What Is The Lowest Priced Traffic School Online

Police departments across the country issue 40 million traffic tickets each year; the average penalty levied is worth $150. High penalties do make sense — a traffic violation is a reliable sign of careless driving. Research shows that people who receive traffic tickets are twice as likely as those who don’t. A traffic ticket can be a good way to help drivers remember that they need to be careful.

Fortunately, if you’ve been handed a ticket, the law gives you a way to learn your lesson without paying up. Once every 18 months or so (it may be longer in certain jurisdictions), you can sign up for a stint at traffic school as a way of getting out of paying the penalty on a ticket.

If it’s saving money that you’re concerned about, though, it doesn’t make much sense to pick an expensive traffic school.

Want The Fast Answer? THIS Is The Online Traffic School You Should Sign Up For

How do you go about finding the lowest priced online traffic school out there?

Your first thought should be to head to an online school, rather than a regular, physical one. Not only do online traffic school courses come with lower price tags, going online will let you take your course at home or anywhere else that’s convenient. You won’t need to take time off from work or spend on transportation to get to class — all ways in which the cost of traffic school courses tend to add up.

Online traffic schools also tend to offer more engaging and entertaining lessons then regular, physical schools. You have fun learning, and you have your ticket dismissed quickly. Once you do decide to take the online route, a simple search online will throw up hundreds of schools to choose from. To zero in on the cheapest one, you’ll need to have a method in mind.

Get the standard ways to save out of the way

As with any purchase, finding a competitive price on a course at an online traffic school takes a little work.

Shop around: Traffic school courses range in price from less than $15 to as much as $100. Since you don’t want to sacrifice on quality, the sensible way to go about picking a course would be to check out reviews before you buy. Once you decide which the best schools are, you can check out the website of each one to learn about their pricing.

Go to an affiliate site: Whatever traffic school you finally decide on, you shouldn’t buy directly at the school’s site. Buying from a site that promotes the traffic school’s products guarantees a cheaper price because they normally offer discount codes.

Look for coupon codes: Just as with any supermarket purchase, many traffic schools publish coupon codes on different websites. Looking around on the Internet for a few can help you net a sizable discount.

Abandon your cart: This trick works with some sites. You need to add a course to your shopping cart, and then simply leave without buying. Sometimes, the seller/school will send you a reminder email a day later, with a discount included.

Look for price fluctuations: Prices on any product can fluctuate several times a week, or even over the course of a day. If the price of a traffic school course drops a few days after you pay for it, the school may be willing to process a refund for the difference. You simply need to take a screenshot of the newly lowered price, and email the school to ask for a refund.

Make sure that you get quality for your money

It’s important to know how to tell a quality traffic school apart from a mediocre one. Good traffic schools offer engaging, well-prepared courses with interactive content, all delivered with a minimum of boredom. You should consider courses by schools such as Improv Traffic School (which offers fun, entertaining lessons, and bills itself as the “comedy traffic school”) or I Drive Safely, which offers in-depth learning that you can go through in very little time.

You shouldn’t accept anything less than a school with an A rating with the BBB, and licensing by the DMV. These credentials ensure that you get both a quality product, and are treated well as a customer.

Make sure that there are no hidden fees involved

Many traffic schools advertise their courses at low prices, but then charge you extra when you sign up. For instance, in some cases, the prices that schools advertise tend to be for different, low-priced jurisdictions; you only learn about the price that you need to pay for your jurisdiction once you sign up.

Various essential components of the course may be counted as chargeable add-ons, too. For instance, once you complete the course, the school may charge extra for the test itself; when you finish the test, they may charge extra to submit your test results to the DMV. Some schools even charge completely fictional fees: a fee to mail certificates to you is one example — no physical certificate is necessary in an online course.

Finally, you need to hurry up

Once you receive your traffic ticket, you only have a couple of weeks at most to sign up for traffic school, and pass the test. Once you do, it takes time for any traffic school to deliver the results to the DMV. Since the process takes several days, you need to waste no time signing up if you don’t want to have your ticket dismissed.

Best Low-Priced Online Traffic Schools to Consider


With course fees as low as $8, depending on the state, iDriveSafely is no doubt one of your best choices for affordable online traffic schools. Apart from affordability, it is also a quick and easy traffic school to go through. Its courses are the minimum length required by law, which means you don’t have to spend more time than you will need to meet the requirements for dismissing a ticket. It also offers excellent customer service. Unlike other schools, iDriveSafely has a US-based in-house customer support team that will handle all of your requests and queries. 


GoToTrafficSchool is high up on the list of the best budget-friendly online traffic school options. It offers the lowest price guarantee. If you find a cheaper alternative, GoToTrafficSchool will beat the price and take off another dollar. It promises to be the most affordable without compromising quality. Over the years, it has had more than four million users, and it has helped many people mask a violation, satisfy a court order, lower insurance premiums, and remove driver record points. 


Another budget-friendly option that does not skimp on the course quality is MyImprov. It is the brainchild of professionals in the world-famous Improv Comedy Club. They had an idea to make traffic school fun and interesting. The school has a light-hearted approach to teaching. It features goofy videos, jokes, and memes that will make you laugh out loud while learning. Despite the humor, you’ll still be able to learn everything you need to know.  


Finally, here’s an online traffic school that offers courses using advanced technology at a fraction of the price. 

Aceable is a rookie in the online traffic school business. Founded only in 2012, it is younger than most of its competitors, but it is one of the top-rated schools with consistently high customer reviews. Its traffic school programs feature high-quality videos, rich graphics, 3D animations, and interactive quizzes and are offered at affordable prices.