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What Is the Best Online Arizona Traffic School & Defensive Driving Course?

If you were caught speeding on the long stretch between Flagstaff and Phoenix or caused a fender bender in Tucson, you might be in need of a high-quality traffic school. Like many drivers today, you might prefer to register with an online traffic school that not only provides the coursework you need but is also convenient. Long gone are the days of taking your Arizona defensive driving course in a boring classroom. If you’re searching for the best online Arizona Traffic School, check out a course like Improv Traffic School with its uniquely entertaining and informative platform, a popular choice among Arizonans hoping to have their tickets dismissed or are required to complete a defensive driving course.

Quick List Of The Top-Rated Online Traffic Schools

Traffic School Or Defensive Driving?

You might be wondering what the difference is between a traffic school and defensive driving course is. Quite simply, it is the exact same thing. Most states call their ticket dismissal courses “traffic school” but in the state of Arizona it is officially known as “defensive driving.” Many schools still call themselves a traffic school in Arizona. If you are signing up for ticket dismissal or driving record point reduction, you can take any state-certified online defensive driving or traffic school course.

How To Find The Best Online Defensive Driving Or Traffic School Course In Arizona

In the state of Arizona, there are currently more than 100 state-certified online defensive driving courses. While it’s great that you have so many options, how are you supposed to know which courses are the best? While the list above gives you some quick options to choose from, here are some more detailed options.

Improv Traffic School: The Least Boring Online Defensive Driving Course In Arizona

Improv Traffic School is a popular online option for Arizona drivers to complete their defensive driving requirements. Regularly voted the “best traffic school” in Arizona, Comedy Traffic School by Improv boasts an entertaining platform and is also Arizona court-approved and certified by the Supreme Court of the State of Arizona. This course is written and instructed by real comedians from the nationwide chain of Improv Comedy Clubs. Rest assured, you’ll actually be entertained going through this defensive driving program.

Improv Traffic School utilizes a service called Shopper Approved which surveys current and former customers who have gone through the course. With over 135,000 reviews from real verified customers, Improv Traffic School gets over a 4.5 rating out of 5.

The Improv Traffic School has been delivering defensive driving courses for more than twenty years. This online defensive driving school has been certified to deliver online coursework in Arizona since 2009. No matter where you live in the state, you can register to receive certified coursework with the Comedy Traffic School as they are certified for every court jurisdiction. This is our #1 choice for Arizona online defensive driving by a long shot.

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Go To Traffic School: The Easiest Arizona Online Traffic School

Go To Traffic School is one of the oldest home-based defensive driving courses in Arizona. They used to send traffic school courses to your home through the mail with workbooks and DVD’s. In fact, you can still use their DVD program if you want to, but of course, most decide to complete it online as it is typically faster and easier.

Most people don’t choose to take a traffic school or defensive driving course. It is something that most of us do by necessity in order to protect our driving records and bank accounts. So, what really makes a traffic school the BEST online defensive driving course in Arizona? Easy! Go To Traffic School is the fastest and easiest online course to sign up for.

Not only are they fast and easy, but this course was recently updated with a brand new user interface, videos, animations, and even games to help keep your interest as you progress through the program. They offer low pricing and don’t have any sneaky hidden fees at the end like some other courses have. You should certainly consider Go To Traffic School as it is a legit, long-standing, state-certified online defensive driving school at a good price.

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Traffic School To Go: Cheapest Arizona Defensive Driving Course

As they say on their FAQ page, “we offer the lowest defensive driving course prices in Arizona with absolutely no hidden fees. Operated by The American Safety Council, Traffic School To Go is the cheapest online traffic school or defensive driving course you will find in Arizona. However, they also happen to be one of the highest quality courses.

For example, most online defensive driving courses only offer “extended customer service hours” but not 24/7/365 support. Even though Traffic School To Go is cheap, they offer this type of support.

The course is also regularly updated. It works well on mobile devices, you can switch between devices at any time, log into and out of the course whenever you want, and there are extras included in the price such as same-day certificate processing. Approved in every court jurisdiction in Arizona, this is a fantastic and low priced online traffic school to consider.

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iDriveSafely: The Best All-Around Arizona Online Defensive Driving School*

iDriveSafely Arizona Online Defensive Driving

*NOTE: iDriveSafely is currently unavailable in Arizona.

iDriveSafely is one of the safest options you can go with. This is one of the oldest online defensive driving courses in Arizona. They have had millions of students pass their traffic school and defensive driving courses, and with thousands of reviews, they have consistently remained highly rated by sources such as Yelp, TrustPilot, the Better Business Bureau, and other various sites around the web.

