved in the state. That said, it isn’t so popular yet. You might have to ask special permission from your high school or local DMV if you want to take part in online driver’s ed. 

How many hours of driver’s ed is required in North Carolina?

You are required to take a 30-hour classroom session. Plus, you will also need to complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training. 


Looking for the best driving schools in Winston-Salem, NC?

Then pick one school from the list above. 

If you have a packed schedule, then online driver’s ed is the best way to go. However, you might have to ask special permission first since a lot of online driving schools are not yet approved in the state. 

If not, then don’t worry. There are great in-person driving schools right in the city of Winston-Salem, too. 

So what are you waiting for?

Make your pick and get started today!

Good luck!

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