The Four Best Online Traffic Schools For Texas Teens

Preparing your teenager for driving can be a bit stressful. We know the dangers they’ll face on the highway and we’re concerned about whether or not they are ready to handle such a big responsibility. However, we’re also just as excited about their independence. We’ll no longer have to be a parental taxi service and it would be nice to have them run a few household errands to give us more free time. Fortunately, we can help them get ready to hit the road by sending them to teen driving school. Teen driving school will teach them all the rules of the road and equip them with the skills they need to pass the Texas driver’s test.

Why Online Traffic School Is Great For Teens

One of the best options for teen driving schools in Texas is online traffic school. By taking a course through an online traffic school, teens will be able to learn at their own pace, either with the guidance of a professional instructor or your help. They will learn everything they need to prepare them for the challenges of the road and develop great skills so they will become lifelong defensive drivers. Plus, teenagers interface well with technology so it’s a great medium for them to learn. Not to mention, your teen with get an insurance discount if they’ve completed driver’s education. So it is an investment that will pay for itself. 

Here are the top reasons to enroll your teen in online driver’s ed vs in-person driver’s ed:

  • Teens are busy! An online driving school will allow your teens to study at their own pace and during their free time. There’s no need to bring your teen to the local driving school. That means less money and time wasted for commutes and sitting in a classroom.
  • Online driving schools take into consideration flexible learning styles for all. Some great schools, like iDrivesafely, offer a wide variety of innovative resources to help teens become immersed in learning. Some examples are audio, simulations, video, and video games.
  • Teens aren’t new to technology and mobile use. In fact, mobile phones might be the ideal mode of delivery for teens! Schools like Improv Traffic School and Aceable developed a mobile-friendly application to make learning on the phone easy, convenient, and interactive. 
  • Online driver’s ed is the fastest way to finish your required hours. While both classroom and online teen driver’s ed requires 32 hours of instruction, finishing your course online means that you can study in manageable chunks rather than sitting in a classroom for hours on end.

The bottom line is that online driver’s ed is a legitimate way for your teen to complete their driver’s ed instruction requirement. Aside from the convenience of learning at home and their own pace, online driver’s ed saves you the time and money involved in commuting to a classroom.

There are also online driver’s ed courses like the ones we mentioned that offer some of the most innovative learning tools that your teens will surely enjoy studying.

So if you’re looking for a great way for your teen to learn how to drive, consider one of these four online driving schools:

Top Four Online Teen Driving Schools

1. Safe 2 Drive

If you are looking for a great school that offers parent-taught driver’s education (PTDE), Safe 2 Drive is a great choice. It is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration (TDLR). Safe 2 Drive is an online program that was developed by licensed instructors to meet the 32-hour Texas driving training requirement. Parents are given a comprehensive lesson plan to help guide their children through the interactive coursework. Once the student has completed all the coursework, they can take the Texas Knowledge Test online instead of at the Department of Public Safety (DPS). The teen driver course at Safe 2 Drive is affordable too. It only costs around $50. So if you are looking for a way to be involved in your teenager’s driver training, Safe 2 Drive is the perfect option.

2. Teen Texas Driving

Another great option is Teen Texas Driving. Unlike other online schools, Teen Texas Driving focuses specifically on driver’s education for teenagers. The course is fully approved by the DPS and students as young as 14 can enroll in the class. They also offer a compatible behind-the-wheel training program with a professional instructor, so your teen can log the 14 required driving hours with an expert. The course costs a little more than some of the other online training programs at around $75, but offers a full range of learning materials from videos and practice tests, to 24/7 live support from a professional instructor. Plus if your teenager has text anxiety and fails the final exam, they can retake the course as many times as they need until they pass. At the end of the course, your teen will be able to take the Texas driver’s knowledge exam and will receive a certificate of completion in the mail. Teen Texas Driving is a great option to ensure your teen learns everything they need to pass the driver’s test.

3. is a great company that provides driver training for teens between the ages of 14-17. It is approved by TDLR, the Road Safety Educators’ Association, and the Driving School Association of the Americas, so you can be sure it provides a high-quality course for your teen. One of the standout features of the teen program at is that it comes with a free, downloadable app so your teen can learn on the go on their smartphone. They also offer games and over 50 practices so your teen can get a lot of practice in before taking the DPS driver’s test. also offers a free certificate of completion delivery. The course is offered both as PTDE or guided by a professional instructor and only costs $74.95. So if you are looking for a flexible course with a lot of supplemental resources to ensure your teen learns everything they could possibly need to know, look no further than

4. Teen Driving Course

If your teenager is a great student but suffers from test anxiety, Teen Driving Course is a great option. They are approved by the TDLR and offer PTDE instruction. While online driver’s ed will cost around $70, one of the cool things about the Teen Driving course is they offer a separate testing package for $15. So if your teen already has the knowledge to get behind the wheel and just needs to practice taking the test, this is a great option. The test has four different testing styles that can be tailored to the testing needs of your teen so they can be sure to pass. So if your teen needs help passing the Texas driver’s test, Teen Driving Course is the program for them.

So if your teenager is ready to learn how to drive, check out one of these four programs. No matter what their learning needs are, there are some great options available for online teen driver instruction. If you want to learn more about teen driver training, check out the Traffic School Critics website. We have tons of information about driving schools and we can help you make an informed choice, especially when it comes to preparing your teen for the road.