We’ll be honest and upfront with you here: traffic school is no fun. It just isn’t. No one wants to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon cooped up in a stuffy classroom, surrounded by a bunch of annoyed adults who just want to move on with their lives, listening to a lazy teacher who would also rather be doing any other number of things in the world. People take traffic school not because it’s fun, but because it will help their driving record and, in some cases, their insurance premiums. It can work to remove points from your license after a traffic violation, but it’s not the kind of thing you just take for a good time.

More and more states have begun to approve online courses like driver’s ed and traffic school as valid ways to take the class. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only does online traffic school allow participants to take it on their own time, but they often get better instruction. People can take the class when they are able to focus and are feeling motivated to do so, not simply because they’re feeling forced to do so from a court.

Still, online classes aren’t what you would describe as enjoyable. It’s still a class that you need to pass in order to prevent bigger problems with your driving record. If the idea of any type of traffic school bores you out of your mind, then you might want to consider taking Improv Traffic School, a certain comedy traffic school.

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What Is Comedy Traffic School?

Comedy traffic school is a type of program that recognizes how cut and dry other traffic schools can be. Driver’s ed was exciting and fun because it meant you were about to get your license for the first time. Traffic school, on the other hand, is something you’re often cornered into taking because of a ticket. The curriculum is information you’ve already been taught before, so it’s not very thrilling.

Comedy traffic school is still traffic school. But for those who have a hard time paying attention to dry and uninteresting lessons, it can be a better, more entertaining choice. Comedy traffic schools incorporate jokes, improv, funny videos, and a general entertainment factor that traditional traffic school and many online traffic schools do not have. When dealing with something as tedious as traffic school, a little bit of laughter can go a long way. Improv Traffic School, created by a group of stand-up comedians, is one of the best comedy schools we’ve found that you can take online.

What You Should Know

If you’re wanting to take an online traffic school course and wouldn’t mind jazzing up the content a bit, we highly recommend signing up for Improv Traffic School. The idea of traffic school is daunting, but they actually make it pretty fun!

  • They’re Approved In Many StatesSome online traffic schools are only approved in one or two states. While that’s great if you’re in one of those locations, it means that you could find one you like that won’t be valid for your traffic offense. Luckily, Improv Traffic School is state approved in California, Arizona, Georgia, New Mexico, Virginia, and many, many more. Check out their site to see if you’re able to take their online school.

  • They’re ReputableIt’s important to be hyper-aware of bad businesses, especially when dealing with online ones. Without proper precautions, you could get scammed. Luckily, Improv Traffic School is a reliable course to take. Not only do they have an A+ with the Better Business Bureau, but they’ve existed for decades and millions—yes millions—of people have taken their class. If you’re going to take an online traffic school, you should at least take one that is reliable, and Improv Traffic School definitely is.

    In addition to having lots of people take the class, this also means they update their content regularly. Many courses set up and continue to take new students without ever updating the information. Even the best classes require a little finessing now and then, and the creators of Improv Traffic School constantly work to improve their courses. This means you’ll have accurate information presented in an easy-to-navigate and mobile-friendly way.

  • They Even Offer A 100% Money-Back Guarantee Up until you take the final test, you can actually get all your money back. We certainly don’t recommend signing up with any online course that doesn’t offer this perk. This is simply another strong indication of how legitimate this business is and how much they prioritize your satisfaction with the course.

  • You Can Get It Done Quickly One of the biggest perks to their course is that in some states there is no course timer. That’s right, you can complete the course in as little time as you feel you need and you’ll pass. Oftentimes people are simply looking for the quickest way to get traffic school done. If you had the choice between eight hours in a hot classroom on the weekend or a few hours taking this course, which would you choose? Obviously, you’d want the faster one!

  • It’s Great Value For The Price It’s always a good idea to do serious research before signing up for a class that falls well below or above the average class price in your state. Improv Traffic School provides updated information and great customer service for a fair price. Additionally, if you use this link you can get $5 off your registration to Improv Traffic School, making it even more affordable.