List Of Certified Online Traffic Schools For California

Below, you’ll find a full list of certified online traffic schools for California. The highlighted schools are the schools we recommend and we were also able to gather discount codes for them. Any school we recommend must meet our TSC certification requirements.

Our Recommended Online Traffic Schools For California

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Recommendation #1:



Five stars

Do you know why I recommend GoToTrafficSchool the most? Because it’s cheap, quick, and simple. And all that means you can finish the whole course in no time, which is what most of us are looking for. In case you’re worried, rest assured that GoToTrafficSchool is certified in California. Plus, it has been around for a long time, showing you that it’s a reliable school. 

What if you really want to study the course? Well, GoToTrafficSchool isn’t the most modern (I won’t deny that). However, it does offer quality material that’s easy to go through. There are some videos and images to help you as well. So whether you want to zoom past or actually study, GoToTrafficSchool is a great choice. 

And yes, it has the lowest price guarantee. If you find another online traffic school with a cheaper price — guess what — GoToTrafficSchool will remove $1 off their price. Cool, right? 

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Recommendation #2:

Best Online Traffic School

While some drivers might hesitate to go for a “newer school,” we recommend the Best Online Traffic School for various reasons. It is new, but it isn’t less established than any other institution. Think of it as a new and improved online traffic school with modern teaching techniques and an up-to-date curriculum. 

Its twelve-module course is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Californian drivers may opt for traditional reading materials or auditory alternatives. With this, you don’t have to sit in front of your desktop computer all day long to complete your course. Students can now effectively lower their insurance premiums and work off traffic violations by simply listening to lessons while on their way to work or during break time at work. If you don’t have time during the day, don’t worry! The Best Online Traffic School provides live chat support after office hours. 24/7 assistance helps students get through typical delays that are often caused by material questions and the like. 

As if these aren’t enough to warrant a place on our list, the Best Online Traffic School also allows students to only pay before taking the final exam. This makes it risk-free. 

Want to learn more about the Best Online Traffic School? You can read this full review

Recommendation #3:


A bunch of stand-up comedians from Hollywood decided to team up and create their own online traffic school for California. The goal was to use entertainment while fulfilling the ticket dismissal requirements at the same time. While they have expanded well beyond California at this point, they remain the least boring online traffic school around.

Its coursework is filled with a lot of jokes, memes, and funny videos that keep you engaged while learning. Its humorous approach to teaching effectively imparts to students the important aspects of driver safety, while reducing the burden of studying. Plus, when you’re finished, you get free tickets to any of their Improv Comedy Clubs across the state. Not a bad deal! You can take the first 10% of this course for free and without entering any payment info.

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Recommendation #4:



Aceable is barely ten years old, yet it has already established quite a solid reputation. It received millions in venture capital, which Aceable used to create an online learning platform that is modern and up-to-date. While many online traffic schools also use videos and animations in their courses, Aceable’s multimedia content is unlike any other. It features rich graphics, images, and even makes use of 360-degree VR technology, providing students with a highly interactive learning experience.

The school also has an official mobile app. It is a good choice for people who will be primarily using smartphones for their lessons. While most online schools offer mobile-friendly courses, there may still be some browser limitations that make studying via a phone slightly inconvenient. With Aceable’s mobile app, you can forget about those inconveniences.    

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(You can also use discount code mydriversedYZX during sign-up for 5% off)

Recommendation #5:

iDriveSafely is not only a California-based company, but they are the #1 online traffic school in the country. We recommend this school for all states, not just California. In addition to their 4-million customer history, they have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have been in business for over 12 years.

But why is it only 5th on our list, with 4 starts? Well, unfortunately, iDriveSafely has course timers in California, which won’t be a big problem if the state actually requires course timers… But no, California removed its course timer requirement already. So you might have to spend a bit of time studying this course.

StillIt is user-friendly, its quizzes are easy, and once you complete the course, your completion certificate will be sent electronically to the DMV.

If you want to read more about this course, feel free to use the link below. Otherwise, use our coupon link to go directly to the California page and start taking the course for free. They don’t even require any payment info to start.

Read Our Full Review Of iDriveSafely 

iDriveSafely Coupon Link – Coupon Code: TRSCCR

Recommendation #6:



This course is for those of you who don’t want all the fancy 3D graphics, animations, and video. Maybe you prefer something simple, easy to use, and text-based. This would be the course for you. It’s more like an e-book than anything else. Just a whole lot of text with a few pictures mixed in here and there. Even though it’s a simple course, it’s run by a company with more than a decade of experience and a proven track record.

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Recommendation #7:


This company, based out of San Francisco, is the #1 online driver’s ed course in the country. They also offer online traffic school courses for a handful of states, including their home state of California. They use 3D graphics, offer a mobile-friendly version, and they’ve had millions of people take their course while maintaining an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. merged with iDriveSafely a few years ago, which is why, in some states, including California, its traffic school courses are offered through iDriveSafely. You may opt to sign up directly with the latter. 

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Full List Of Approved California Online Traffic Schools

Below is a list of state-certified California online traffic schools for ticket dismissal. While we recommend you stick with one of our recommended courses above, these are other legitimate options you may want to look into.


Source: California DMV List Of Certified California Online Traffic Schools

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