Learning the basics of driver’s education isn’t all that hard, at least not for most American teenagers. Even with alternatives like public transportation, bicycles, and feet available, American cities and suburbs were designed around cars and most kids pick up the basics from watching their parents drive.

That’s why it makes sense for driver’s ed courses to go online: a multimedia approach can hold teens’ attention better than a classroom setting and in many states students can go through the coursework at their own pace and get their certificate without wasting 30 hours learning what they already know.

However, not every online defensive driving course is created equal, and that’s where Traffic School Critics comes into play.

We Provide A Critical Resource

You might be surprised to learn that a site like Traffic School Critics exists, and you might wonder whether there’s a need to rate something as heavily regulated as an online defensive driving course, but think about it for a minute. Driver’s licenses and permits are handled at the state level, and although the rules of the road are largely the same across the nation, the rules for how to get a license are different enough that an online course available in every state won’t always be authorized to give you a valid certificate in all of them.

As if that weren’t enough, not every site is forthright enough to let you know where it is and isn’t a valid alternative to the in-person lessons, and some sites are outright scams which aren’t valid in any state. By reading our reviews at Traffic School Critics, you’ll know which online defensive driving course will let you avoid the 30 hours of after school lessons.

We Sort The Best From The Worst

We aren’t going to lie: every online defensive driving course, no matter how good, is about as fun as pulling teeth. That said, the best courses out there apply Novocain before they pull out the pliers by including videos, animations and other interactive features which help with memory retention and let the time go by more quickly.

That’s why the Traffic School Critics look at more criteria than just “it isn’t a scam.” We check customer reviews left on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other rating sites, we check their Better Business Bureau rating, we find out how much they charge, and we find out whether they work on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. And despite how tedious even the best online defensive driving course can be, we go through every course every year just so we can find out what’s changed and what hasn’t.

If a driver’s education course meets our strict standards, it gets an official TSC certification, our personal guarantee that (assuming you live in the right state) you can expect a quality experience for less than the industry’s standard price. That being said, there’s more to our reviews than our certification: we also rate each site from one to five stars independently of our certification.

For instance, a certified online course may be inexpensive, over five years old, have a wide customer base, and have 24/7 customer service, but offer a three-star course experience that’s only slightly above average. On the other hand, an uncertified course may be too young or only offer customer service for a few hours each day, but if we appreciate the material it has to offer it can still win four stars. As such, it’s worth reading our full reviews to find out what exactly you’ll be in for.

We Hunt Down Coupons And Discounts

In the course of our research, we often come across discounts and coupons we can share with the people who visit this site, and even if we don’t find any the online driver’s ed sites are often willing to provide us with a discount directly. It may be as little as five percent, but that’s five percent you don’t have to pay simply because you visited our site first, and that’s on top of the guaranteed low price you’re paying when you pick an online defensive driving course with a TSC certification.

Assuming your state allows new drivers to take an online driver’s education course, you may find yourself with a surprising number of options. Fortunately, you can let the Traffic School Critics sort the wheat from the chaff.

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