Best Driving Schools in Baton Rouge, LA

So you’re looking for a driving school in Baton Rouge?

Well, you’ve come to the perfect place. 

Here, we’re going to list only the best and highest quality schools. 

On top of that, we’ll make sure to include both online and in-person schools. This means there’s something here for everyone. 

So are you ready to see what the best driving schools in Baton Rouge, LA are?

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Best Online Driving Schools in Baton Rouge, LA 

Is your schedule too hectic to attend an in-person class?

Or maybe you just study better alone in your room. 

If so, then here are the best online driving schools in Baton Rouge, LA that you should definitely check out: 

To help you pick out the best one for YOU, let’s review them one by one. 

IMPORTANT! Online driving schools are not yet authorized in Louisiana. So you need to get special permission from your local OMV to take driver’s ed online. If not, then you can still take it for supplementary learning or to get an auto insurance discount. 


Best Driving Schools in Baton Rouge, LA DriversEd

DriversEd has roots as far back as 1977. They have been operating ever since. 

And, since its inception, the school has helped over 11 million students get their driver’s licenses. 

It’s no wonder they are considered the #1 driving school in America.  

DriversEd’s course is designed to be quick, interactive, and easy. Not to mention that it is very affordable, too. 

Sure, the platform isn’t as flashy as its newer competitors, but the material is still engaging. 

This is done by giving the lessons in different mediums, including text, videos, games, and 3D animations. 

Their platform is also just as straightforward, opting for a clean and simple interface instead of a busy one. This way, all the information you need is immediately available. 


Best Driving Schools in Baton Rouge, LA DriverEdToGo

Next up is DriverEdToGo, our go-to when it comes to affordability and flexible payment options.

What do we mean?

DriverEdToGo offers a pay later option. You can immediately start studying for FREE before you even open your wallet. 

And yes, you can even complete the whole course without paying! You only need to pay when it’s time to take the final course exam or if 30 days have passed. 

The school itself is no newcomer, as DriverEdToGo has 20 years’ worth of experience. Through the years, it has taught over 6 million students to become better drivers on the road. 

DriverEdToGo has also kept up with the times and is known for making interactive and engaging content. This includes adding games, quizzes, and other multimedia tools to your lessons. 



If you prefer a simpler online driver’s ed, we recommend looking into Dmvedu. 

Many want to finish their required driver’s ed as soon as possible. And that’s precisely what Dmvedu offers. 

Its content is broken down into small bits, making it easier for any student to read and understand it. 

Plus, you won’t get any information overload here. You get only what is required to learn.

That said, you can still expect great quality, with detailed lessons and other learning tools right at your disposal. 

On top of that, their customer support is very robust. 

Add its SUPER affordable price, and you have a great online driving school option. 

Best In-Person Driving Schools in Baton Rouge, LA

What if you prefer a traditional classroom setting?

Or maybe you weren’t allowed to attend an online driving school. 

Well, we have the best in-person driving schools right in the city of Baton Rouge, LA. So let’s check out these schools now. 

A Driving School 

Address: 10466 Airline Highway, Suite E, Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Phone: (225) 993-8296

Operating since 1970, A Driving School is one of the most established driving schools in Baton Rouge, LA. It has helped countless students get on the road.

Their courses are state-approved. Driving lessons are even offered in Spanish. Their proprietary training methods are also very successful, so you should be in good hands.

Rules of the Road Driving School

Address: 2816 Plank Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70805 

Phone: (225) 356-3700

Rules of the Road Driving School is another one of the leading driving schools located in Baton Rouge. It has designed its courses to be easy and accessible. 

The school is also a Certified Third Party Road Skills testing location and provides a wide range of driving courses. These courses include:

  • Driver’s ed
  • Advanced driving
  • Defensive driving
  • Behind-the-wheel training. 

Metro City Driving Academy 

Address: 11147 Muriel Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 70816 

Phone: (225) 239-5057

While they’re the newest institution on this list, the Metro City Driving Academy is still an excellent choice for beginner students like you.

In the short 7 years that they’ve been in operation, the school has helped hundreds of drivers with their state-certified instructors. Plus, it has recently started offering its courses in Spanish. 


Got some questions? Then let’s answer some of the most frequently asked ones. 

Does Louisiana require driver’s ed for new drivers? 

Yes. If you’re a new applicant, you need to complete a state-approved driver’s education course. This is to improve your driving and learn everything you need to know. 

How long does driver’s ed last in Louisiana? 

Driver’s ed in Louisiana consists of 30 hours of in-classroom study (which may be done online) and 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training. 

You must be at least 15 years old to take this course.

What are the benefits of online driving schools in Louisiana? 

There are plenty of benefits from enrolling in an online driving school.

The first is that you can finish all the 30 required hours of classroom study from the comfort of your own home. 

The online material also means that you can stretch those 30 hours, learning at your own pace or only whenever you have free time. 

Last but not least, online driving schools usually offer driver’s ed at lower prices. This can be a big help to anyone looking to save a few bucks. 

However, online driving schools are not yet state-approved in Louisiana. So you will have to ask for special permission from your local OMV if you want to study in any of these online driving schools we mentioned. 

If not, then it can also help you learn more or lower auto insurance costs.


So those were the best driving schools in Baton Rouge, LA. 

No matter which school you choose, you can trust that you are getting quality education. You’ll learn everything you need to know and more. 

So what are you waiting for?

Pick a school today and get started right away!

Good luck!

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