GoToTrafficSchool vs. Aceable Traffic School

So you need to complete traffic school — can’t say we envy you. I mean, there are a lot of words we can use to describe a traffic school, but exciting isn’t one of them.

Unfortunately, the disadvantages of not attending outweigh the potential challenges of completing the court-mandated course, so it’s best to comply. More than that, you don’t even have to go in person these days. 

Thankfully, online traffic school has gained popularity, and you won’t find yourself at a loss if you’re looking for a provider. However, not all traffic schools are created equal — you may find that some fit your preferences more than others.

That said, two of the biggest online traffic school names are GoToTrafficSchool and Aceable. Either of them is an excellent option if you need to have a ticket dismissed.

But the more important question is which is better suited for YOU? 

By the end of this article, we hope you’d have figured out the answer.

GoToTrafficSchool vs Aceable – A Side-By-Side Comparison

If you want to dive straight into the details, here’s how GoToTrafficSchool and Aceable Traffic School match up. 

Comparison AreasGoToTrafficSchoolAceable Traffic School
AvailabilityApproved in 46 States(AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IO, KS, LA, ME, MD, MA, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VE, WA, DC, VT, WV, WI, WY)Approved in 4 states(CA, FL, IN, TX)
Product Diversity(Course Options)Traffic School / Defensive DrivingInsurance Reduction / Mature DriversDriver Fleet Training CoursesDriver’s EdTraffic School / Defensive DrivingInsurance Reduction / Mature DriverDriver’s Ed
User ExperienceAn affordable, straightforward, traffic school course that gets the job doneA modern, engaging, and gamified approach to traffic school
Pricing (varies between states)Ranges from $10 to $50Ranges from $20 to $40
Reviews3.8-Star Rating from Trustpilot4.9-Star Rating from Trustpilot
FeaturesOffers various add-ons when you purchase a courseHas a downloadable mobile app for Android and iOS users

The succeeding sections give you more information about each area we explored.

Course Availability

There is a stark difference between GoToTrafficSchool and Aceable’s course availability — and the former holds the advantage.

Let’s look at GoToTrafficSchool first. It offers approved courses in most states — the only exceptions are Kentucky, Michigan, North Dakota, New Mexico, and Ohio. These 5 states are not approved. However, you may find a course specific for that state. 

In comparison, Aceable’s course is only available if you live in California, Florida, Indiana, or Texas. They may have some of the most engaging content online, but if you can’t access it, it really won’t help your situation.

Product Diversity

Both schools offer a variety of courses, which means both are excellent options for long-term use. If you like your experience with either school, you can re-enroll for other reasons, such as driver’s education or insurance reduction.

Aceable, however, offers courses besides those focused on driving and safety. They also have programs to help aspiring and incumbent real estate professionals fulfill their education requirements in AceableAgent. They’re even including CE nursing courses soon!

So while they lack availability, they do offer more course diversity. 

User Experience

If your primary objective is to get your ticket dismissed, either school makes it possible. However, your journey towards this goal differs vastly, depending on which school you choose.

GoToTrafficSchool: An affordable, efficient, no-frills approach

If you’re after efficiency, GoToTrafficSchool is a solid choice. 

If you’re from a state that requires course timers, you’ll be glad to know that GoToTrafficSchool applies it to the entirety of its content. It means you can go through the material as fast as you want and, if you’ve got a lot of time left, take a break and come back to take the final exam.

You also can take the course in a variety of languages. This is excellent news if you’re not a native English speaker. You can get the courses in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Like other online traffic schools, you have the freedom to access the material anytime you want. You can go through the coursework as fast or as slow, too.

To help you avoid procrastinating, GoToTrafficSchool provides you with a dashboard that shows your progress. You can keep track of the number of days you have left before the court’s due date and how long you have before the course expires. All of these allow you to manage your time better!

Although GoToTrafficSchool includes some pictures and videos, you should prepare yourself for a bit of reading as most of the content is in text format. On the brighter side, this allows you to go through the content quickly. 

Aceable: A modern and engaging approach

One way to make traffic school easier to bear is to choose a course that allows for more engagement. 

Like most courses, Aceable is divided into chapters, each focusing on a single subject. Now, instead of calling these units or modules, Aceable terms them as levels.

It’s a small thing, but it gives you a gamified feel. As you reach higher levels, you get closer to the final objective: passing the course exam (or, in game-speak, the big boss).

Aceable also delivers its content in bite-sized pieces, making it easier for you to take in information. What’s more, it has attractive images and informative videos to keep your interest piqued.

Aceable’s course is appropriate if you intend to learn about defensive driving or other safety techniques. But if you’re after a fast one, it might not be your best bet.

