Expert Traffic School Review

Expert Traffic School offers a self-paced online traffic school that touts extensive support services, a comedy-based curriculum, and same-day certificate processing. How well it performs in other areas, like cost, will determine if it gets a top review or not.

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Is Expert Traffic School Legitimate?

Expert Traffic School is licensed (#E0341) by the California DMV and has been so since 12 December 2013. The school is operated under parent company Leoark LLC. However, this course seems to be extremely outdated, even requiring flash to be used. There doesn’t appear to be many students going through this traffic school as of 2020.

The contact address is:

Tel: (800)583-0106

Customer Support

Expert Traffic School offers phone-based and email support. Phone support is available between 8am and 9pm, seven days per week. Most online traffic schools do not offer the extensive support that Expert Traffic School provides. Having extensive support is critical, particularly in evenings and on weekends when people actually access these courses, because there are often identity verification issues that need to be resolved. While identity verification issues can be solved online or via email support, they can be solved much more quickly with good phone support.

Mobile Friendliness

Expert Traffic School added the ability to work on mobile devices a few years ago. The company offers full access to its curriculum from any internet-enabled device. Users will find this a welcome change from most online traffic schools as it provides for easy access no matter where a user is located.

How It Works

Registration can be completed online or by phone. Once enrolled, users have full access to all course material and can progress through it as they like. Most online traffic schools either give users unlimited attempts at the final exam or offer a refund to users who fail the exam after two attempts. Expert Traffic School does neither. Users who fail the exam after two attempts will either have to re-enroll at full price or find a different traffic school. The site automatically forwards certifications of completion to the DMV for successful users.

The school uses a comedy-based curriculum designed to ease the pain of reading and remembering tedious DMV rules and regulations. The comedy curriculum is advertised as something that users can “cruise” through without being “driven” crazy. In general, comedy-based curricula are preferred by most users.


Expert Traffic School is one of the more expensive traffic schools around. Internet-only courses, where all materials are accessed via the internet, cost $25.99. For users who want a printed booklet to read along with their internet-based material, the cost increases to $37.99. Expert Traffic School does offer a number of great options and services (e.g. mobile support, strong technical support), but the price still seems excessively high, particularly given that there are no refunds for users who fail. Expert Traffic School accepts credit and debit cards, but not PayPal. Payment is secure.

How Long Does the Course Take?

The course is a total of 340 minutes in length, but users are free to move faster or slower if they choose to. The servers track progress so users can pick up where they left off no matter what device they use to log in. While users are required to at least look at all of the material, they are not required to spend any specific length of time with the material and so can simply page through it.

What We Like

Expert Traffic School offers great customer support and an outstanding, comedy-based curriculum. The recent upgrade to a mobile-friendly website is a huge step forward for the company and one that on-the-go customers will appreciate. The company has been in business for some time and the website is highly professional.

What We Don’t Like

The price is a bit high, even when the quality of the support, comedy-based curriculum, and mobile features are taken into account. It would be nice to see a refund or re-enrollment option for users who fail the course.


Expert Traffic School is an outdated program that we can no longer recommend. At $25.99, Expert Traffic School is substantially more expensive than most of its competitors. Expert Traffic School gets a below-average rating.

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