California Online Drivers Ed

Online Drivers Ed California

Once upon a time, the only way to get a driver’s license in California was to take a drivers ed course in a classroom. There’s some good news for teenagers these days though. You can now take online drivers ed in California. That’s right—online drivers ed is a growing trend in the United States and California is one of the states at the forefront of that movement.

What are the benefits of online drivers ed in California? They’re easy to sign up for and convenient to take. Most online drivers ed courses allow you to access course materials online on a laptop or through mobile apps, so you can even attend classes on the go.

Between school, extracurricular activities, family obligations, and social obligations, your days are absolutely packed. Trying to fit a drivers ed course into your already busy schedule can be almost impossible. Online drivers ed in California offers flexibility, allowing you to complete your courses whenever and wherever you have free time, whether it’s a few minutes at a time, or several hours.

And let’s face it. You already spend enough time in a classroom as it is. You don’t need to spend even more time in a classroom trying to stay awake while yet another teacher drones on and on.

There’s, of course, only one problem. There are literally dozens of online drivers ed in California to choose from. How do you know which one is right for you? How do you know you’re signing up for a course that will really teach you how to be a good driver? How do you know you’re not just signing up for a scam?

Traffic School Critics’ Expert Reviews

If you aren’t sure about how to even start evaluating online drivers ed in California, Traffic School Critics is ready to step in and help. We have comprehensive and meticulously researched reviews of all the online drivers ed in California. We help you find the course that’s right for you at the right price.

All our reviews are written by a former long haul trucker and CDL driving instructor with firsthand experience in designing online driving courses. So you know our reviews take safety instructions seriously.

TSC Certification Program

One of the problems with evaluating online drivers ed in California is that even the worst schools are eligible to receive a California state certification. You heard that right. The bar for receiving a state certification in California is incredibly low, and it is next to useless in evaluating which programs are good and which are bad.

In order to fill in this gap, Traffic School Critics has created its own rigorous certification program that guarantees a level of quality that far exceeds the California certification. Less than 5% of all online driving courses meet the TSC Certification standards.

So, what makes the TSC Certification so trustworthy? Companies must have and maintain the following requirements in order to be TSC Certified:

• It must have and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. One of the foremost concerns in our evaluations is phenomenal customer experience. If complaints drop a company’s BBB rating below an A+, we drop our certification.
• It must have customer service that goes above and beyond the industry standard automated answering systems. To be eligible for TSC Certification, a company must offer person-to-person customer service through phone, chat, and email 24 hours a day.
• It must have had at least 500,000 customers over a period of at least 5 years. This kind of longevity is a good indication that the company is not running a scam, and has a track record of customer satisfaction.
• It must submit clear proof that it has received a California states certification. This is not a quality measure, so much as it is to help assure you that you will receive credit in California for taking the course.

Quality And Value

Many teenagers have to pay for their drivers ed courses themselves. We understand that what little money you have is hard earned and our reviews take value into consideration to account for that. We only recommend courses that cost less than the industry average of the minimum prices mandated by state law.

When you use Traffic School Critics, you know you’re not paying a cent more than you have to.