In order to track user satisfaction, iDriveSafely utilizes a service called TrustPilot which asks for ratings and reviews from verified paying customers. With over 13,000 reviews, they receive an overwhelmingly positive rating of well over 4 stars.

Taking an Arizona traffic school is never fun, whether you are taking it online or in a classroom. But iDriveSafely tends to be one of the easier and faster ways to get your requirements done.

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(*NOTE: iDriveSafely is currently NOT approved for ticket dismissal in Arizona)

Are You Eligible To Take Defensive Driving In Arizona?

In most cases, drivers with minor traffic violations will be eligible for a certified driving course that will result in ticket dismissal. However, serious violations or collisions that resulted in serious injuries may not be eligible for ticket dismissal. To find out if you are eligible, you can visit the Comedy Traffic School by Improv website, fill in their free online eligibility check, and find out conveniently whether you are eligible. You’ll need to submit your driver’s license number and your violation date. Once you find out that you are eligible, you can register online to take your required coursework. You can view a list of violations that qualify for traffic school here.

Be Aware Of Highly Outdated Defensive Driving Schools

One reason why Improv Traffic School is attracting so many Arizona drivers is that the entire process is handled online. Drivers register online and complete their coursework online. Not only that, but the coursework is regularly updated and maintained to make sure it works properly on mobile devices and is as quick and easy as legally required.

The convenience that this online traffic school offers also extends to fee collection. The school collects fees required by the court and state so you don’t have to send them yourself to these agencies. In addition, the school also handles your completion and fines with the court so you don’t have to handle that step of the process yourself either. You will also receive a certification of completion for your own files or to share with your insurance provider. This completion certificate is sent the same day you complete the program.

And of course, you should look for 7-day weekly online support. If you have questions, you can find out the answers you need right away. An additional reason why Improv Traffic School is so highly recommended and has attracted lots of drivers nationwide is that the courses work on any device. From your desktop to your mobile platform, any technology gadget that accesses the internet may be all you need to complete your traffic school requirements. Believe it or not, there are still online driving schools that are not mobile-friendly!

Avoid The Boredom That Arizona Online Defensive Driving Causes

The comedic nature of the Improv Traffic School is what makes it so unique among any other type of traffic school. If you think that traffic school is little more than a boring yawn session, think again. The school has infused comedy throughout the coursework to effectively entertain as it informs. This delightful mix resonates with drivers of all ages and appears to be generating positive results among drivers that have completed the course and have nothing but positive things to say about their experience.

How An Arizona Online Defensive Driving Course Works

Ten chapters provide the basic course framework. Students can move through each chapter at their own pace. The online course covers the same material as one finds in the physical classroom, so there’s no reason to worry about the quality of the material you are learning. The law recognizes that the online course is perfectly valid. The course focuses on safe driving skills that drivers need to have to operate their vehicles safely and in accordance with the law. A considerable portion of the course focuses on driving offenses that drivers can receive tickets for. The course will also reinforce the need for vehicular safety equipment and why drivers should never drive under the influence or when fatigued.

The format of each chapter is fairly basic. Drivers are required to do some reading and then take the subsequent quiz. Each chapter also features video information that can enhance the learning experience and supplement the informational reading. The videos add humor as well as information for each course participant. The videos are optional, but they do enhance one’s understanding of the presented concepts. Participants should also note that there is no limit to the number of times they can log in. They simply need to complete the course in accordance with the court’s time frame.

Reduce Points against Your Driver’s License With Online Traffic School

A major benefit of taking a certified defensive driving course in Arizona is the reduction of points against the driver’s license. In Arizona, points are added to one’s license as a penalty resulting from traffic violations. Drivers who opt not to take the course or fail to complete a driving course will have points added to their license. The accumulation of points can result in license suspension and higher insurance rates. Completing a defensive driving course prevents points from being added to the driver’s record.

The Improv Traffic School is known for its exciting course platform and affordable fees. While there are certainly traditional traffic schools and other online schools that impart defensive driving coursework, the Improv experience has become a popular option in Arizona as well as in other US states. Rather than suffer the addition of points on your license because of traffic violations and risk a suspension, consider registering for the school’s online course. You can even ensure that your insurance rates remain unaffected by your traffic citations once you complete the certified course. If you have questions, the school’s website is extensive yet easy to navigate. You’re likely to find your answer on the website, but you can also easily get in touch with the school for assistance.

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