Do I Need To Take Adult Driver’s Ed

Many people consider taking driver’s ed, getting your license, and owning a car a rite of passage into adulthood. And in some places in the United States, it’s not possible to be completely independent without a car. 

But that doesn’t mean that every single person in the US has gone out and gotten their license once they’re of legal age. In fact, the number of people who had driver’s licenses steadily decreased from 2011 to 2014 across all age groups. 

It’s no longer the naturally accepted thing that all 16 year-olds go out to do; instead, many people wait until later, whether it’s because they live in a big metropolis like New York City or an area with amazing public transportation.

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For some, living without a license is no big deal. But for others, there comes a time when it becomes apparent that a driver’s license has become a necessary part of life. 

Once you’ve graduated college and landed your first big job, for example. Perhaps you’ve been gifted a car from a parent or loved one. Maybe you’re starting a family and feel the need to get around in a vehicle rather than relying on the bus or train. 

Whatever the case, it can always feel a little weird as an adult to enroll in a driver’s ed class.

The main factor that makes it strange is wondering: “Will it just be a classroom full of teens?” This thought alone strikes fear into the hearts of many new adult drivers. After all, who wants to be the one 20- or 30-something in a classroom full of loud, obnoxious teenagers? 

And while this certainly doesn’t sound appealing, know that there are still plenty of options out there for you to take driver’s ed and get your license without feeling weird about it at all.

Wait—Do I Even Need to Take Driver’s Ed as an Adult?

It depends. Primarily, it depends on your age and the state that you live in. In some states, if you’re under a certain age (26, for example) and you’ve never had a driver’s license before, you’ll be required to take a driver’s ed class. Other states may not hold this requirement. Check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to find out what is expected of you based on how old you are.

Why You Should Take Adult Driver’s Ed

So maybe you live somewhere where you’re required by law to take a driver’s ed course before getting your license. Sure, it might seem like a drag, especially if you’re just anxious to get that license in hand, but it can certainly be helpful. It’s so useful that we advocate for any new driver of any age to enroll in a driver’s ed course. Here’s why:

You’ll Become a Better Driver

Even if you’ve been given the opportunity to (illegally) operate a vehicle from time to time, getting behind the wheel of a car is a huge responsibility, not only to yourself and your passengers but all other drivers on the road. In so many ways, driving a car seems like such a commonplace activity in our society. It’s so easy to forget that a car weighs thousands of pounds and is responsible for over 1.3 million deaths globally every year. That’s right, that’s over 3,000 deaths every day. With any luck, you’ve never experienced a crash and never will, but at the same time, a minor accident can put things into perspective just how dangerous it is to operate a car.

With this in mind, it’s helpful to dedicate some time to learning the rules of the road, educating yourself about defensive driving, and understanding what to do in an array of situations. Driving practice will certainly help you and hopefully, you’ll become a progressively better driver, but spending a little bit of time studying a driving manual and quizzing yourself isn’t a bad idea, either. 

Some people who have been driving for years retake a driver’s ed course to refresh their memory and adopt better driving habits.

You Could Lessen Insurance Costs

Some people choose not to get their license simply because they do not need one. Others, though, actually don’t have the money. If you’re on a tight budget but still needing to drive yourself around, a driver’s ed course will look great to an insurance company.

Driver’s ed courses are not classes that you can simply knock out in a couple of hours. They do require quite a bit of time and of course, you’ll have to pay to enroll in the first place, but the investment is worth it and will pay itself back eventually. Many insurance companies will offer significant discounts to drivers who have shown this initiative and taken driver’s ed, and there’s no age limit here! Simply check with your insurance agent to see what courses are accepted.

You’ll Pass

Okay, no driver’s ed course can guarantee this, but if you’ve done the coursework, completed the quizzes, and taken the final test then you’re well on your way to getting your license. Some driver’s ed courses will even use the final test to waive your test at the DMV. That’s right—if you pass the class, then all you’ll have to do is the behind-the-wheel test!

The truth is that the driver’s license test isn’t impossible to pass, otherwise, no one would be able to get a driver’s license. However, if you find yourself stumbling over a lot of the questions in a sample test (you can find this on your DMV’s website), then you should seriously consider an adult driver’s ed class. It will make you more knowledgeable and give you more confidence when you do finally get behind the wheel.

Where Can I Take Online Driver’s Ed Classes for Adults?

Below are some of our recommendations. It’s a list that we have come up with after thorough research and comparisons. We’ll give you a sneak peek of what to expect from their respective driver’s ed classes, so make sure to pay attention and find the features that match your learning preferences.


Providing the newest and the most modern course you’ll find today, Aceable will surely win you over if their course is available in your state. They currently provide Adult Driver’s Ed in Texas and Illinois. But don’t fret if you’re not from these states. Aceable’s user experience is definitely above average and they’ve been received so well by customers that it won’t be surprising to see more of their courses get approval from other states soon.

Their course is 100% available online, and you can access them conveniently through any web browser, desktop, or mobile. They even have a dedicated app for driver’s ed. They feature the most advanced videos and animations, and they have 3D driving simulations for a more engaging, close-to-real-life learning experience.

You can check out a more detailed Aceable review here.


If Aceable’s not available for you, go to our second recommended school, DriversEd. This school has partnered up with iDriveSafely in 2015 to cater to more drivers looking for driver’s education across the US. They’re one of the pioneers in providing driver’s education, so with years of experience alone, you can trust that they will be able to provide high-quality education.

What to expect from their course? A recently updated course curriculum that includes engaging animations and unparalleled graphics that gives out a modern 3D appearance. This is in addition to their usual in-lesson movies and short games that are strategically distributed in each of their modules so that you can focus on the lessons while still being entertained.

You can check out a more detailed DriversEd review here.

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