Remember the videos within the course? You can’t forward those, so it’ll slow you down, even if you live in a state that doesn’t require course timers. 

If you do, it’ll even take you longer. Aceable’s course timers are on each page. It can affect your pace significantly.


The cost of the courses varies between states — it’s something both schools share. The price range also isn’t that different.

The cost of the courses from GoToTrafficSchool has a slightly broader range. These are priced from under $10 to just below $50, depending on the state. It’s understandable, considering it serves 46 states.

In comparison, Aceable’s courses range from $20 to $40. Again, these depend on where you live.

When it comes to pricing, however, GoToTrafficSchool offers two advantages that Aceable doesn’t.

First, GoToTrafficSchool has a Lowest Price Guarantee. If you find a similar course with a lower rate, you can tell them about it, and they’ll remove $1 from their price, so it becomes even cheaper.

Second, it offers a Pay Later option. It means you can go through the entire course without paying. The only time you’ll need to settle payments is when you want to take the final exam.

How great is that?


For reviews, we checked what users said about both schools through Trustpilot. No online traffic school is perfect, so there is positive and negative feedback about both. Here’s what users have to say.

GoToTrafficSchool: A 3.8-Star Rating from Trustpilot

There are over 200 reviews for GoToTrafficSchool on Trustpilot. Using a 5-point scale, almost 60% of responders gave 5-star reviews. If you’re interested in what they specifically have to say, here are some examples:

“Good morning I learned a lot on your site. Very easy site to navigate through and a lot of information on site. Thank you.”

–        Curtis (2019, June)

“Straightforward and informative course. Not excessive and still covers what it needs to.”

– Lisa (2019, June)

On the other hand, 35 users were less than satisfied with their experience. We noticed that most of these involved receiving their certificates.

“The materials were very clear, and accurate. However!! The site very poorly explains their processing of certificates, and when I receive an email that states I’ll receive it today; best believe that is what I expect. They nickel and dime you for absolutely everything you could possibly think of. I understand they need to make money, but making false statements in emails being sent out is in NO WAY appreciated, or appropriate.”

– Aaron Shaw (2020, October)

“After i completed the course it then told me itll take 5-10 days to receive my certification.

I paid for shipping a paper copy, Didn’t receive tracking #s.

When i called and asked for the status of my cert they said i should receive it soon and wouldn’t track it.

I requested a PDF of the cert and they charged me an extra $5.00.”

– TJ (2019, August)

Aceable: A 4.9-Star Rating from Trustpilot

Aceable had more users leave reviews — there are almost 35,000 on the site. 91% or over 31,000 gave a 5-star rating. It tells you how happy most of Aceable’s students are.

“An amazing and easy app. Very helpful and fun to complete, this motivated me to finish fast and do it right. Would definitely recommend it to anyone else.”

– Ivania (2021, December)

“Enjoy this course Understood every step-by-step..Thank You! Learn Alot Of New And Old Laws”

– Kamedra (2021, December)

Despite all that, there are still users who were unhappy with their experience. Most of these weren’t about the material itself but with other services Aceable provides. These involve the sending of certificates and the final exam.

“I needed my certificate today and It was not emailed. Very disappointed.”

– Geronimo (2021, December)

“Why can’t you show test scores if you fail? I want to know if I was close or not. And fix the site on computers.”

– Gael (2021, October)


You’ll notice that one review mentioned a mobile app for Aceable. It’s one of its outstanding features. While other online traffic schools say their content is mobile-friendly (which means you can use it on your phone’s browser), you can download an actual app for Aceable.

It makes the interface smoother, giving you a more modern and progressive traffic school experience. Whether you’re an android or an iOS user, the app is compatible with your smartphone. It also automatically syncs with the other devices you use, so you’ll never lose any of your progress.

GoToTrafficSchool, on the other hand, offers a variety of upgrades when you sign up with them.

You can opt to purchase a Read-Along upgrade, which best suits auditory learners. It also gives you a chance to rest your eyes while continuing to learn.

Another upgrade is getting unlimited attempts for the final exam. It takes away some pressure from needing to pass the test within several tries. Sometimes, being less stressed makes you perform better!

In Conclusion

Both GoToTrafficSchool and Aceable are excellent options for online traffic schools. Both have their own set of strengths despite having one or two things that may make you think.

At the end, which one’s better for you depends on your priorities. If you’re after speed, GoToTrafficSchool may be the way to go. 

But if you want to be engaged, Aceable may provide a better experience. 

One thing you can’t question is the quality of information each provides.

So figure out what’s vital for you and see which online traffic school can match it. 

Good luck!

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