The New Technology Of Online Driving School Classes

Whether you’ve enrolled your teen in driver’s ed or are completing a defensive driving class to lower your insurance costs, online education has come a long way in the past couple of years. 

Ten years ago it was pretty uncommon to hear about taking traffic school online; now, though, it’s possible in many states, and more are on the way to making this an option.

When people imagine an online driving school class, they picture a variety of things. Some envision incredibly outdated technology, pages with endless text, and an overall dry and boring presentation. Others might think of awkward videos with bad actors and cheesy graphics. Some still might imagine a clunky interface that’s difficult to manage and slow to get through.

Maybe when online driver’s ed, traffic school, and defensive driving classes were just getting started these were the types of things you could expect. 

But today, taking a driving school class online actually surpasses a traditional classroom setting in many ways, and not only because it poses fewer time constraints and allows students to work at their own pace. 

An online class can incorporate all different types of media and different technology, making the learning process more enjoyable and more successful.

Want The FAST Answer? This is the Best Online Driving School


Goofy stock photos or images that look like they were created in the Microsoft Paint program epitomize the early age of the internet. Now, though, seeing things like that on a website or company page are instant turn-offs.

As people in the modern age, we have set higher standards for the types of things we want to see and what we will trust, and outdated, silly-looking graphics are a thing of the past. 

Our highest-rated driving school, iDriveSafely, use some of their income to keep things updated and this makes them one of the most popular choices around. 

DriversEd, which also offers a traffic school option, also recently revamped its images and graphics to include 3D animations, giving it a much more modern look. 

And if you are looking for the most modern course out there, with the freshest graphical content, you have Aceable as the frontrunner. 

3D Driving Simulations

If you are going to learn about traffic rules and different safe driving situations, having it demonstrated through an interactive 3D driving simulation is the best way to do it. This should be easy to provide nowadays with the advanced technology we have today.

The problem is, not every school will find it practical to invest in modern technology. Some will even insist on the effectiveness of traditional learning. While we cannot assume that this is not true, an online education provider that is not willing to adjust to technological changes may soon find its course a bit lacking in terms of user experience.

Nevertheless, course providers that include 3D driving simulations such as Aceable and DriversEd will always be a good option. This is especially true for first-time drivers who don’t have enough real-life driving experience yet – it will prepare them for their behind-the-wheel training.

Games and Quizzes

The other features that driving schools can improve on using the technology we have today are their games and quizzes. These little additions can help students retain more information. 

Research findings within the field of psychology suggest that online games and quizzes incorporated in online lessons provide students with a variety of positive learning outcomes, like motivating students to read on to find the answers to the quizzes.

Some schools such as DriverEdToGo, iDriveSafely, DriversEd, and Aceable already include games and quizzes in their online courses. DriverEdToGo even created a dedicated Game’s Corner that students can access directly, even if they’re not doing their coursework. With the new technology we have now, it would be amazing to have more of these interactive games and quizzes to look forward to.

Check out DriverEdToGo’s Game Corner here.

Customer Service

Although no one ever feels particularly excited about reaching out to support a claim, it’s becoming much more common for online driver’s ed and traffic school classes to offer 24/7/365 support. This means that any questions you may have or technical assistance you might need can quickly be taken care of. No 24-48 hour waiting period, no sitting around in a chatroom with a robot. is an excellent example of a school with impeccable customer service. We wouldn’t necessarily say they’re the best traffic school out there, but their support makes them a contender. Although it’s an entirely text-based course, which some may consider a little boring, we’ve encountered many times when they’ve gone truly above and beyond to help out students.


People are visual creatures, and there’s a reason why YouTube is ever-growing in popularity. Ever wonder why you see more and more videos popping up on Facebook? It’s because they’re fun and entertaining, and today alone the site will reach over 100 million hours of video viewing time. People love videos.

Videos are also a wonderful way to teach and to help students learn. Not everyone learns in the same way—some people learn best when reading, others must see things in front of them, while others still need to have audio cues. Video can combine all of these elements to get the point across and engage students in a more intriguing way. is an excellent choice for people who are especially excited about the idea of video in their traffic school classes. First of all, Improv Traffic School incorporates humor to make the content more interesting since—let’s face it—traffic school is pretty boring. Although the course will cover the same thing as a traditional traffic school, this school will go for a bit of laugh factor to make things more bearable. And not only does it have the entertainment factor, but it includes a lot of funny videos, cartoons, and humorous stories mixed in with the content. For those who learn well with visual cues and are looking for something a little different in their traffic school, this is definitely the best choice out there.

Mobile-Friendly Classes that Work on All Devices

Long gone are the days that people only work on their computers to do things online. Now, most people have a small computer that fits in their pockets and just so happens to make phone calls as well. Other people use tablets to get their work done, not burdening themselves with a laptop computer to lug around or a desktop to find space for. In fact, nearly 70% of Americans own a smartphone and nearly half have a tablet computer. While computers are not necessarily on their way out, it’s a good reminder that the internet isn’t just when we sit down at our desks.

One of the most frustrating things to encounter is a website that’s not mobile-friendly. Today, it’s practically a requirement for any online business looking to succeed. For example, Aceable Online Drivers Ed works on any device, making it our top choice for an online driver’s ed class. One of the luxuries of an online class is that you can do it from anywhere that you have an internet connection. In the case of a site that works on phones or tablets as well, it simply opens up more opportunities to get the coursework done efficiently.