Defensive Driving Online Courses for Texas

Whether you are interested in getting a ticket dismissed or you simply want your children to learn safe driving practices, the Texas Education Association (TEA) has approved more than 40 defensive driving online courses for Texas. All of these courses offer basic driver training, but only a handful make the learning fun and engaging. There are six courses that stand apart as offering more than just the basics. Here is a review of the 6 best defensive driving online courses for Texas.



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I Drive Safely

I Drive Safely was one of the first driving schools to recognize the potential of the Internet and launch an online service. Since its inception over 15 years ago, I Drive Safely has served well over 5.5 million drivers with expertly designed defensive driving courses taught by professional instructors. It has become known in the industry for its efficient, thorough, and rewarding courses and is considered a standard by which other companies measure themselves.

Agency rankings are not the only distinction that I Drive Safely has earned. It has garnered top customer reviews, is widely recommended among driving trainers and enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). What makes I Drive Safely so customer-oriented is the fact that it was co-founded by two people who found themselves on the receiving end of traffic tickets and opted to pursue education rather than pay the fines. When they were forced to waste eight hours on a Saturday as well as deal with getting to class, pay for fuel to travel, and traverse scheduling nightmares, they figured there had to be a better way. I Drive Safely was born three months after the founders finished their course, in California, with the goal of making driving training as simple and efficient as possible.

The I Drive Safely school has more state approvals (25 to date) than any other service that offers online defensive driving courses. It is also approved in Canada. It consistently ranks at the top of both customer and professional reviews. It is a solid company with a solid approach designed to make the boring subject of defensive driving fun and convenient. I Drive Safely has been named Online Traffic School of the Year by us and is recognized as offering the best balance between text-based resources and interactive resources like video and animation.


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Improv Traffic School

For people who find driver’s education to be on par in terms of excitement with watching grass grow, Improv Traffic School may offer a solution. The Improv Course has served more than three million students with its comedy antics and has been voted the “Best Traffic School” for making driver’s education entertaining.

The philosophy at Improv Traffic School is to make learning about driving fun. They achieve their success by hiring professional Hollywood writers to create funny, engaging, DMV-approved content to help people improve their driving skills and avoid expensive tickets. The school offers support seven days per week and has been noted to offer the “easiest courses allowed by law.” It carries an A+ rating from the BBB, Trustwave validation, and a 5-Star Excellence Award from Shopper Approved. Improv’s courses have been shown to reduce future violations by 64% by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Improve Traffic School is currently approved in twelve states.

Not only that, when you sign up with Improv Traffic School, you get four free tickets to the Improv Comedy Club. That’s a $60-value at no charge just for completing a defensive driving course. has served more than six million students in more than sixteen different states both online and in person. The company offers everything from online defensive driving training to in-person professional lessons. It has been featured in TechCrunch, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Wired, and Fortune. offers 24×7 customer support and more than 50 free practice permit tests.

The company has more than 25 years of experience in driver’s education, having been founded well before online driving schools became popular. Its online courses have been proven to help people learn through a combination of videos, 3-D animations, and case studies. even offers defensive driving games online to make learning more fun.


Founded in 2012, Aceable is a newcomer in the online defensive driving industry that originated in Austin, Texas. It now offers online courses in other states, but its largest market remains to be where its roots are at. 

Since its inception, Aceable has received millions of dollars in funding and investment, which allowed it to develop web-based defensive driving programs with cutting-edge technology. Its online courses are perhaps the most modern, most up-to-date in the country. They are also highly interactive. Aceable’s courses contain rich graphics, high-quality videos, 3D animations, and entertaining games that help students retain information. 

Aceable also makes learning easy and convenient by offering defensive driving courses via an app. Its state-approved official mobile app fully replaces in-classroom education. It provides students a way to study without even having to use a laptop. You can go through the lessons at your pace with just your smartphone. You won’t even need to make time for it because you can do it while you’re on a quick break, when you’re on the bus, or when you’re in line at a supermarket. is designed to make online driver’s education affordable and even offers a money-back guarantee. Courses consist entirely of text in an effort to make them simple, affordable, and manageable. While many text-based courses are boring, has worked hard to ensure that its courses are straightforward and therefore engaging. TrafficSchool101 gives you exactly what you need and nothing more.

In case you aren’t sure if a text-based course is right for you, has you covered. You can take up to 25% of a course for free. If the course is right for you, then you can pay to get the other 75% of the content and take the exam. The company offers a money-back guarantee so, if you get through the course and don’t like it, you can get a refund. As an added bonus, every 100th customer gets the course for free. is one of the younger online traffic schools in this review, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking. Established in 1999, the school has been able to serve more than four million customers while retaining a five-star rating online and an A+ rating from the BBB. The company provides interactive courses that customers can start and stop any time they want, is approved for ticket dismissal and insurance reduction in most states, and offers a lowest-price guarantee. may be the best course for individuals who aren’t computer savvy or who find online courses difficult to navigate. Like most online traffic schools, will automatically notify the courts that you have passed a course.

Making the Most of Your Money


The Internet has simplified the way we do many things, including taking an online course for ticket dismissal or insurance savings. With online defensive driving schools, you won’t need to step out of your home to attend several hours of class. With these online schools, you can completely take control of your schedule and study only when you want.  

The defensive driving online schools mentioned above will give you Texas drivers the biggest bang for your buck. They are all well-regarded and offer outstanding services. Which course you choose will depend less on quality, because they are all good, and more on your needs in terms of educational materials, costs, and user interface. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with any of the choices above, especially given that most offer money-back guarantees. The only limiting factor for any of these courses would be that one of them isn’t approved in your state.



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