Beware Of Los Angeles Online Traffic School Scams

Taking a Los Angeles online traffic school is never a fun experience. Now imagine that you sign up for a school that is not state-certified, charges you more than double what you have to pay, or forces you to take a course that lasts much longer than what is required by the state. This is what happens to many people who do not do their proper due diligence when choosing an online traffic school to take after receiving a ticket and Los Angeles. This article is going to focus on how you can avoid being scammed and ripped off by some of the low-quality State certified Los Angeles online traffic schools. Remember, just because an online traffic school is state-certified does not mean that it is a high-quality course.

Course Timers Are No Longer Required!

One of the most important things to consider before you sign up for a Los Angeles online traffic school is that course timers are no longer required. What is a course timer? Well, before some regulation changes were made, all online traffic schools in California including the city of Los Angeles needed to use a timer to make sure people were not completing the course in a very short time. This means each page was timed so that the traffic school would take at least six hours to complete even if you could usually get it done in under an hour.

Fortunately, online traffic schools in Los Angeles no longer need to have these course timers embedded into the course. The bad news is many of the outdated online traffic schools better certified in the state of California for ticket dismissal purposes still use these ridiculous course timers. Do not sign up for any Los Angeles online traffic school that requires course timers to be used. You will be wasting your time!

The Best Los Angeles Online Traffic School To Sign Up For

In addition to online traffic schools that still require course timers, there are many “state-approved” online traffic schools best serve the Los Angeles area which is extremely low quality. Many of them don’t offer any customer service and have very low ratings with the Better Business Bureau. With this being said, what is the best online traffic school to sign up for in Los Angeles?

Our top recommendation is almost always iDriveSafely. this online traffic school has been around for about two decades and they have had more than 5 million people complete their course while maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The best part? They do not require course timers and you can complete this course in a very fast period of time.

Another option that we like to recommend is the California-based Improv Traffic School. This online traffic school was created by a bunch of Hollywood comedians and they tried to make your online traffic school course fun and humorous instead of boring and serious like most other online traffic schools. If you have a goofy sense of humor and don’t mind slapstick comedy this is probably a good option for you.

Go To Traffic School is among the best online traffic schools in Los Angeles. This is not only because they offer the fastest and easiest way to remove a ticket but also are the most affordable. And yes, they guarantee it. They will even match or beat the lowest price you can find in your state. Although they may be the cheapest, they are still one of the schools to contend with. They offer the same advantages and benefits as other online traffic schools. If you’re looking for a great traffic school without hurting your pocket, Go To Traffic School is the way to go.

Beware Of Online Traffic Schools That Are NOT Approved!

Even if you don’t like the two recommendations that we gave above, you have several other options to go with. There are nearly 100 online traffic schools that are currently state-approved for California and all of those online traffic schools are approved for the city of Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, there are an equal amount of online traffic schools that are not approved for Los Angeles and most likely not even the entire state of California. This will not stop them from taking your money. If you sign up for an online traffic school and they do not verify that you are eligible for their course by a Los Angeles Court then you should run and not walk away from that course and find a new one.

Make sure that you only go with certified and approved courses in your city. You can check with your local DMV to verify if they meet your state’s standard requirements and are aligned with the Los Angeles qualifications. 

Beware of online traffic schools that have misleading marketing baits where they advertise cheapest and slashed prices. You will be shocked by how much the price difference is from the upfront rate to the actual cost once you’re done registering. They usually put on fees associated with the course, and before you know it, the course will cost higher, eating up the supposed “savings”. To avoid paying more, do your research, compare prices, and know the breakdown and inclusions for the amount you are paying.

Similarly, “hidden fees” are also important to look for when signing up. Most would include a certificate fee as an add-on to your payment, which is mostly free for other online traffic schools. Use the money-back guarantee to your advantage so that you can always back out from a course if it doesn’t work for you.

Always be sure to check for some reviews of an online traffic school before you sign up by looking at the reviews on yelp and other sources online. It is always good to check multiple sources because you can’t always trust the reviews that are out there. The last thing that you want to do is waste your time and money on a boring online traffic school that isn’t even approved for ticket dismissal purposes.

If you have any experience with a good or bad online traffic school in Los Angeles please be sure to post a comment in the comment section below to let others know about your experience. We hope this article helped and please be careful about the course that you sign up for. There are lots of scammers out there.

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