The Honest Truth About Traffic School

So you’ve just gotten a ticket, done a bit of research, and discovered that you can enroll in traffic school to get everything dismissed. It’s certainly tempting to just enroll in the first class that’s available, but before you do it’s important to understand what traffic school is like.

It’s Not as Inconvenient as You May Think You Might Not Ever Have To Step Foot In A Classroom

Five or ten years ago, traffic school meant signing up for a course, driving to and from the class, and taking a day (or more) out of your schedule to complete it all. Today, with the number of online traffic schools available, you might not even have to set foot inside a classroom. you might actually be able to complete your traffic school online.

If you’re holding down a full-time job and have a family to take care of at home, chances are, your plate is already full. Taking a traffic school online takes away the stress of moving schedules around to accommodate an in-person class.

One of the first things you should figure out, however, is that the traffic school online is approved in your state. Although online courses are available, not all schools are accredited everywhere. If you’re not careful, you might find yourself wasting time and money on a traffic school course that your courts won’t accept. 

This isn’t something that every state offers, but it is becoming a more popular option. For busy adults who are motivated to squeeze lessons into their schedule, it’s an amazing way to ensure you don’t get a point on your license. Whether you sit down to do some work before dinner, right before you go to bed, or in between shifts at work, it’s much less stressful time-wise.

If you’re considering an online traffic school class, make sure the one you take is approved by your state. If it’s not, it will only end up being a waste of your time and money. Otherwise, the classes will all cover about the same information. Our reviews will give you a bit more insight into which online course is the best for you, based on what you’re looking for—although most people generally just want to finish the class quickly and by paying as little as possible. We offer a lot of discount codes for online classes in many states, and if you’re lucky you live in a state where the online course with no state-mandated minimum. This means that once the work is done, it’s done, whether you take two hours or two days to finish it up.

It Might Not Be the Most Interesting Thing in the World It’s Boring

It’s true – no one takes traffic school because they want to. They do it because it’s required. And sometimes that takes all the fun out of the experience.

There are three common reasons why people attend traffic schools. It’s either they have a ticket they want to be dismissed, they’re trying to reduce the number of points on their driving record (and avoid having their license suspended), or they want to get a discount from their auto insurance policy. For reasons like these, people just want to get through the materials as fast as possible.

If you’ve been driving for a while, attending traffic school might feel like a drag because they teach things you already know. But mumbling and grumbling about it won’t help, so you might as well enjoy yourself in the process.

Different online traffic schools offer different experiences. TrafficSchoolToGo offers courses with a modern feel and straightforwardly delivers their content. Another advantage is their courses are reasonably priced.

MyImprov, another online traffic school, designs its defensive driving courses to be light by using humor. Since it was established by a group of comedians, this isn’t much of a surprise. When you take a course with MyImprov, you even get free tickets to the Improv Comedy Club.

The content may not be new, but if you’re taking it online, the way it’s delivered can be. Before you decide where to purchase your traffic school course, make sure to read reviews about them. 

These can help you figure out what each school offers, how their materials are delivered, and which one matches your tastes.

The truth is, nobody takes traffic school because they want to do it or because they think it will be fun. People enroll in a traffic school because they got pulled over for a traffic violation and received a ticket from a police officer—not fun. Traffic school essentially re-teaches people some of the basics of safe driving and, if they pass the final test, they won’t have to worry about points being added to their license. If too many points get acquired, a license can be suspended, so taking traffic school is a good preventative measure.

That said, the content is relatively dry and not intended to be that enjoyable, and its primary goal is to remind those who take it how to drive safely. To make matters worse, a lot of times it will happen on a weekend, meaning that you’ll have to sacrifice a beautiful, sunny Saturday to sit in a cramped, humid classroom and learn about driving. Excited yet?

There are a few ways to deal with this, though. First of all, consider an online traffic school instead of one that you take in person. With an online course, you can spread out the lessons to fit into your schedule rather than setting aside a day or a few days at a time to take the course. Additionally, if the bore factor is a significant concern of yours, consider enrolling in improv traffic school. Improv traffic school covers the same material but was created by a bunch of Hollywood comedians—meaning there are jokes and laughs thrown in that can spice things up. You’ll still be getting the information you need to pass the class, but it’s presented in a different, more interesting way.

It’s Actually Pretty Easy

Whether you go with an online traffic school or an in-person class, know that it’s not a difficult course to complete. After all, if it were incredibly challenging, not many people would pass, and if that were the case then a lot of people wouldn’t even bother enrolling.

The big challenge with traffic school is simply sitting down and doing it. No one likes the idea of spending their weekend in a classroom, listening to a boring teacher talk about red lights, yielding, and rights-of-way. Even if you opt for an online class, you still have to sit down and do the work. If you fail to do so, you fail the class—and that means a point (or points) on your license.

So if the content itself is not the concern, then the main hurdle is making sure you schedule yourself in a class near where you live or that you enroll online and pass the quizzes and tests. Write down the times in your calendar that you’re dedicating to traffic school and stick to it. Additionally, don’t put things off until the last minute. A lot of states will give you up to 90 days to complete the course, but it’s much less of a burden to simply get it done and over with rather than delaying it.

You Can’t Take It For Every Ticket You Get

Although traffic school is no sweat in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t a free pass to be a bad driver. Any state that allows you to take traffic school to waive a point on your license also puts limits on how often this can be done (it varies state to state, but it’s common to only work once every twelve months). Additionally—and again, this varies based on where you live—certain offenses won’t apply. For example, if you’ve been pulled over for driving under the influence or have hit a pedestrian, traffic school may not be an option for you. 

You also have to be aware of state regulations. For example, drivers in West Virginia can’t get a ticket dismissed by taking traffic school online. Neither will it reduce points from your driving record. If you want either of these to happen, you’ll have to complete traffic school the traditional way — in a classroom.

Traffic school is a good preventative measure, but take it as a warning to be a more careful driver so that you don’t have to deal with more serious problems in the future.

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