Texas Online Drivers Ed

Texas Online Drivers Ed

Texas is a big state – the biggest out of the lower 48. It’s so big that it was a country all to itself once upon a time, and it has no fewer than four major population centers. Texas is so big that it includes climates like the humid subtropics of the Gulf Coast in the east and arid deserts in the west. Texas is so big that it has over 675,000 miles of road, far more than the California highways that can’t quite manage 400,000.

With so many square miles of land filled with so many farms, ranches, oil fields, mines, and population centers, driving is an important part of many a Texan’s life. This means that learning how to drive responsibly is also important. All those miles of open road may also explain why Texas has embraced online drivers education like few other states, but because of this, we at Traffic School Critics like to point out which Texas online drivers ed courses are the best for new drivers.

Our Requirements

While Traffic School Critics is a site that’s first and foremost about traffic schools, those short refresher courses you can take to clean up your driving record, you shouldn’t think that because we aren’t as strict or attentive when we review a Texas online drivers ed website. In fact, it’s the opposite: drivers ed courses are several times longer than traffic school, and they’re potentially the first time a young driver might ever learn about all the rules of the road and how to drive defensively.

Because of all that, our standards for online drivers ed are much higher than usual. Not only does the course have to present its government-mandated information in a straightforward, easy-to-understand program, we also like to see the course take full advantage of the medium with interactive presentations, videos, animations, and other ways to hold a student’s attention while discussing some otherwise dull information. Other important essentials include mobile compatibility, tools for parents and guardians, and a low price. Finally, a positive customer rating and millions of graduates should go without saying.

Our Rankings

Depending on how well they fulfill our requirements, our Traffic School Critics award one to five stars. At the low end, one-star online schools fail on a lot of levels: a bad reputation, a low number of graduates, a complete failure to use online technology and mobile devices, and, in the case of comedy websites, humor that tries too hard and isn’t funny.

On the other hand, when a Texas online drivers ed course gets the full five stars, it’s because they’re doing everything right. In some cases, we even managed to discover a discount or coupon which anyone can use. We also award some (but not all) of these courses our TSC Certification, which goes to schools with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, 24/7 customer service, at least 500,000 satisfied customers, a 5-year business history, and more.

Our Extras

In addition to reviewing Texas online drivers ed websites, Traffic School Critics also comes with a blog and articles with all sorts of interesting and valuable information. Our critics have a lot to say about everything related to driving and driving schools, and so if you thought we only have reviews here, you may come away learning more than you expected.

For instance, whether you’re taking an online traffic school or drivers ed, one tip that turns any exam into an “open book” exam is to copy and paste all the text along the way into a separate document. You can then use the “find” function to locate the specific rule a question asks about in case you don’t remember.

However you choose to use our website, whether to find the best Texas online drivers ed course or the easiest California traffic school, we hope that you find what you’re looking for. The internet is a big place, and it’s not always obvious which sites are good and which ones are more like pulling teeth. That’s why Traffic School Critics is here to review each one: by wasting our time on this old, dull material, we can make sure that no one else will have to.