Traffic School Discount Codes

Online Traffic School Discount Codes

Here are all of the online traffic school discount codes we’ve been able to get so far. We basically harass these guys until they finally give us something. Actually, getting these discount codes was surprisingly easy and we are happy to pass them along to you! Keep in mind, not all states allow discount codes to be used for online traffic schools (we’re lookin’ at you Arizona). There are also individual court jurisdictions that may not allow it. But most of you can benefit by the below discount codes.

iDriveSafely Coupon Code

Click here to use discount link TRSCCR – Discount varies by state. Select your state in the upper right corner to see pricing details.

Improv Traffic School $5 Discount Code

Use this link and a $5 discount will be applied to any course you sign up for. The state of Arizona does not allow discounts for online traffic school, but this discount will apply for any other state.

Go To Traffic School 5% Off Referral Code

Use this link and a 5% discount will be applied automatically during checkout. This discount will not work for Arizona online traffic school courses.

Traffic101 5% Off Discount Link

Use this link for a 5% discount on any course outside of Arizona.

Click this link and/or use discount code mydriversedYZX for a 5% discount.