No Effort Traffic School

No Effort Traffic School promises that you’ll pass and be back on the road quickly. The site is so sure that you’ll that pass that you don’t have to pay if you fail. A guaranteed pass is a great deal, but does the site have the other amenities needed to get a top review though?

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Is No Effort Traffic School Legitimate?

No Effort Traffic School holds a DMV-issued license (#1880) for the state of California. It is owned by Steven Low and has been in operation since June of 2013. Steven Low owns several online traffic schools. There are no current or prior administrative actions against No Effort Traffic School.

The contact address is:

Tel: (818)851-7756

Customer Support

No Effort Traffic School provides customer support Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm. This is relatively standard for most online traffic schools but is considered sub-par. The site says that it provides both email and telephone support on evenings, weekends, and holidays. Essentially, support is outsourced during off-peak hours. This provides some service to users, though it may not be full support for all situations.

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Mobile Friendliness

No Effort Traffic School claims to be accessible from any web browser anywhere. Whether this is true or not, the course is mobile-friendly and thus available on most devices. It is best viewed on a desktop or laptop but is functional on many smaller devices. A dedicated app for smartphone users would be of major benefit.

How It Works

No Effort Traffic School offers the same basic curriculum that all traffic schools offer, but with a “no-mandatory-materials” policy that makes it faster to work through than most other online traffic courses. Simply put, users can skip straight to the exam and never read any of the material if they want. That means that the course could theoretically be completed in the time it takes to finish the 25-question final exam.


Payment is through credit card or PayPal. The course costs $39.95. There is no option for a booklet course or home study course. Everything must be done online.

How Long Does the Course Take?

No Effort Traffic School meets the minimum requirements as set forth by the DMV. Actual time to completion is dependent on the student taking the course. The course is designed to be easy to consume and touts itself as being among the “fastest” online traffic schools. There are no course timers required in California, so many students get their course done in less than a couple of hours.

What We Like

No Effort Traffic School has above average technical support, a “no-charge” guarantee for those who fail the course, and streamlined curriculum that makes is among the easiest online traffic courses to complete. With mobile support lacking on most sites, No Effort Traffic School puts itself above most competition by offering a curriculum that is viewable on most browsers. It isn’t the most sophisticated mobile support on the market, but it gets the job done.

It is great that there are no mandatory minimum time limits for how long a user must remain on the page. Users can move through the course as quickly as they like or even skip straight to the final exam if they want to. This feature makes No Effort Traffic School one of the fastest online traffic schools around.

What We Don’t Like

No Effort Traffic School isn’t the most expensive online traffic school, but it isn’t the cheapest either. The stellar customer service and enhanced mobile device support both add to the premium that No Effort Traffic School can charge, but the price is still a bit too high. The course could be just a few dollars cheaper, especially considering the basic, no-frills curriculum.

No Effort Traffic School is a bit boring. The curriculum isn’t designed to by funny or entertaining. Some may see this as a plus, but for those who really want to learn the DMV material, No Effort Traffic School doesn’t help by making it more entertaining or less dry.


No Effort Traffic School gets high marks for its streamlined curriculum, mobile support, good customer service, and a “no-charge” guarantee. The boring curriculum may be a turnoff for some learners, but the lack of minimum times for viewing the material is sure to attract users who just want to get the course done. Overall, No Effort Traffic School is an average online traffic school course. If the course were a few dollars cheaper, it would easily secure a top score.