The Top 3 Fastest Online Traffic Schools For Austin, Texas

No one is exactly that excited to take traffic school. If you’re looking into enrolling in one, it’s likely because you’re interested in ticket dismissal, an insurance discount, or point reduction. While you’re certainly wanting to take a course that is worthwhile, convenient for you, and suited to your budget. It’s also important that you’re able to get the course done quickly and painlessly, allowing you to move on with your life.

Want The FAST Answer? This Is The Best Online Traffic School For Austin, Texas

Decide If You Are Eligible For Traffic School

Before you research too deeply into what traffic school in Austin, Texas to enroll in, make sure you are actually eligible to take it. Just because you’ve received a ticket doesn’t mean you can simply get it waived by taking the class. You cannot:

  • Hold a Texas Commercial Driver’s License.
  • Have dismissed a traffic ticket within the last 12 months. You are only able to take traffic school to dismiss tickets one time per year.
  • Refuse to plead “no contest.” If you plead “not guilty” in court, you cannot still take the course.
  • Receive a speeding ticket for more than 25 miles per hour over the speed limit.

How Do You Find A “Fast” Traffic School?

Once you’ve determined your eligibility, you’re now on the hunt for a course that you can get done quickly. But how do you find a “fast” traffic school? It seems like a bit of a strange question, after all! A traffic school class will take you about the same amount of time anywhere of course, but you have two options to take your traffic school. Depending on your current schedule, one choice may feel a little less painful than the other:

  • In-person traffic school. This is the traditional way that people take courses to then waive tickets. For this option, you enroll in a course and take all the lessons in a classroom setting.
  • Online traffic school. You sign up for a course on the internet and take the course at your leisure, usually within a 90-day span.

Traditional Traffic School

Traditional traffic school is what we typically think of when we imagine something like a driver’s education course. You will enter a classroom and have fellow students as well as a knowledgeable teacher to help you through the lessons. Attendance is mandatory to pass the course and then have a ticket waived or points removed from your license.

Pros: in-person interactions, ability to ask questions and receive immediate answers, commitment to the course and attendance

Cons: attendance on certain dates and at certain locations is required, difficulty getting feedback outside of the classroom

Online Traffic School

Texas has paved the way in making traffic school easier for busy people by allowing it to be completed online. As long as the traffic school has been state certified, this is an easy option to fit into your schedule as you please.

Pros: can complete at your own leisure over a 90-day time period, good traffic school courses offer 24/7/365 support, no commuting necessary

Cons: no human-to-human interaction, must be self-motivated to complete the course

Deciding Which Is Fastest

If you are not particularly self-motivated and thrive in a classroom setting, then taking an in-person traffic school course is probably your best option. However, online traffic school has become popular in Texas because it is far more convenient. When you consider the time you will spend commuting to and from the classroom as well as having to set aside an entire Saturday to take the course, the option to instead squeeze in 10 minute lessons here and there into your schedule is much more appealing.

You have up to 90 days to complete traffic school from your hearing, and while a traditional classroom setting might get it taken care of sooner, it comes at the cost of your time. By enrolling in online traffic school, you can fit the work in where you time allows, therefore wasting less of your time overall.

So in the competition of which is fastest, it’s a no-brainer: online traffic school for the win!

Our Top 4 Recommendations

1. Aceable

Aceable Online Defensive Driving
Aceable is by far the best online traffic school and they are based right out of your home state, with their main headquarters in Houston. This is actually one of the newer online traffic schools to the scene, but millions of dollars has been pumped into the creation of this course. The result is the single most advanced online traffic school to ever hit the market. Save a few bucks by checking out the lowest price on Aceable here.

2. I Drive Safely

This is a course we can’t say enough good things about. With millions of happy customers, it’s become a bit of a gold standard to which other traffic schools are compared, and with good reason. Additionally, if you truly want the fastest option out there, this is the one! It’s not any longer than the state-mandated minimums. Make sure to use our coupon code for the lowest price possible. You can click here to use coupon code TRSCCR.

3. Defensive Driving By Improv

Improv Traffic School
If you want a course that won’t feel like such a drag, Improv Traffic School is a fun and humorous option to make traffic school a little more enjoyable. This is a course that we personally feel has set the standard for comedy traffic school courses, and it’s all online! If the idea of traffic school bores you a bit, go with this choice to keep thing interesting. Better yet? You can save $5 off your purchase here.

This is hands-down the most popular online driver’s education course available, and while their traffic school isn’t quite as well-known, it is still a wonderful quality. When looking for a traffic school, it’s always a good idea to enroll in one that has a history and many happy customers, and certainly fits the bill.