How To Find An Approved Online Traffic School Without Getting Scammed

If you need to find an approved online traffic school, make sure you are very careful about the online traffic school you sign up for. Not all online traffic schools are approved in all states. Now, the higher quality online traffic schools will tell you if you are certified to take their course or not, but there are some very low-quality online traffic schools that will simply take your money without telling you that their course is not approved for ticket dismissal purposes in your state.

This obviously sucks and it’s pretty stupid that people who live on this want to take advantage of people like that, but this is the world that we live in. The real question is, how do you find an approved online traffic school without getting scammed? That is what this article is going to help you understand.

Finding A State Approved Online Traffic School

Most of the time you are given a list by the court with some approved online traffic schools that you can take in your state. If you did not receive this list, you can call the court clerk’s office or visit to pickup a number list. You can also visit your Department of Motor Vehicles website in the state to reside and look up all of the approved online traffic schools there. Unfortunately, most states do not operate very user-friendly websites and most people do not want to visit the court clerk’s office because it usually is not a pleasant experience. With that said, there are a couple of online traffic schools that are pretty much approved in every state that allows you to take traffic school online. Here are the schools that we recommend…


iDriveSafely has been around for over a decade. They have served millions of students and have an A+ BBB rating – not bad if we are talking mainly about having a good reputation.

But what’s more? Pricing-wise, they offer one of the most affordable online traffic school courses as compared to other schools. They are not too cheap, but not expensive either.

Improv Traffic School

If you’d like to have a fun learning experience, My Improv partnered with the Improv Comedy Club to ensure everyone who takes their course will have a good laugh while learning about road safety. They also have the shortest and fastest lessons out there, so you’ll be able to complete the course in 30 minutes or less (as long as your state doesn’t require course timers).

And by the way, you’ll receive 4 FREE tickets to the Improv Comedy Club if you finish their course as an extra reward!


GoToTrafficSchool was established in 2000 and since then, they have provided online traffic education to over 4,000,000 drivers – that’s enough to consider them as one of the biggest online driver education providers in the US. And if we are to consider the school’s reputation, then yes, it also has an A+ BBB rating.

Meanwhile, the best part about GoToTrafficSchool is that they guarantee affordability. How is this so? They have this offer wherein if you find a cheaper course in your state, they match their offer price with that, thus making their courses always the cheapest around.

Now, each one of the above schools will verify if you are eligible to take their course for ticket dismissal, point reduction, or insurance reduction purposes. In many cases, you are not only able to take the course for ticket dismissal purposes, but you can also mail your completion certificate to your insurance company and receive a discount on your insurance premiums.

So now that you know how to find a state-approved online traffic school, how do you find the best online traffic school that is certified in your state?

Sign Up For The Shortest And Fastest Course Available

None of the high-quality online traffic schools that exist force you to spend any more time on your traffic school than is required by state law. Any of the three online traffic schools that we recommended above will offer the shortest course allowed by the states. In some states, you will be forced to spend a certain amount of time on each page before you will be allowed to continue to the next page. So, if your traffic school is supposed to take six hours long, they will force you to spend six hours on the course. If this is the case for you, which is the case for most people, you can just use a laptop or tablet and sit in front of the TV while you take the course. That seems to be the best option.

For those of you lucky enough to live in a state that does not require course timers, such as the state of California, you can pretty much blast through the course as fast as you can. You will need to pass some quizzes and tests but they are very easy and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to pass the course very quickly.

Find An Approved Online Traffic School With A Good Reputation

Before you sign up for an online traffic school, make sure you check out their reputation by searching for many reviews and also looking at their rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you research any of the above online traffic schools that we reviewed and recommend, you will notice that they have A+ ratings, have existed for a couple of decades now, and have had literally millions of people go through their course. These are the types of qualities that you want to look for in an online traffic school.

Make Sure Your Traffic School Offers 24/7/365 Customer Support

You might think that online traffic school is pretty straightforward and there would not be any reason that you would need to contact customer support. This is sadly not the case. Due to state regulations, they may need to ask you for some information to prove your identity and verify that you are actually the one taking the course. Sometimes these identity verification systems can cause problems in which case you will be locked out of your course and you will need to contact their customer support in order to have the course reactivated. Chances are you will be taking your traffic school at night or on the weekends when most customer service will be closed. That is why you need to make sure your approved online traffic school offers customer support round the clock and any day that you will need it. They should be supplying customer service during your hours and not there’s.

Get A Money-Back Guarantee

The last thing that you will want to look for in an approved online traffic school is a money-back guarantee. There is no reason why an online traffic school should not give you a money-back guarantee and allow you to take the entire course or at least a significant portion of the course at no risk to you. In the above courses that we recommended you will notice that you can even start taking the course for free without having to enter any payment information. You can try the course before you decided to dedicate hours of your life complete.

We hope this helped in your decision-making for choosing an approved online traffic school. We are going to sit here and tell you that online traffic school is fun or interesting, but it is still important to sign up for a course that will get the job done in the most pain-free and cheapest ways possible. Good luck and drive safely!

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